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American Dream
Thomas Bergersen Jul 08, 2019
Thomas Bergersen's cover photo
Thomas Bergersen Jul 07, 2019
My symphony SEVEN is out today! Enjoy the first movement, 'Deliverance,' on Two Steps From Hell’s Official YouTube channel. Available on: iTunes: Amazon: CDBaby: Spotify:
Thomas Bergersen Jul 06, 2019
SEVEN is premiering live on YouTube in 2 hours. You can pre-order the album here: iTunes: Amazon:
Thomas Bergersen Jul 06, 2019
Don’t miss the live premiere of two movements from my new Symphony “Seven”. We are streaming it live on YouTube on the 6th of July.
Thomas Bergersen Jul 05, 2019
3 days until “Seven”... but who’s counting.. ? The clock on the cover symbolizes the 7 stages of life how I see it. Birth, wonder, reality, love, wisdom, loss, death.
Thomas Bergersen Jul 04, 2019
4 days until “Seven” is out! Thanks for your birthday wishes everyone! I’m very touched ❤️ Did you know “Seven” took 4 years from start to finish? I worked on it on and off between my other projects and finally recorded it a few months ago.
Thomas Bergersen Jul 03, 2019
5 days to go until “Seven” is released! “Seven” features a giant orchestra under the direction of the amazing Maestro Petr Pololanik whom I have had the pleasure of working with for over 10 years. Thank you Petr!
Thomas Bergersen Jul 02, 2019
6 days until “Seven”. There will be a live premiere on YouTube of two pieces from the Symphony the day before the release! Don’t miss it!
Thomas Bergersen Jul 01, 2019
7 days until “Seven” comes out!
Thomas Bergersen May 02, 2019
After I finished “Seven” we began production on a music video for “Humanity”. It’s still a ways out but we had a lot of fun on set!
Thomas Bergersen Mar 19, 2019
My first symphony called “Seven” is complete and in post production. It took me over 4 years to write and produce this album, and it is the closest to my heart of all the music I have written so far. I am excited to share it with all of you! The album will be released on the 7/7/2019. Thanks to Sam Hayles for the gorgeous artwork.
Thomas Bergersen Mar 19, 2019
Thomas Bergersen
Thomas Bergersen Feb 28, 2019
1 Million YouTube subscribers with TSFH! What a milestone and what an incredible feeling to have such an amazing fan base spread across the world. I remember when I was starting out and the only fans I had were my family and some friends. It feels surreal because everything in my life is the same. I am still just that dude from Norway, forever insecure about my work and never truly happy with anything I create. I was walking down the street the other day and some girls stopped me all excited and wanted to take a selfie. I happily posed for the camera. Then one asked me what it’s like to work with “random name I’ve never heard of”, and with a bewildered look on my face I replied “wait.. what do you think I do?” to which she responded “you play that cop in the tv show!! Don’t you!?” ... I paused and their smiles turned to disappointment as I had to explain that they had the wrong guy and I’m just a musician.
Thomas Bergersen Feb 07, 2019
"American Dream" remastered and lossless coming next week.
Thomas Bergersen Jan 06, 2019
My new single, "Catch Me," featuring the voice of Sonna, is now available for purchase and streaming across all major music outlets. iTunes: Amazon: Spotify:
Thomas Bergersen Dec 14, 2018
My new single 'Brightest Smile' can now be heard on Two Steps From Hell's official channel. Featuring vocals by Natalie Major. Available on: iTunes: Amazon: Google Play: Spotify:
Thomas Bergersen Dec 07, 2018
Check out my new single "In Orbit" on Two Steps From Hell's official YouTube channel, featuring vocals by Cinda M. Available for purchase/streaming: iTunes: Amazon: Spotify: Google Play:
Thomas Bergersen Nov 24, 2018
4 BILLION VIEWS on YouTube. Thanks to all of you for supporting my music. I have nearly 4 hours of more music coming soon! I am absolutely humbled and in disbelief of this achievement and excited to share the best yet to come! Yours truly, Thomas
Thomas Bergersen Oct 13, 2018
In between all my orchestral projects I am also writing some more pop-y music just to keep myself from losing my mind. “Imagine” featuring Sonna is one of about a dozen of these experiments to come with regular intervals while I’m completing my new orchestral albums. Cover art by Ryo Ishido. Buy "Imagine": iTunes: Amazon: Google Play: Spotify:
Thomas Bergersen Oct 06, 2018
Check out Felicia Farerre's heart-warming blog post about my latest single "You Are Light," featuring her voice. You can also find the lyrics to the song below her inspiring words.
Thomas Bergersen Sep 28, 2018
Time for a little surprise on the Two Steps From Hell official YouTube channel: my new single, "You Are Light," featuring the beautiful voice of Felicia Farerre. Track available for purchase on all major digital stores- Amazon: Spotify: Google Play:
Thomas Bergersen Jul 27, 2018
A lot of people have asked me what I’ve been up to lately, so here’s a little update on what I’ve been doing for the last couple of years: My symphonic piece “American Dream” will be released the 31st of July. The piece is one continuous musical journey that goes on for a good 45 minutes without any breaks for the (poor) orchestra. It is decidedly not for everyone, but I loved writing it and wanted to share it with you. In addition to a follow-up album to Sun that’s in the works, I have also been writing a symphony that I am excited to share with all of you when it’s ready.
Thomas Bergersen Jul 18, 2018
Here’s a little teaser from my “American Dream” symphonic suite for orchestra and choir. Coming very soon..
Thomas Bergersen Jul 16, 2018
Coming soon, "American Dream" - A concert adventure for Orchestra and Choir. Cover artwork by Ryo Ishido-Brighton