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This Providence
Our Worlds Divorce
This Providence Jul 26, 2019
Have a listen to my latest release about my baby girl! Cheers, -Dan (Apple Music peeps:
This Providence Jul 19, 2019
Check out the project Andy & I are part of. Wouldn't say Its exactly for fans of This Providence, but you may enjoy it anyway. Cheers, Gavin
This Providence Sep 26, 2018
This Providence Nov 08, 2017
I remember the feeling I had before we released “Our Worlds Divorce” in 2004. It was a mixture of nervousness and excitement. Would people embrace what we had worked so hard to create? Here we are years later and I find myself feeling the same way right now about the new Lonely Benson album I’m about to release. Yes, the style of music is different. I guess you could say it’s more grown up. But hey— aren’t we all a little more grown up now? Watch this video and tell me you couldn’t use some of this music in your life for when things need to be brought down a notch. Thank you friend! And to support my project, go here: Cheers, Dan Young This Providence // Lonely Benson
This Providence Nov 01, 2017
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This Providence Oct 19, 2017
Hey guys, I've got some new music to share with you. Join me on my new musical adventures as "Lonely Benson!" Sign up now at the link below & get my cover of Hall & Oates’ “Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” sent directly to your inbox. Here’s a little taste. Let me know what you think! - Dan Sign up here:
This Providence Nov 19, 2015
Episode 2 of The Casey Bates Podcast is out now and features Dan Young of This Providence. Casey and Dan get into an in-depth discussion about the making of the band's 2006 Fueled By Ramen debut self-titled record. You can listen to it on Soundcloud, iTunes or Overcast. Many more to come!
This Providence Jun 20, 2015
Check out the new project that Andy & Gavin are playing in. It's Nic & Bobby from Gatsbys American Dream. They posted a song at
This Providence Oct 15, 2014
Just reached 40,000 Trackers! - Track This Providence
This Providence Aug 02, 2013
Make Believe Clothing's #foreveronward collection just dropped today!
This Providence Apr 26, 2013
David's new line just dropped today. Be sure to check it out: Make Believe Clothing
This Providence Apr 05, 2013
Book Dan for a house show in April & May and get a discounted rate. Email [email protected] for more info.
This Providence Mar 03, 2013
Discounted rates available now for anyone who books Dan to play at their house in March. Email [email protected]
This Providence Feb 09, 2013
Fans in Atlanta - Dan is booking house shows in early March for a discounted fee in your area. If interested email [email protected]
This Providence Feb 02, 2013
Discounted house show prices for late February / early March in Tennessee & Georgia. If interested email [email protected]
This Providence Feb 01, 2013
Discounted house show prices for 2/14 & 2/16 in Ohio or Kentucky. If interested email [email protected]
This Providence Jan 24, 2013
Book Dan to play an acoustic set at your college, dorm, or your house - [email protected]
This Providence Jan 19, 2013
Dan is looking for house shows in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama & Georgia in January & February. Discounted rates available. Email [email protected] for more information.
This Providence Jan 15, 2013
Dan is booking house shows and coffeehouse series shows at colleges in the Spring. Interested in having Dan play an acoustic show at your house or your college - email [email protected]
This Providence Dec 16, 2012
This Providence fans living in the southeast, Dan will be playing some house shows in the southeast in January & February. Email [email protected] to book Dan to play an acoustic set at your house.
This Providence Dec 03, 2012
Here it is! The short film we made about our time recording Brier. For those who have been waiting... thank you for your patience. Hope you enjoy this.
This Providence Dec 02, 2012
So that Brier documentary.... it is finished. How about you get to see it tomorrow night? Would you still want that?
This Providence Dec 01, 2012
This Providence fans in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia & Kentucky - Dan is looking to book some house shows in January & February in your area. If you'd like to have Dan play a show at your house, email [email protected]
This Providence Nov 06, 2012
Anybody in Los Angeles interested in an Aguilar 8x10?
This Providence Oct 18, 2012
Hey you! Tonight is your LAST opportunity to buy our new and unreleased song, "We're All Gonna Die" if you don't get it tonight, too bad for you. Pay what you want here: Dooo it! -Dan