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Haunt What's Left
This or the Apocalypse Apr 03, 2017
Hey friends. Amongst other good things coming your way, an upcoming documentary about Lancaster Metal called Barn Burner made by a few friends. The documentary gives a pretty cool look into our hometown and what bands like us, Texas in July, August Burns Red, and many others sought out to do. For us, personally, it's going to be a tear jerker. For you guys I think it's going to be a cool look back at a bunch of young guys trying to create something in a small town. The documentary features old and new interviews with members of all of the bands, promoters, labels, its got plenty of live footage and behind the scenes footage of studio sessions and more. With an upcoming fund raiser we have offered up some old and rare signed TOTA merch items. Please go check out the Barn Burner sites and donate to the fund raiser; we would all love to see this thing hit wide distribution. Facebook ( Twitter ( Insta (
This or the Apocalypse Nov 08, 2016
For those who miss hearing me (Ricky Armellino) sing, check out my guest part on the new Conspire track. This one is coming off their debut album on InVogue Records that I produced and mixed. As for new music from US- I'll swing by and answer all of your questions regarding the new material we've been slowly cracking away at. Miss you guys!
This or the Apocalypse Oct 07, 2016
Check out this awesome band that was produced and mixed by Rick Armellino called CONSPIRE. Some of you guys may have caught their vocalist Parker doing merch for us at our last couple of tours. More news to come soon.
This or the Apocalypse Sep 30, 2016
While out in MD working on new material, Rick had a small part in the production of this very awesome record. Tons of respect for this band. Check out "Eleven Fifty Nine" featuring a vocal part by Rick.
This or the Apocalypse Jan 30, 2016
Got some limited stock in these white hawk shirts. Email [email protected] to grab yours! $20 with free shipping via PayPal (international shipping charges may apply) Corgi not included.
This or the Apocalypse Jan 30, 2016
Rick and Spencer Sotelo of Periphery working on vocals. Prepare yourselves.
This or the Apocalypse Jan 25, 2016
Though it isn't new TOTA, AltPress just premiered a new track off of a full length that our vocalist Rick produced last year. Should help tide you over while you wait for some new jams.
This or the Apocalypse Dec 24, 2015
#tbt #tbteve Have a good holiday, everyone. Check back soon.
This or the Apocalypse Dec 19, 2015
For those of you who have been wondering- Grant has been seduced by the dark side of the force. His music video has become twisted and viral.
This or the Apocalypse Nov 13, 2015
GUYS! We've missed you. Vocalist of TOTA over here, I'll answer any of your questions for a little bit. Anticipating a lot of questions about the new record, just to get those out of the way, "Yes" and "I'm not sure, but soon". Fire them all over here for the next hour!
This or the Apocalypse Jul 02, 2015
This or the Apocalypse won't be performing any Warped Tour dates this year, but our vocalist Ricky will be heading out to represent the very awesome FakeLife Clothing throughout July. FakeLife is a clothing company that uses proceeds to provide meals for orphaned children. Basically, every shirt soldl provides 20 meals for those in need. We know some of you will be at these Warped Tour dates so come say hello and help us do something cool.
This or the Apocalypse Jun 23, 2015
Bruh. We've got some tour gear for sale for anyone insane enough to want their dorm room or nursery to look the way our stage looks. These are just two of 5 different banners we have for sale. Prices are negotiable and photos upon request. All proceeds go to Jack buying a bunch more 7 strings like its 2003. Email [email protected]
This or the Apocalypse Jun 17, 2015
Guys and girls, it's with a heavy heart that we announce that we are back on Facebook. We are finally getting ready to show you guys some of our coolest work yet. In the mean time, keep your eyes open for some AMAs with band members, gear for sale, projects we've been producing in our free time, and most importantly; new material from yours truly. Why are our hearts heavy? We're just sad dudes, man.
This or the Apocalypse Feb 03, 2015
Rick just did a spot on the new Currents record. Great band, check them out!
This or the Apocalypse Dec 03, 2014
Oh hey: Check out this Limited Edition Pfizipfei Collaboration shirt!
This or the Apocalypse Dec 03, 2014
Virginia! This is the last week to enter Syke's (please tag page: Show Your Claws Giveaway. Upload a photo of yourself with an animal friend for your chance to win $500! Here's Rick's entry!
This or the Apocalypse Oct 28, 2014
We're all dead. #deadyears
This or the Apocalypse Oct 17, 2014
Hey guys, it's Rick. Stand by for a hot minute.
This or the Apocalypse Oct 07, 2014
Photo by @kurtlunsfordphoto
This or the Apocalypse Sep 29, 2014
What's your favorite TOTA song of all time?
This or the Apocalypse Sep 24, 2014
Perfect day to jam Dead Years, wouldn't you say?
This or the Apocalypse Sep 24, 2014
This or the Apocalypse Sep 21, 2014
This or the Apocalypse Sep 20, 2014
- T O M O R R O W -
This or the Apocalypse Sep 19, 2014
Check out this new track by Vanities, featuring Rick.