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There For Tomorrow
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There For Tomorrow Apr 15, 2019
Our debut A F T R H R EP ‘Closing In’ is now available everywhere: listen, share, enjoy 🌊🌊🌊
There For Tomorrow Jan 30, 2019
NEW YEAR / NEW MUSIC A F T R H R 'Blooms' now available on all streaming services:
There For Tomorrow Jan 26, 2019
AFTRHR 01.30.19
There For Tomorrow Oct 10, 2018
's cover photo
There For Tomorrow May 25, 2018
NEW A F T R H R SINGLE #DRIFTING OUT NOW Listen on all streaming services. Watch the official audio video here:
There For Tomorrow Jan 31, 2018
Hello world, If anyone missed Chris drumming with Dashboard Confessional on Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco 2 weeks ago. You can watch it below! #WeFightTour is hitting Canada & US this February-April.
There For Tomorrow Aug 08, 2017
NEW ORIGINAL DRUM VIDEO #ALTA Here's a track I produced & filmed/recorded live drums on. Enjoy! -Chris
There For Tomorrow Apr 10, 2017
Check out my newest drum video featuring Connor Denis of Beartooth. I wrote/recorded the background instrumental track & it was great getting into the studio with Connor to write/create something original for this collab. I can't wait to do more of these. Make sure you see him on Warped Tour this summer with Beartooth cause he absolutely shreds! Thanks everyone -Chris
There For Tomorrow Mar 29, 2017
Shout out to The Huffington Post for the write-up on the birth of our new project A F T R H R & our latest single "Walking On Air". We have a new release in the works for you all.
There For Tomorrow Jan 23, 2017
NEW MUSIC! A F T R H R | Walking On Air Add it to your Spotify playlists:
There For Tomorrow Jan 14, 2017
NEW A F T R H R SINGLE | "Walking On Air" We collaborated on this track with our good friend & producer Blake Harnage (PVRIS, Versa). Much more to come this year. Hope you enjoy the new song. Photo: James Lano
There For Tomorrow Jan 13, 2017
NEW A F T R H R SINGLE "Walking On Air" |
There For Tomorrow Jan 12, 2017
new single tomorrow AFTERHOUR | Photo: James Lano
There For Tomorrow Jan 11, 2017
New year. New era. New music this Friday. Photo: James Lano AFTERHOUR | #AFTRHR
There For Tomorrow Jan 08, 2017
new music coming this week AFTERHOUR | #AFTRHR
There For Tomorrow Dec 29, 2016
the classics never go out of style photo: gage young
There For Tomorrow Dec 07, 2016
n i g h t s c a p e
There For Tomorrow Nov 18, 2016
There For Tomorrow Oct 12, 2016
Maika's debut single 'Dark Circles' • 10.18.16 Follow him to stay tuned! Instagram: @foxsilvermaile
There For Tomorrow Aug 17, 2016
There For Tomorrow Jun 16, 2016
Thankful that we have the power of music & creativity during these tragic times. Sending nothing but pure love your way. Stay strong. AFTERHOUR // #OrlandoStrong #OrlandoUnited
There For Tomorrow Jun 03, 2016
New single from our project AFTERHOUR now available on iTunes: Follow #AFTRHR on Apple Music & Spotify.
There For Tomorrow May 27, 2016
New single available now on Apple Music & Spotify (follow #AFTRHR & add this new project to your playlists) LISTEN NOW:
There For Tomorrow May 19, 2016
There For Tomorrow Apr 25, 2016
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