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Revenge Served Cold (feat. Eva Von Slut)
The Devil's Outlaws
Thee Merry Widows Mar 11, 2019
September SF Merry Widows reunion! We haven't played with the Hellbillys in many many years....let's not start counting! And, a big welcome to Vegas based Dead at Midnite! #theemerrywidows #hellbillys #deadatmidnite #bottomofthehill #sfpsychobilly😈
Thee Merry Widows Jan 12, 2019
The Widows are hoping for at least this good a show down in Vegas! Bring on the fabled shirtless pushup and shake weight contest! February 2nd, Double Down Saloon, Las Vegas fuckin Nevada!
Thee Merry Widows Jun 04, 2018
Thee Merry Widows
Thee Merry Widows Apr 03, 2018
As we approach our 15th year as Thee Merry Widows, we want to say thank you to everyone who has listened to our music, come to our shows, and been a friend or fan through the years. We regret to announce that our lead guitar player, Nishone, will be moving with her husband Eric to Las Vegas this summer. This means that, although we are still available for shows on occasion, especially when Nishone is on summer vacation, we will be on hiatus a good chunk of the year. You have 2 last shows to see us before the hiatus begins; one in Alameda at the Lemon Tree with Year of the Wildat on April 28, and one show at Bottom of the Hill with Chaki and other act TBA on Thurs June 7. We look forward to saying Au Revoir to Nishone and Eric, and hope everyone will come celebrate 15 years of Thee Merry Widows with us.
Thee Merry Widows Oct 28, 2017
We're playing this warehouse party tonight! We go on at 9 sharp!! 2250 Jerrold Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124-1012
Thee Merry Widows May 31, 2017
Thee Merry Widows
Thee Merry Widows May 31, 2017
Thee Merry Widows Apr 08, 2017
Thee Merry Widows
Thee Merry Widows Mar 27, 2017
Welcome Thee Merry Widows back to States with our next show, on April 8 with High Anxiety and Grit and Gold!
Thee Merry Widows Mar 20, 2017
Amazing time at Bedlam! Hope to make it further abroad soon!
Thee Merry Widows Mar 20, 2017
Planet Psycho
Thee Merry Widows Mar 07, 2017
We're on our way to London!! See you UK rock n' rollers soon!!
Thee Merry Widows Feb 28, 2017
Any TMW friends or fans in the UK going to bedlam breakout / psychobilly festivals.....2 of us need a ride back Sunday night to London/Heathrow area. Please contact Matt Macabre if you can give us a ride!!!
Thee Merry Widows Feb 20, 2017
In other news....we are appearring on this CD! Pick it up for lots of spooky good tunes! PRE ORDER Headless Spectre Records 2nd bloodcurdling CD Monstroville Haunted Beach Party, due out March 17th! Featuring 20 bands, plus scary sound fx for only $14.99 (plus $3 US shipping). Plus get a digital download of our first release! PM O'Neal Pignani, PayPal only!
Thee Merry Widows Feb 20, 2017
Coming up soon..Thee Merry Widows will be heading to the UK! Can't wait to see all you chaps n' ladies
Thee Merry Widows Jan 10, 2017
I'm counting the days till we hit Londontown! Pip pip cheerio! 😈
Thee Merry Widows Jan 09, 2017
Bedlam is coming up quikc...see ya in the UK soon!!!
Thee Merry Widows Aug 29, 2016
Thee Merry Widows Aug 29, 2016
It's official: Thee Merry Widows will be appearing at the UK festival bedlam breakout / psychobilly festivals next year! Stay tuned for more info....we're excited to be back in the UK for the first time in over a decade!!
Thee Merry Widows Jul 26, 2016
Some exciting news coming soon for UK fans of Thee Merry Widows.... 😎😎😎
Thee Merry Widows Jul 04, 2016
See ya all on July 30th at the Poor Boys' car show Midnight Mass at the Yolo County Fairgrounds!!
Thee Merry Widows Jun 06, 2016
Thee Merry WIdows (and my other band, The White Barons) will be playing at Midnight Mass Car Show this year!¬if_id=1465232918483724
Thee Merry Widows May 30, 2016
Just added to the bill for our show at Slim's with Mac Sabbath! OUr beautiful burlesque buddies Szandora LaVey and Bunny Pistol will be joining us onstage as our gogo ghouls!
Thee Merry Widows May 30, 2016
Congratulations to our lucky winner of 2 tickets to this show, Jolene Jetson! See ya at the show!
Thee Merry Widows May 23, 2016
Free tix! Come n get 'em!