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The Yearning Jun 25, 2019
CRISTINA QUESADA - Love At Third Sight [Official]
The Yearning Apr 26, 2019
Think I Heard A Rumour that Taylor Swift has competition today... Introducing the new 14-track album from Cristina Quesada Padrón, a multi-talented, multi-lingual artist with whom I had the pleasure to write, arrange and produce these songs. Celebrating pop, melody and love to its fullest - please check out the link below to listen, or youtube. You can also purchase it in the usual places and at Enjoy and share! Joe X
The Yearning Apr 23, 2019
Cristina Quesada
The Yearning Apr 11, 2019
CRISTINA QUESADA - Estar A Tu Lado [Official]
The Yearning Mar 30, 2019
Cristina Quesada
The Yearning Mar 30, 2019
So, I Think I Heard A Rumour that Cristina Quesada is releasing a brand new album soon...meanwhile, here is a taster, a cover of France Gall's 'Quand On Est Ensemble' - arranged and produced by Joe. Enjoy. :-)
The Yearning Mar 12, 2019
The best.
The Yearning Feb 05, 2019
Elefant Records
The Yearning Feb 04, 2019
The Perfect Kiss
The Yearning Jan 27, 2019
Exclusive track from Cristina Quesada's 7" single!
The Yearning Jan 18, 2019
Elefant Records
The Yearning Jan 16, 2019
I think I heard a rumour that Cristina Quesada's got another song out... #pop #80s90s #bigchorus
The Yearning Jan 13, 2019
A few years ago in Madrid, I (Joe) met a wonderful girl called Cristina Quesada and heard her sing. From that moment, I hoped that, some day, I would get the chance to write a song for her beautiful, precious voice. My dream came true when, between April and July 2018, we were able to make an incredible number of songs together in such a short space of time. I wrote many songs for her and we also worked on reworking other songs. You can hear the beginning of the results of this brilliant collaboration with the new single, 'Hero' which is released in just a few days. This is the first example of what we achieved. Every song we did was magic, and I cannot wait for you to hear the results. 'Pop' and melody is what I'm about, and the music with Cristina defines this better than anything. Not that I have been neglecting The Yearning - I am more excited about the new album we are making than anything I have made before. But before this, may I present you, Cristina Quesada, the perfect pop idol, and a beautiful friend. Go and listen and preorder the 7" now!
The Yearning Jan 09, 2019
CRISTINA QUESADA - Hero [Official]
The Yearning Dec 09, 2018
Happy Cristina-mas! Along with writing a brand new album for The Yearning, Joe has been working with Cristina Quesada, and her new single and album (written/arranged/produced by Joe) are out very soon on Elefant Records! Such a privilege to work with Cristina - we can't wait for you to hear the results!
The Yearning Nov 01, 2018
Lia Pamina
The Yearning Oct 15, 2018
The Yearning Sep 09, 2018
The Yearning Aug 05, 2018
The Perfect Kiss
The Yearning Jul 12, 2018
Elefant Records
The Yearning Jun 25, 2018
The Yearning Jun 22, 2018
Elefant Records
The Yearning Jun 20, 2018
Elefant Records