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I See You
I See You (Deluxe)
xx (Bonus Track Version)
The xx Feb 19, 2019
3 curtsies to the kween Lil Kim
The xx Feb 18, 2019
Listen back to Romy’s fourth show for BBC Radio 1’s The Wind Down on the BBC Sounds app now.
The xx Feb 07, 2019
#ISeeYouTour 📸 Lillie Eiger
The xx Feb 01, 2019
📸 Lillie Eiger
The xx Jan 25, 2019
The xx Jan 21, 2019
Romy’s third radio show for BBC Radio 1's Wind Down is now available on the BBC Sounds app.
The xx Jan 15, 2019
#ISeeYouTour 📸 Dominic Durham
The xx Dec 28, 2018
The xx Dec 20, 2018
I Dare You video shoot Los Angeles, April 2017 📸 Lillie Eiger
The xx Dec 19, 2018
Romy’s second radio show for BBC Radio 1's Wind Down is now up on the BBC Sounds app.
The xx Nov 16, 2018
Romy is hosting her first Wind Down radio show tonight! Listen on BBC Radio 1 at 5am GMT, it will also be available on the BBC Sounds App once it’s aired. xx The xx
The xx Nov 02, 2018
The xx Oct 24, 2018
The xx Oct 17, 2018
The xx Oct 12, 2018
The xx Oct 08, 2018
The xx Oct 01, 2018
The xx Sep 27, 2018
The xx Aug 31, 2018
For anyone who couldn’t see us play this summer, our performance from Melt Festival airs on Arte tonight at 22:15pm CET / 21:15pm BST! xx The xx
The xx Aug 16, 2018
The xx Aug 12, 2018
#ISeeYouTour 💙
The xx Aug 11, 2018
#ISeeYouTour 💙
The xx Aug 10, 2018
#ISeeYouTour 💙
The xx Aug 07, 2018
#ISeeYouTour ❤
The xx Aug 06, 2018
We can’t believe that was the last show of the tour! It’s been truly amazing to be on the road for the last 2 years sharing “I See You” with each and every one of you. We can't thank you enough for being part of it. Some facts for you: 138 shows, 182,000 miles flown, 21,000 miles on a bus - combined mileage is 8.1 times around the world! NYC it was beautiful to end with you, the place where we first recorded this album. For the last time in a while, we want you to know we see you, we love you and we’re going to catch up on some sleep 😂❤️ xx The xx