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The Whitest Boy Alive Jul 12, 2019
This is a totally selfish advertising from Marcin I’m taking a trip to see Erlend and the Comitiva play in Milan on Monday 15th of July and you should come too, it will be a special show, and a home match for Marco Castello. Why special? Because there will be quite a few people traveling to see it. For who prefers to go to Florence on the 13th, you should totally do it, but you won’t meet me there, I’ll be in Milan on the 15th. I hope I made myself clear, see you at Castello Sforzesco in Piazza Castello on Monday at 21:00 sharp 😉 M.
The Whitest Boy Alive May 22, 2019
We had a rehearsal in Erlend's backyard playing the songs from Dreams and Rules. Suddenly it seemed like a good idea to go somewhere, preferably somewhere far away, and do a concert or two to celebrate how good those albums were.
The Whitest Boy Alive Oct 31, 2017
Commemorating 500 years (today) since the reformation...
The Whitest Boy Alive Sep 21, 2017
The Whitest Boy Alive Aug 04, 2017
In order to celebrate the birthdays of Marcin Oz and Daniel Nentwig (the bassplayer and keyboardplayer of TWBA), we are organizing a one-off reunion show. Erlend and Marcin lives in Siracusa, Sicily, Italy and the concert will take place in the castle in the historical center of Siracusa. There will be 300 tickets for sale. The timings are as follows: Doors open at 19:00. Whitest Boy Alive will play for 45 minutes at SUNSET, starting at 20:00. At 21:30 there will be our special guest Giorgio Poi (full band line-up). Then Mirko, our favourite siracusan dj, will make us dance. And at midnight we there will be a surprise as we go into Marcins birthday. At 01.00 the event will end. TICKETS WILL GO ON SALE TODAY(FRIDAY) AT 17:00
The Whitest Boy Alive Jul 28, 2017
Dear people, this week we are all super busy with playing festivals opening restaurants and recording bands, no time to put the tickets online. We'll put them up for sale beginning of next week. Thanks for your patience.
The Whitest Boy Alive Jul 25, 2017
When erlend turned 40, we have played a surprise show for the birthday guests at his house. This year to celebrate Marcin's and Daniel's 40 we are doing a ONE-OFF-NON-SURPRISE-reunion of The Whitest Boy Alive. It will happen on august 20th in Ortigia the old town of Siracusa/Sicily. Also on the lineup will be @giorgiopoi, our new favorite Italian artist. It would make us very happy if some of our fans from other parts of Europe would decide to join us on this special event. Nearest airport is Catania or Comiso. There will be 300 online tickets for the show available later this week, we will post more details about it soon. Marcin&Erlend
The Whitest Boy Alive Jan 19, 2017
Our incredible keyboarder Daniel Nentwig has an electronic live-project which many WBA fans would enjoy. He is also available for bookings.
The Whitest Boy Alive Sep 30, 2016
The making of "keep a secret" mexico 2007
The Whitest Boy Alive Sep 29, 2016
Our Twitter account was hacked. We are Not selling it.
The Whitest Boy Alive Dec 16, 2015
Erlend still remembers the lyrics. Courage on the beach this summer. Daniel & Marcin whistling in the back...
The Whitest Boy Alive Nov 01, 2014
Just reached 70,000 Trackers! - Track The Whitest Boy Alive
The Whitest Boy Alive Oct 03, 2014
LEGAO is finally out today! Congratulations Erlend Øye Artist Page !!!
The Whitest Boy Alive Sep 12, 2014
This Video shows well how Legao was recorded in the Studio. I wish we had recordings like that from mexico when we recorded Rules in underwear. Marcin
The Whitest Boy Alive Sep 08, 2014
If you never saw TWBA live, this gives a good indication:
The Whitest Boy Alive Jul 18, 2014
Erlend's Single "Garota" and the great Garota Video are out today!!! You can preorder the album here:
The Whitest Boy Alive Jul 14, 2014
Bubbles Records
The Whitest Boy Alive Jul 07, 2014
Just reached 60,000 Trackers! - Track The Whitest Boy Alive
The Whitest Boy Alive Jun 02, 2014
Dear Fans. We are no longer composing or playing together as The Whitest Boy Alive. The Rules we made for ourself became a Golden Cage. Thanks for all the support and love we have received during the years. Special mention goes out to: Mexico, Roskilde, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, Colombia, Geoff McFetridge, WMF, Tape, Atilano Gonzales, Jonas Verwijnen, Mathias Powerline, Midnight Magic, Dena, The New Wine, Rubies, Kakkmaddafakka, Cafe Cairo, Trebbi, Brisbane, Belgrade, Paradiso, Sarajevo, Fred Falke, Morgan Geist, Tokyo, Cat5, Moodymann, John Selway, Jenne Grabowski, Nilgün, Jan Simon, Norman Nitzsche, GigMex, K7, Zebralution, Grooveattack, Smalltown Supersound, fuck you Ola Borgström, Sleeping Star, Aksara, KangnMusic, Marie Staritz, Saap, Markus Ellmer, Arnold and Sascha Steinfurt. Erlend, Marcin, Sebastian, Daniel.
The Whitest Boy Alive Feb 12, 2013
the "Dreams" vinyl reprint is sold out again. should we put out another 500 or was that enough?
The Whitest Boy Alive Jan 10, 2013
Dreams LP on vinyl reprint now available at
The Whitest Boy Alive Jan 10, 2013
Happy New Year we didn't make a new album but we have made a reprint of the so desired "Dreams" on vinyl. the original edition was limited to only 488 units- why? because the pressing plant wasn't able to print our super advanced cover artwork properly, and 1512 units of 2000 have been destroyed. since then we recieved several requests for a reprint a week. people got mad with us, some were offering to do the reproduction for us. the original edition reached exorbitant prices on ebay and discogs (200£) last year we decided we want to bring it back. there is a new design to the cover, which is following the style of "Rules" LP so they look nice together. the record however is the same. good old dreams on vinyl same tracklisting same labelart. limited to 500 this time. for now the record is exclusively available through our webshop, which ships worldwide. please leave a comment if you want for wholesale inquiries please write to bubbles (at)
The Whitest Boy Alive Sep 02, 2012
Lowlands was big fun as always!
The Whitest Boy Alive Aug 28, 2012
Bird On The Wire
The Whitest Boy Alive Aug 28, 2012
There will be some tickets left at the door for our show at The Coronet tonight - so if you're in London, come over and celebrate with us our last stage performance in 2012! Don't miss the soon-to-be-legendary D.E.N.A. supporting us!