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Be My Thrill (Deluxe)
Be My Thrill
Say I Am You
The Weepies Jan 14, 2019
Hey this is Steve. My first venue-home was the Bitter End in NYC. In the late 90's/early 2000's, there was a group of songwriters all learning their craft, we played for each other and learned from each other, and nights at the Bitter End defined an era. We were new and we played until the bars all closed, and when the bars locked up we went to somebody's apartment and listened to music and played some more, and everything was yet to come. The camaraderie was competitive, and at some point we had a raucous and riotous "Girls Vs. Boys" songwriter shoot out in the West Village. It's evidently taken 20 years for the Girls to get up the courage to mount a rematch against the Boys (oh yes, we know the jury is split on this version of history), but here we go. Tickets available NOW for this once in a generation night - and for 10 bucks like the old days. Friday, Feb 1, NYC, 7 PM. The Bitter End. GET YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE.
The Weepies Dec 28, 2018
Holiday Tour 2018, 16 cities, 16 shows, 16 nights right up to Christmas Eve! We're a little tired but grateful. Thank you to everyone who came out!
The Weepies Dec 25, 2018
And to all a good night.
The Weepies Dec 22, 2018
‪Tonight @ City Winery Nashville SOLD OUT. Still some tix left for final Weepies show of the year tomorrow night at Variety in Atlanta!
The Weepies Dec 18, 2018
The Great Guitar Forest at the holiday show
The Weepies Dec 16, 2018
Sound check with Greg Tannen Sony Hall sounding sweeeeet!
The Weepies Dec 12, 2018
We got a barn, let’s put on a show...Academy of Music
The Weepies Dec 12, 2018
Northampton MA tonight!
The Weepies Dec 11, 2018
‪Good morning Cleveland! I love you very much also. ‬
The Weepies Dec 11, 2018
Matt The Electrician opening beautifully in Ann Arbor
The Weepies Dec 09, 2018
Lovely write up of our first show of Winter Tour...thank you Minneapolis for everything! Wisconsin tonight and heading on into the season...
The Weepies Dec 07, 2018
Soundcheck with Jessica Manning!
The Weepies Dec 07, 2018
On the road again.
The Weepies Dec 07, 2018
Winter tour load in
The Weepies Dec 06, 2018
The Weepies Dec 05, 2018
It’s all happening!!!
The Weepies Dec 05, 2018
Deb putting the finishing touches on the handmade set for the Winter Weepies tour. Kicks off Friday in Minneapolis!
The Weepies Nov 19, 2018
We did a stripped-down cover of one of the best songs ever, as part of a charity project for Little Kids Rock. Check it out (steve plays ukelele!)
The Weepies Nov 18, 2018
The Weepies
The Weepies Nov 18, 2018
Someone caption this. I'll start: "I Was Made For Oh F" (thanks Cornelia Lang for the photo!)
The Weepies Oct 26, 2018
Lincoln, NE we are coming to your fair city two weeks from today! Bourbon Theatre, you, us, on a Friday Autumn night.
The Weepies Oct 01, 2018
‪Fall River MA. Great old venue by the water. Backstage is kinda spooky. Can’t wait to go on. ‬
The Weepies Sep 30, 2018
Troy, NY tonight.
The Weepies Sep 27, 2018
‪Wow Murmrr Theater In Brooklyn bringing the old school stained glass game. Gorgeous‬
The Weepies Sep 27, 2018
‪Back in NYC. See you soon, Brooklyn. ‬