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Brushes with Happiness
Look Inside Your Heart
Bamboo Diner in the Rain
Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon
My Ass
City Forgiveness
City Forgiveness
Long Black Cars
Long Black Cars
Long Black Cars
Beer In the Breakers
Beer in the Breakers
Strawberry Cables
Instant Coffee Baby
Watching Charlie's Angels
If You Leave It Alone
Instant Coffee Baby
Just Like A Drummer EP
Down at the Abbey Down at the Abbey 2019
Venue: Reading Abbey Ruins (Reading, UK) Find tickets
Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures with The Wave Pictures at Sneaky Pete's (September 14, 2019)
Venue: Sneaky Pete's (Edinburgh, UK) Find tickets
The Wave Pictures with Guitar Wolf at Esquires Bedford (November 7, 2019)
Venue: Esquires Bedford (Bedford, UK) Find tickets
The Wave Pictures at Parish (November 8, 2019)
Venue: Parish (Huddersfield, UK) Find tickets
The Wave Pictures with Skewwhiff at Marr's Bar (November 10, 2019)
Venue: Marr's Bar (Worcester, UK) Find tickets
The Wave Pictures at Jacaranda Records Phase One (November 11, 2019)
Venue: Jacaranda Records Phase One (Liverpool, UK) Find tickets
The Wave Pictures Aug 20, 2019
Keeping the summer spirit alive, The Wave Pictures come at you with their rockin' 'House By The Beach UK Tour'!!! Expect rocking! Country style!! And sensitive balladry!!! Something for everyone... the ultimate in on stage entertainment... The Wave Pictures!!!! Tickets are on sale at the links below: November 7th - Bedford (UK) @ Bedford Esquires - TICKETS: 8th - Huddersfield (UK) @ The Parish - TICKETS: 9th - Sheffield (UK) @ Picture House Social - TICKETS: 10th - Worcester (UK) @ The Marrs Bar - TICKETS: 11th - Liverpool (UK) @ Phase One - Liverpool - TICKETS: 12th - Aberdeen (UK) @ The Lemon Tree - TICKETS: 13th - Dundee (UK) @ Clarks on Lindsay Street - TICKETS: 14th - Stockton (UK) @ The Georgian Theatre, Stockton - TICKETS: 15th - Hull (UK) @ The New Adelphi Club 16th - Salisbury (UK) @ Laverstock & Ford Sports Club - TICKETS: 17th - Hastings (UK) @ The Marina Fountain - TICKETS:
The Wave Pictures Aug 15, 2019
Sober in Barcelona? When Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures take to the stage you can expect crazy groove action, sober or not!!! To celebrate the release of the Stanley Brinks album 'Tequila Island', we'll be hitting the road this September to play as Stanley's backing band. So pour yourself a drink... sit back... and enjoy Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures! Tickets for all shows are on sale now: September 10th - London (UK) @ The Lexington - TICKETS: 11th - Huddersfield (UK) @ Northern Quarter, Huddersfield - TICKETS: 12th - Hull (UK) @ The New Adelphi Club - TICKETS: 13th - Middlesbrough (UK) @ Middlesbrough Town Hall - TICKETS: 14th - Edinburgh (UK) @ Sneaky Pete's - TICKETS: 15th - Glasgow (UK) @ NICE N SLEAZY - TICKETS: 16th - Manchester (UK) @ YES - TICKETS:
The Wave Pictures Aug 09, 2019
The Wave Pictures! With Darren Hayman!! Once upon a time, many years ago, we were on top of the world, touring across the globe (in Spain) and on the television. Little did we know, that would be the high point of our careers and that it would be only steadily downhill from there. Until now!!!!! Because you can catch both a resurgent The Wave Pictures and the evergreen Darren Hayman (although not together!) when they play at this year's inaugral Down at the Abbey Festival on September 7th. One festival! Two fantastic bands!! In a field in Reading!!! Tickets are available here:
The Wave Pictures Aug 05, 2019
Do The Wave Pictures like guitar solos? Of course not. We f*****g love them!!! Thanks to the folks at Trust The Wizards Podcast you can check out 30 of the best solos as played by The Wave Pictures. Will you agree with their picks? Will there be any controversial choices!? If you want to check out some live soloage, then you can see us this summer when we play at Down at the Abbey Festival, Rye Arts Festival and Elba Sonica Festival, before setting off on our 'House By The Beach' UK tour this November. The Wave Pictures guarantee solo action at all shows!
The Wave Pictures Aug 03, 2019
Elba Sonica Festival 2019! The Wave Pictures!! We return to Elba this September for the final festival of the year!!! And if you want to join the fun then you can. Elba Sonica Festival is free, so all you need to do is get your ass to the beach and enjoy yourself! All the info you need is here:
The Wave Pictures Aug 01, 2019
The Wave Pictures's cover photo
The Wave Pictures Jul 17, 2019
Summertime is truely here, so why not celebrate with The Wave Pictures?! We'll be at Larmer Tree Festival this Saturday afternoon, and using the power of guitar, drums, bass and singing, we'll be spreading the legendary Wave Pictures summer vibe!! Like this!!!
The Wave Pictures Jul 06, 2019
What time is it? It's Tequila time! With Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures!! Celebrating the release of the new Stanley Brinks album 'Tequila Island' and the smash hit single of the same name, The Wave Pictures will be Stanley's backing band on his high octane UK tour. Support for all dates comes from Freschard, also backed up by The Wave Pictures!!! September: 10th - London (UK) @ The Lexington - TICKETS: 11th - Huddersfield (UK) @ Northern Quarter, Huddersfield - TICKETS: 12th - Hull (UK) @ The New Adelphi Club 13th - Middlesborough (UK) @ Middlesbrough Town Hall - TICKETS: 14th - Edinburgh (UK) @ Sneaky Pete's - TICKETS: 15th - Glasgow (UK) @ NICE N SLEAZY - TICKETS: You can watch the video for 'Tequila Island' here:
The Wave Pictures Jun 21, 2019
It's time to relax... have a drink... and take it groovin' easy with Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures! The new album 'Tequila Island' is out today on Fika Recordings. Featuring new classic songs by Stanley Brinks, backed up by The Wave Pictures, available on agave/tequila coloured vinyl, CD with lyrics booklet and digitally - listen/order from So get ready to get loose with Stanely Brinks and The Wave Pictures! Live dates to be announced soon!!
The Wave Pictures Jun 08, 2019
Germany! You know and love sights of Oberhausen, Germany - the castles, the Baumeister-Mill, the gasometer!! Now you can also enjoy the The Wave Pictures, when we play at Static Roots Festival 2019!!! We'll be on stage this July 12th, adding to the beauty of Oberhausen in the only way we know how... by rocking and rolling!!!
The Wave Pictures Jun 05, 2019
Festival time is very nearly here, when The Wave Pictures kick of the summer at Camp Elsewhere Festival in Merthyr Mawr! We'll be in South Wales next Friday to enjoy the sun, the sea, the sand, and finally to play a classic Wave Pictures Rocking Show!! Happy summertime from The Wave Pictures!!!
The Wave Pictures May 28, 2019
Less than one month to go until the summer truely begins... with The Wave Pictures!!! On June 14th we'll be at Camp Elsewhere Festival. So please prepare yourselves for summer funtime!!!
The Wave Pictures May 18, 2019
World famous for our summery vibes, everyone agrees that the best way to spend this time of the year is listening to The Wave Pictures. But as if that wasn't great enough, you can also see us live! We'll be spreading our seasonal summer magic at Camp Elsewhere festival on June 14th. Grooves, rock and roll, summer fun!!! Tickets are on sale now:
The Wave Pictures May 11, 2019
Music nerds, hipsters of the world, and anyone that cares about fucking cool music! Tequila Island, the brand new album from Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures, is to be released on the 21st of June on Fika Recordings. The title track is out now - and you can listen to it here: Watch out for live shows in the UK and Europe, coming to you soon to blow your minds!!!
The Wave Pictures May 05, 2019
The Wave Pictures are On Fire! And we won't be Wasting Time before we rock and roll once again!! It's going to be Too Hot when we back up Freschard this Tuesday when she plays at Arch Rivals!!! You can hear Freschard's new album 'On Fire' on bandcamp, or come and buy the cd in person when Freschard plays with The Wave Pictures as her backing band this Tuesday. May 7th - London (UK) @ Arch Rivals TICKETS:
The Wave Pictures Apr 29, 2019
Reading! King Henry I founded Reading Abbey in 1121 for the salvation of his soul and the souls his father, his brother and his wife. In September 2019 The Wave Pictures come to save the souls of rock and roll!! We'll be at the inaugral Down at the Abbey Festival, spreading the gospel of guitars, musical fun and goodtimes!!! Tickets are on sale now!!!! Down at the Abbey
The Wave Pictures Apr 26, 2019
Less than two weeks until the sexiest show in the world arrives in London! The Wave Pictures, handsome, hunky and charming, team up with the singing sensation Freschard, when she plays at Arch Rivals on May 7th. Join us for an orgiastic night of musical delight, with a little bit of eye candy thrown in!! Tickets are on sale now:
The Wave Pictures Apr 22, 2019
Prague! Paris!! Can you afford to not see The Wave Pictures looking this good??? Tonight we are at Café V lese in Prague! Then we head to Supersonic in Paris on the 24th of April!! So you can see us looking great, on stage, in the flesh, live!!!! And thanks to everyone that has come to our shows so far, including La Bulle Café - Maison Folie Moulins/ Flow in Lille, where these pictures were taken.
The Wave Pictures Apr 19, 2019
Attacked by bears! Visiting cathedrals!! And rocking out!!! It’s The Wave Pictures on tour!!!! Our European tour continues tonight at Dürer Kert in Budapest, followed with shows in Austria, The Czech Republic and France! April 19th - Budapest (HUN) @ Dürer Kert, 20th - Vienna (AUS) @ Chelsea, 22nd - Prague (CZE) @ Café V lese, 24th - Paris @ Supersonic. Thank you to everyone who came to see us at these places to make it an excellent tour so far: Lille @ La Bulle Café - Maison Folie Moulins/ Flow, Luxembourg @ De Gudde Wëllen, Colmar @ Le Grillen, Zurich @ El Lokal, Schorndorf @ Club Manufaktur, Bern @ Rössli Bar, Passau @ Café Museum.
The Wave Pictures Apr 17, 2019
Prague! As you can see, The Wave Pictures are on already on their way to Café V lese. We may be a little lost at the moment, but we promise will make it by April 22nd!! So after our long journey please feel free to come and celebrate with us as we resurrect the spirit of rock and roll!!! April 22nd - Prague @ Café V lese Tickets are availble here: Photos by James Loveday: [email protected]
The Wave Pictures Apr 15, 2019
Vienna! We've been hanging out in this church for a bit. But now is the time for us to return to you to give you the gift of rock and roll!! When The Wave Pictures play at Chelsea on April 20th!!! We'll be playing wall to wall hits, intended to spritualise you with the love of grooving magical music! Tickets and information are here: Photos by James Loveday: [email protected]
The Wave Pictures Apr 12, 2019
We made it! As we speak, The Wave Pictures​ are on their way to rock out, soothe and groove, and have fun musical times in all of these places!! Our European tour takes in France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Austria and The Czech Republic!!! We are delighted to be here, and we'll prove it, live on stage!!!! Starting tonight!!!!! April 12th - Lille (FRA) La Bulle Café - Maison Folie Moulins/ Flow 13th - Luxembourg (LUX) @ De Gudde Wëllen, 14th - Colmar (FRA) @ Le Grillen, 15th - Zurich (SWI) - @ El Lokal, 16th - Schorndorf (GER) @ Club Manufaktur​, 17th - Bern (SWI) @ Rössli Bar, 18th - Passau (GER) @ Café Museum, 19th - Budapest (HUN) @ Dürer Kert, 20th - Vienna (AUS) @ Chelsea, 22nd - Prague (CZE) @ Café V lese​, 24th - Paris @ Supersonic
The Wave Pictures Apr 10, 2019
Germany! Dave has done his calisthenics, Franic has been doing his knee stretches and Jonny is as fit as Popeye after eating a tin of spinich. So The Wave Pictures are limbered up, ready to pull some sweet moves onstage and blow your minds!!! As part of our European tour, we are delighted to be showing off our onstage acrobatics at Club Manufaktur in Schorndorf, before returning to Café Museum at Passau, scene of one the greatest ever shows by The Wave Pictures! April 16th - Schorndorf @ Club Manufaktur 18th - Passau @ Café Museum
The Wave Pictures Apr 09, 2019
The Wave Pictures at Larmer Tree Festival! Saturday 20th July!! It's happening... Big style!!! We'll be returning to the wonderful Larmer Tree Gardens to give you some summer festival fun, The Wave Pictues way. Tickets are on sale here:
The Wave Pictures Apr 08, 2019
Switzerland! Are you ready for style, sophistication and total 100% coolness? If so, you are ready for The Wave Pictures!! We are going to be doing our thing in less than two weeks, returning to the scenes of past triumphant shows in Zurich and Bern. If you missed us then, don't worry. You can catch us now!!! April 15th - Zurich @ El Lokal 17th - Bern @ Rössli Bar