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Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone
You & Me
Pussy Cats / A Hundred Miles Off
Pussy Cats Starring the Walkmen
A Hundred Miles Off
Bows + Arrows
Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone
The Walkmen Apr 18, 2019
The Walkmen Mar 21, 2019
Listen to Walt's original song he wrote and performed for the upcoming movie 'Missing Link' starring Hugh Jackman, Zach Galifianakis, Zoe Saldana and Emma Thompson. Check out the song here and go see the movie April 12 - it rules.
The Walkmen Mar 21, 2019
The Walkmen Jun 20, 2018
Richard Swift, a great friend of The Walkmen and a major contributor to the world of good music is in the hospital and needs help. Please donate below.
The Walkmen May 29, 2018
Without Stewart Lupton there would have been no Walkmen. As young musicians, he pushed us all to do something original and dangerous and to avoid being boring at all cost. We owe him so much and will miss him tremendously. -The Walkmen (photo by Anna Leithauser)
The Walkmen Mar 05, 2018
From Walter Martin (of The Walkmen)'s new album "Reminisce Bar & Grill" Vinyl LP (Artist Store) Spotify Apple Music Google Play
The Walkmen Feb 16, 2018
Walter Martin
The Walkmen Feb 16, 2018
New album by Walter Martin of the Walkmen! "Reminisce Bar & Grill" is out TODAY! Spotify Apple Music Artist Store (Vinyl LPs) Google Play
The Walkmen Feb 10, 2018
Walter Martin
The Walkmen Jan 10, 2018
New song by Walter Martin (of The Walkmen) is out today! Preorder Limited LP here: (album out 2/16)
The Walkmen Jan 10, 2018
New song out on Billboard today! album out Feb 16 preorder Limited LP here:
The Walkmen Jan 04, 2018
Hamilton Leithauser
The Walkmen Dec 15, 2017
New song by The Walkmen's Walter Martin out today! "All told, the song is likely to be one of the more upbeat musings you'll hear about the fear of impending death." - Consequence of Sound 12/14/'17 Preorder limited edition vinyl here: Read the article about the song's origins here:
The Walkmen Dec 14, 2017
Consequence of Sound is premiering Walter Martin (of the Walkmen)'s new song about exercise and fear of impending death. You're gonna love it! The album "Reminisce Bar & Grill" comes out Feb 16! Limited Edition vinyl preorder:
The Walkmen Dec 11, 2017
Get both of Walter Martin (of the Walkmen)'s award winning family albums on CD or vinyl! (Order this week for Christmas delivery) Artist's store: Amazon :
The Walkmen Dec 01, 2017
Walter Martin announces new album "Reminisce Bar & Grill" with a Tiny Desk Concert at NPR Music. Album out Feb. 16. info and preorder:
The Walkmen Dec 01, 2017
Walter Martin
The Walkmen Nov 27, 2017
Get Walter Martin (of the Walkmen)'s Parent Choice Award winning new family album custom inscribed for a holiday gift. (Vinyl & CD) "It's the kind of music that can bring tears to your eyes from marveling at all the beauty in the world." -NPR Music
The Walkmen Nov 03, 2017
Peter Matthew Bauer
The Walkmen Sep 25, 2017
Walter Martin
The Walkmen Aug 01, 2017
The Walkmen Jun 18, 2017
The Walkmen
The Walkmen Jun 18, 2017
The Walkmen's cover photo
The Walkmen May 22, 2017
'My Kinda Music' by The Walkmen's Walter Martin is out now! Artist Store Amazon
The Walkmen May 11, 2017
Hamilton Leithauser