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Lack of Communication
Love Hate and Then There's You
Raw and Rare
Pawn Shoppe Heart
von bondies Jul 24, 2018
von bondies
von bondies Jul 24, 2018
's cover photo
von bondies Jul 24, 2018
Found a box with some old recordings we never released from the early 00's.
von bondies Jun 06, 2018
We bought this Hofner guitar on our second U.K. tour. #vintageguitar #hofner #uk
von bondies Mar 04, 2018
Here's a playlist of bands we were lucky enough to play along side of during our touring days. #NowPlaying
von bondies Mar 03, 2018
von bondies Mar 03, 2018
Our debut album is finally available for streaming on Spotify
von bondies Feb 23, 2018
Three Von Bondies at a @steveaoki concert. #dimmakrecords
von bondies Jan 04, 2018
London circa 200?
von bondies Sep 14, 2017
Last night we shared a much needed laugh.
von bondies Aug 24, 2017
Donny Blum of The Von Bondies has a killer new band called Tart. Here's their new video for the song "Toothache"!
von bondies Jun 20, 2017
The Gideon Coe show on BBC Radio 6 Music will be blasting one of our live shows from yesteryears. You should probably listen in.
von bondies Mar 25, 2017
Our song "No Regrets" is in the new Yves Saint Laurent commercial.
von bondies Mar 25, 2017
's cover photo
von bondies Feb 27, 2017
Hospitality Rider 2009
von bondies Dec 01, 2016
We have an instagram account
von bondies Mar 26, 2016
Don and Jason posing with a young music fan. The future looks bright.
von bondies Jan 27, 2016
We've never seen this review before. "Misfits meets the animals", we totally agree. Pitchfork
von bondies Jan 16, 2016
's cover photo
von bondies Nov 08, 2015
Backstage in London. #nme #london #garagerock #thevonbondies #detroit
von bondies Nov 01, 2015
We now have an instagram account. Feel free to link any photos you've taken of us over the years.
von bondies Aug 08, 2015
One of our favorites
von bondies Aug 07, 2015
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von bondies Dec 05, 2014
's cover photo
von bondies Dec 05, 2014
von bondies