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The Veronicas
Hook Me Up (Bonus Track Version)
Revenge Is Sweeter Tour
Hook Me Up
Hook Me Up
The Secret Life of the Veronicas
The Secret Life Of...
The Veronicas Feb 13, 2019
Without You
The Veronicas Feb 13, 2019
The Veronicas
The Veronicas Feb 13, 2019
Watch this space
The Veronicas Jan 03, 2019
2019 HERE WE GO 🖤🎧 Amy Shark & Mallrat 💋💋
The Veronicas Jan 03, 2019
🌳🌳FIELD DAY🌳🌳 New music very soon guys 🎧 ❤️
The Veronicas Jan 02, 2019
Field day w/ babygirl Mallrat 👑
The Veronicas Nov 13, 2018
The Veronicas Nov 06, 2018
Lisa Origliasso and Logan Huffman on their wedding day ❤️❤️ Stylist: Fleur Egan + Design: J’Aton + Photography: Joey Willis Vogue story:
The Veronicas Sep 02, 2018
Timeline Photos
The Veronicas Aug 10, 2018
Jess answering questions on Instagram earlier today🌹
The Veronicas Aug 05, 2018
Back in LA #Album4 We’ve been writing with some of the most BOSS TALENTED as fuck girls in Australia. Seriously, we can’t believe how blessed music is to have artists like @lilmallrat @iam.muki @iamcxloe @isabellakearneynurse coming up in fast. Can’t wait to see what LA has for us. 🔥 stay close XX
The Veronicas Aug 23, 2017
According to the Australian Government I am a valued tax paying member of society. According to my passport & Visa , I am an Australian Individual of extraordinary ability and achievement. According to the Australian tourism & export industry, I am a valuable Australian musical commodity. But according to the current Australian laws & government, I and all LGBTQ+ citizens are still considered second class Australian citizens - without the same immediate legal rights to all relationship protections and responsibilities that married couples are granted. Why is the legalities of marriage as important to some as the spiritual union? Let's start here - If the person you love was in an emergency situation, a marriage certificate allows married partners to easily prove their legal rights if challenged - this is especially important for same sex couples as they are often discriminated against in this scenario. LGBTQ pay the same taxes. LGBTQ are service men and woman, first responders, military, politicians, doctors, surgeons, nurses, journalists, school teachers, valued contributors of our communities, hospitals, military, arts, and society. LGBTQ lead not for profits, and are contributors to tourism for Australia. LGBTQ should be afforded the EQUAL rights for protection, entitlements and equality in our country. We have 24 hours left to enrol and let our voices be heard to correct this in Australia. So please make sure you have registered! I've seen countless signs posted of hate propaganda against same sex parents and the LGBTQ community ahead of this vote - and the psychological impact & physical bullying those messages have on LGBTQ youth or kids or gay & same sex parents continues to present itself in damning statistics. I am here because we must continue to speak louder than the voices that aim to divide us. We won't stop until we live in an all inclusive Australia for everyone🏳️‍🌈
The Veronicas Jul 28, 2017
The Veronicas Jun 15, 2017
We love a good (vegan) roast. HARD. Tom Gleeson Vs The Veronicas @theweekly Tom Gleeson
The Veronicas Jun 14, 2017
Accurate though.
The Veronicas Jun 13, 2017
HAPPY #pride2017 to all the lovers! We are strong, beautiful, natural & visible🏳️‍🌈✊🏼🏳️‍🌈 To all those who have been brave, stood strong, fought long & painful roads, given their freedom, dedicated their lives & paved the way for us, thank you X
The Veronicas Jun 12, 2017
TUNE IN tomorrow morning - we're performing 🌺 #TheOnlyHigh 🌺acoustic on • @TheTodayShow | channel 9 | 730am • You can watch or live stream XX
The Veronicas Jun 12, 2017
Woke up to #TheOnlyHigh already at #3 YOU GUYS X These songs are the fabric of our souls. It moves us that you all feel it too 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 DOWNLOAD OR STREAM worldwide :
The Veronicas Jun 11, 2017
Singing live comes from the depths within me; the deepest place to access & relive raw emotions. Live TV can sometimes make it challenging to access that place because of pressure - but tonight, it was easy. I meditated down moments before, closing my eyes ; picturing one person. Her eyes from 10 years ago, and those same eyes looking at me 10 years later. And suddenly I forgot I was being filmed. It was just us in this moment 🌺
The Veronicas Jun 11, 2017
Loved playing #TheOnlyHigh tonight on The Voice Australia🌺✌🏼️ Download or stream the song Worldwide ✨
The Veronicas Jun 11, 2017
We're performing #TheOnlyHigh LIVE on The Voice Australia tonight! 🌺 Channel 9 / 7pm EST 🌺
The Veronicas Jun 08, 2017
Its #worldoceansday 🐋🐠 How many of you visit the beach for a body, mind + spirit reset? The reality is our ocean & marine health is an integral and nonnegotiable part in humanities future on this planet. But we are currently acidifying, exploiting and devestating our oceans + its wildlife beyond repair. It is vital we educate ourselves, family and friends to do everything we can to support it's healing. Here's what we can do right now to make a difference : • BE PASSIONATE this is our planet. One we are borrowing from future generations! Watch documentaries | talk to friends | ask questions!! • Reuse ♻️ recycle all plastics, glass, paper. • Choose a plant based/ vegan lifestyle (for help with this, hit up the #Vegan hashtag + find other inspiring people + recipes) • Volunteer + donate to organisations such as @seashepherd who tackle big issues like IUU (illegal/unregulated & unreported) fishing, frontline intervention with marine wildlife poaching vessels targeting whales, dolphins, fish, sharks, turtles + legislative campaigns and education around shark protection, whale protection, oceanic nature reserves protection against oil company giants, onshore volunteers who keep our beaches clean & more 👊🏼 There is a saying that we should thank the Ocean for every 2nd breath we take. Science tells us that half of the world's oxygen is produced via phytoplankton photosynthesis. The oceans cover over 71% of this earth, so this isn't an issue we can leave for generations (before or) after us - or for politicians or 'activists' this is all OUR collective issue, and one we can make a significant difference in. It costs us nothing but our awareness + action to contribute to our planets most giving + valuable resource ૐ I believe in us X
The Veronicas Jun 06, 2017
✞ THE ONLY HIGH ✞ Is now available EVERYWHERE WORLDWIDE !!! Buy, stream, save, gift & cry your eyes out to it below:
The Veronicas Jun 03, 2017
The Veronicas Jun 01, 2017
‪✞ THE ONLY HIGH ✞ ‬ ‪• Download + Stream WORLDWIDE at midnight everywhere • ‬ ‪