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The Upsidedown Aug 20, 2019
This Saturday Leading Psychics w/ The Upsidedown & Secret Spies @ Doug Fir Lounge
The Upsidedown Aug 16, 2019
The Upsidedown
The Upsidedown Aug 16, 2019
What a write up for Leading Psychics! We’ll be supporting them at Doug Fir Lounge Saturday August 24th w Secret Spies
The Upsidedown Aug 15, 2019
✔️ it out
The Upsidedown Aug 13, 2019
Leading Psychics vinyl ! Get it August 24th with The Upsidedown & Secret Spies Doug Fir Lounge
The Upsidedown Aug 01, 2019
Decade 77-87 - a grown up disco: new wave, punk, postpunk, goth & indie
The Upsidedown Jul 18, 2019
Leading Psychics The Upsidedown Secret Spies Saturday August 24 Doug Fir Lounge
The Upsidedown Jun 21, 2019
Well...this will really be somethin’ ...coming at you late summer ...Saturday August 24 #TheUpsidedown rides again.... supporting Leading Psychics (members of The Prids & Look Book) for their album release on This-a-Way Records with Secret Spies @ Doug Fir Lounge
The Upsidedown May 28, 2019
summer somethin' wicked this way comes
The Upsidedown May 23, 2019
🧟‍♀️🖤National Goth Day 🖤🧛🏻‍♀️
The Upsidedown May 15, 2019
The Upsidedown
The Upsidedown Apr 13, 2019
Award winning AMV video from amazing director/editor/DP Jordan Levy
The Upsidedown Feb 05, 2019
The Upsidedown Spirit In the Sky Norman Greenbaum cover
The Upsidedown Jan 22, 2019
Our song “Light” is on The Resident tonight on Fox @ 8pm & avail on vinyl at on Little Cloud Records
The Upsidedown Dec 15, 2018
The Upsidedown Sep 15, 2018
Our friends Sacred Shrines are back at it with more beautiful treasure! Loved sharing the stage with them at the The Tivoli Brisbane -
The Upsidedown Aug 25, 2018
The Upsidedown Aug 13, 2018
It was 10 years ago today ..August 12, 2008 -our amigos The Dandy Warhols released our Human Destination LP - now Little Cloud Records is making the 10 year anniversary vinyl available - (amazing artist Robert Hardgrave packaging includes CD & 2 extra tracks not on vinyl & digital download) Recorded at the Odditorium by Jeremy Sherrer (Modest Mouse, The Shins)
The Upsidedown Aug 12, 2018
on sale today via Little Cloud Records 🌚 we will be celebrating this 10 year anniversary vinyl on Friday Oct 12 @ Mississippi Studios supporting the amazing Mystic Braves & The Creation Factory Ps Thanks The Dandy Warhols for taking us around the world w y’all 🖤🎧🖤🎧🙏🏽 Link & info here ye here ye:
The Upsidedown Jul 20, 2018
It was an honor to support and cover these portland legends The Prids 10 years ago ... Best -
The Upsidedown Jun 06, 2018
Check our what’s happenin at Little Cloud Records!!
The Upsidedown May 30, 2018
Happy 10 year anniversary vinyl! Little Cloud Records has made our 2008 album Human Destination (video for #29) Avail on vinyl again (cd insert / digital download included) order here:
The Upsidedown May 16, 2018
Happy Anniversary record! (10 years) Our 2008 album Human Destination is back! Thanks to Little Cloud Records - you can get your hands on it! Vinyl LP comes w CD & digital download~~order it at:
The Upsidedown May 07, 2018
Human Destination LP is available again thanks to Little Cloud Records: Order it:
The Upsidedown May 05, 2018
10 Year Anniversary vinyl! Little Cloud Records is making it possible on the 10th anniversary of its release to get your hands on our lost timeless gem: Human Destination (Info/Order link below / please share)