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Thrills Nov 20, 2018
This was a prototype and I don't believe too many exist although they should have.
Thrills Nov 19, 2018
Here is a current photo of Tony Monaco with Thrills sound man extraordinaire, Howie Stein who was the reason for the band always sounding on fleek!
Thrills Nov 14, 2018
Thrills Nov 14, 2018
Thank you Ellen Danow for these relics!
Thrills Nov 06, 2018
Thanks to Jody Danow for saving this relic with our original logo pre First Thrills. It is in beautiful shape.
Thrills Nov 05, 2018
How Thrilling!! I found my briefcase from back in the day. This has to be 40 years old if it’s a year! I even put a sticker on it from my first Billy Joel Tribute, Stormfront! See what you can make out:))
Thrills Nov 05, 2018
Crew member and longtime Thrills supporter Andy Stromfeld still has some memorabilia and an old Front Page News jacket that fits (almost). :) Love this stuff. If anyone has any, please send. Thanks.
Thrills Nov 01, 2018
It is amazing how we are sometimes listed as The Thrills when we were clearly never called that. This is from Billboards Top 200 showing us on the charts for 4 weeks in July of 1981. Even #199 was better than not having been there at all. There is some vinyl available through our website but if you go the way of CD, you get the bonus CD Magical Hands from the Kingdom Studio recordings featuring all the songs pre First Thrills album. First Thrills includes WLIR Screamer of the Week Breaking My Heart and Dream Away from the WBAB Homegrown album. Magical Hands includes the original Not Gonna Run mix different from the one on First Thrills and an entirely different recording and mix of Explorer Time different from the recording and mix on Front Page News currently only available on vinyl. The double set of First Thrills and Magical Hands can be purchased through Secret Jazzer Records . Please note that all CDs were mastered from the original tapes.
Thrills Oct 31, 2018
The latest release, available thru Secret Jazzer Records, is a double CD set featuring First Thrills (1981) and bonus CD Magical Hands (never before released 1979/80 studio recordings). The cover for Magical Hands is new and features model Joline Towers with photo taken by Bruce Smith and layout by Sue Herbst. Please check out and follow both Joline at and more Bruce Smith photos at
Thrills Oct 30, 2018
Thrills Oct 30, 2018
's cover photo
Thrills Oct 29, 2018
While there aren't a lot of photos of our crew, we thought it was time to acknowledge them. They really kept things moving and in fact, with all their hard work through rain, sleet and snow, they were our biggest, most dedicated supporters.
Thrills Oct 26, 2018
Now that we are loading up on MFP photos, this one is post the WLIR Live Broadcast March 17, 1981. The photo shows WLIR’s John DeBella (who introduced the band) and also the DJ who played You Don’t Remember Me from the Front Page News Album every morning at 8:35 am for many weeks. Also in the shot is WLIR’s Bob Cranes and along with Tony Monaco, David Fullerton and Tom Ingegno is Rob Owens and Bill Gilbert. Thrills Live from My Father's Place out on CD is from this show. Most of the studio versions of these songs can be found on the First Thrills CD available through Secret Jazzer Records which includes the bonus CD Magical Hands.
Thrills Oct 25, 2018
Tom Ingegno with the iconic club owner extraordinaire “Eppy” Epstein at the new My Father's Place at The Roslyn Hotel discussing the long awaited possibilities. For those who remember, Thrills was a local favorite at the original MFP, famous for breaking dozens of major acts in the US. “Thrills Live from My Father’s Place” was the actual recording from the WLIR Live broadcast March 17, 1981 celebrating the release of “First Thrills” now available through Secret Jazzer Records as a double CD set with “Magical Hands.” “First Thrills” includes the WLIR “Screamer of the Week” of which they were the only local band to have one.
Thrills Oct 24, 2018
Here is another clip from our video archives in a very early MFP performance pre First Thrills. Song was written by Tony Monaco and while he disappears for a while, that is him on keyboards. Song can be found on First Thrills (album & CD) and Live From My Father’s Place (CD) celebrating the release of First Thrills as broadcast live on WLIR March 17, 1981.
Thrills Oct 20, 2018
Here is a review of the double CD First Thrills/Magical Hands submitted by Ole P Brekke which we wanted to share. I received the CDs. It is truly a pleasure to deal with someone that puts this much effort into making a music lover happy. Secondly I would like to say that I found the songs on the double discs to be worth every penny and more. Lost gems for sure. Love the musicianship, the songwriting, the harmonies and the apparent work put into crafting these tunes. Now, I am by nature more of a hard rocking guy, but songs this infectious are a wonder to behold, or is that behear? I’d say that the first couple of songs leans a bit towards Styx while I hear influences from City Boy, 10 cc, and 70 s British pop sensibilities. Should also mention that I found the songs saturated in harmonies and tasty melodies. Hence my Brit pop comment. Thinking of bands such as ELO for example. Not that it sounds like them per se, but I at least, hear it in the immensity of song craft. You should be very proud of what you accomplished on these discs. It’s nice that others will be able to enjoy this as well. Lest not forget Thrills 3 which also contain much to like. I do actually also have another Thrills CD Front Page News, my initial introduction to your band. Anyway, I felt compelled to express my gratitude and my impression. Please note that none of the band members have any stock and the CD can be purchased only through Please visit the shop to purchase! UK: Europe: Rest of The World:
Thrills Oct 15, 2018
Writing partners Tom Ingegno and Thrills member Tony Monaco on a promotional tour celebrating the long overdue release of First Thrills along with bonus CD Magical Hands. It only took 38 years so better late than never. Available on Secret Jazzer Records, First Thrills inspired the Live from My Father's Place CD and includes the WLIR "Screamer of the Week" Breaking MY Heart and Dream Away as heard on the WBAB Homegrown album. Like us at and check out
Thrills Oct 08, 2018
A fun one. Rare footage.
Thrills Oct 08, 2018
If you think Thrills didn’t have a sense of humor, check out this little ditty from My Father’s Place. Song can be found on First Thrills (album & CD) and Live From My Father’s Place (CD) celebrating the release of First Thrills as broadcast live on WLIR March 17, 1981. Rob Owens (drummer) comes out front to sing lead while Tony jumps on drums. Tony did move around a lot. Always a fun little song for the audience.
Thrills Oct 07, 2018
Check out #3 3. THRILLS - "First Thrills". Old school pompsters will be rejoicing at the news that the first album from Thrills is finally available on CD. But that's not all as it comes with a bonus disc that features their previously unreleased album from '79. If you ever got excited over acts like Trillion, Starcastle or LeRoux, and who didn't, then this will be akin to the second coming. It's available from Secret Jazzer Records over at their Facebook page - with Tony Monaco David Fullerton Tom Ingegno
Thrills Oct 04, 2018
Another rare footage blast from a My Father’s Place performance pre First Thrills Album. Song can only be found on the Live From My Father’s Place CD from the actual live broadcast on WLIR March 17, 1981 celebrating the release of First Thrills. This is in honor of our late bass player Bill Gilbert (RIP) who was quite the showman. Tony switches from keyboards to bass on this one. Other clips coming in the near future.
Thrills Oct 02, 2018
Breaking My Heart from My Father's Place approx 1980 but pre First Thrills release and pre Live From My Father's Place. Rare footage. Lucky to have it. Thank Tony for the enhancement. PS This was a Screamer of the Week on Long Island radio station WLIR.
Thrills Sep 18, 2018
Our first record was also released in Greece in 1981 ‎– First Thrills Label: Music-Box ‎– SMB 40166, Music-Box ‎– M. BOX 40166 Manufactured By – Fabelsound Phonographic Copyright (p) – G & P Records Inc. Copyright (c) – G & P Records Inc. Distributed By – Music-Box Published By – Beautiful Day Music Published By – Great People Music BMI Printed By – Ο. Φωτιάδης & Α. Ιωαννίδης Mastered At – Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs Produced For – If Productions Recorded At – Smoketree Ranch Recorded At – Don Casale Studio Recorded At – Kingdom Sound Mixed At – Don Casale Studio
Thrills Sep 18, 2018
Our first record was released in Portugal in 1980 First Thrills ‎(LP, Album) Roda SSRL 9515 Portugal 1980
Thrills Sep 15, 2018