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The Sleeping Jun 29, 2018
For everyone that has messaged, we are sorry. We have been MIA but will personally respond soon. Love y’all!
The Sleeping Sep 11, 2017
TSNY will never die!
The Sleeping Dec 28, 2016
The Sleeping's cover photo
The Sleeping Dec 28, 2016
The Sleeping
The Sleeping Dec 26, 2016
The Sleeping Dec 25, 2016
The Sleeping Dec 25, 2016
The Sleeping Dec 24, 2016
Thank you ❤️
The Sleeping Dec 23, 2016
Who's ready for tomorrow 👋🏻
The Sleeping Dec 21, 2016
The Sleeping Dec 13, 2016
The Sleeping Dec 07, 2016
Sooooo......This is cool as hell.
The Sleeping Dec 01, 2016
The awesome and super talented brewer from BrickHouse Brewery Paul Komsic brewed two different styles of beers in honor of The Sleeping's reunion show on dec 23rd. This rules! This is how we'll be getting ready for the show! Tag a friend that loves craft beer.❣️
The Sleeping Nov 23, 2016
ONE MONTH FROM TODAY! Reggie and the Full Effect Folly Lux Courageous (first show since 2005) ⬇️Tickets⬇️
The Sleeping Nov 18, 2016
We're stoked to finally announce our support for our show on Dec. 23rd at The Paramount Theater. Reggie and the Full Effect Folly Lux Courageous (first show since 2005) ⬇️Tickets⬇️
The Sleeping Nov 10, 2016
Who's been listening to The Sleeping since our first record? With the original lineup we'll be playing a good amount of songs off our first two records. Tell use what songs you want on 12/23/16 ❤️ ⬇️Tickets⬇️
The Sleeping Nov 03, 2016
Respect to both parties involved. See y'all soon.
The Sleeping Oct 07, 2016
TICKETS ARE OFFICIALLY ON SALE NOW! Dec 23 at the paramount in Huntington, NY with the original line up. Tickets are going fast! Please share this post❤️
The Sleeping Oct 04, 2016
The Sleeping
The Sleeping Oct 04, 2016
JUST ANNOUNCED: The Sleeping on Friday, December 23rd! - Pre-sale: October 5 - 6 online only (Use code "PULSE") - On Sale: October 7 on Ticketmaster or The Paramount Box Office "Douglas, can you write a press release for The Sleeping reunion show on December 23rd?" Such a weird question to have read via text from The Sleeping's old manager. To be honest, I never even thought that this moment would happen. We've all been so busy with our lives that we just never had the time to really think about the possibility of playing together again. Let's start this off by briefly taking it back to November of 2015. The Paris attack at Le Bataclan had just happened. I hate to even bring that up in this statement but it does have a bit of a role in this reunion and I just wouldn't feel right leaving it out. The world mourned and time moved forward, as it always does. As the days progressed, I kept thinking of the dudes in my current band (Night Verses) and how much I care about them and then I began to reminisce about the days of The Sleeping. I started to think about all of the ups and downs that we went through together for over 12 years and I became extremely emotional. The Sleeping has always been and will always be one of the biggest parts of our lives and that doesn't just go away. Fast forward to New Year's Eve. It was about to be 2016, my wife and I are were on vacation in the lobby of our hotel while enjoying a couple drinks. I started to talk about everything swirling around in my head. Once midnight hit on January 1st, I sent a "Happy New Year" group text to The Sleeping. I immediately let them all know that I missed them and that the tragedy in Paris really put a lot of things into perspective. We began loosely talking about playing music together again. The conversation was extremely relaxed. We all laughed and sent dumb ideas to one another on how we would announce our reunion. The main idea was to split a screen four ways while each of us ate a bag of chips and didn't speak. Haha. Anyway, nothing really ever came of it. Time went on... Now, it's October 4th and here I am...writing to you all to let you know that we're back for this one last show. Our first show as the original lineup in TEN YEARS! Since we've announced, we're hearing and seeing all of the feedback and it is unreal. The immense hardships you face when being in a band and when it all don't normally think of the lives you've affected. You just think of how hard you tried to make something important work. Now, we're literally just sitting back and enjoying all of the amazing feedback. We've made so many great friends and fans over the years and to see you all again is simply mind-blowing. There's even people who have never seen us before that are showing themselves. It's absolutely amazing. Thank you all for what you have done for our band. We owe this show to you. To all of the years you followed and stuck with us, we owe this show to you. People keep asking us if we are "back". I don't know how to truly answer that. We have absolutely no plans to continue playing after this show. Sal is extremely successful in the bar/restaurant/venue industry, Joe is currently drumming for the massive Canadian Electronic act Bob Moses, my band (Night Verses) just put out our newest record produced by the amazing Ross Robinson and Cameron is working on his solo career while giving multi-instrumental music lessons in California. We aren't here planning The Sleeping's future. We are simply in the moment and the moment is telling us to just play the hell out of this one show. For all of you, for all of us. We will see you in December. - Douglas Robinson
The Sleeping Oct 03, 2016
First time original lineup in 10 years // Full details tomorrow // 12pm EST
The Sleeping Sep 22, 2016
LINY / Dec 2016 / original lineup
The Sleeping Sep 13, 2016