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Shifting Sands Aug 21, 2019
All the way.
Shifting Sands Aug 20, 2019
Some beautiful words from Alecinsky. Merci beaucoup. Butchered google translate in the comments below.
Shifting Sands Aug 14, 2019
Here’ contains a great review and pics of the Sands show on La Banche at BFBF. There’s the google translate of the text in the comments.
Shifting Sands Aug 13, 2019
Another version of “Terror”. This time in stark contrast to the previous post. Big stage running hot. La Cloche, Binic Folks Blues Festival.
Shifting Sands Aug 10, 2019
Stripped back version of “Terror of love” in a great artist run space in Le Mans. Merci Beaucoup Bruno Cortex Chris Martini Headon
Shifting Sands Aug 08, 2019
Cheers Bruno Bamdé! Great photography from la Banche Binic Folks Blues Festival.
Shifting Sands Aug 05, 2019
Full blown. End Stage. Palliative Care Sonny & Cher. Pic by Cyrille Bellec. Merci beaucoup.
Shifting Sands Aug 04, 2019
More pics from Binic. Yesssssss. Ouiiiiii!
Shifting Sands Aug 04, 2019
Merci Beaucoup Pierre.
Shifting Sands Aug 02, 2019
Here’s some video of our performance of “Other Girls” at Binic Folks Blues Festival. T/w crowd invasion.
Shifting Sands Jul 31, 2019
Les ballades de l'addictologue australien
Shifting Sands Jul 30, 2019
Bruno Bamdé Photographies
Shifting Sands Jul 27, 2019
Concert Monkey
Shifting Sands Jul 24, 2019
Performing Terror of Love at Le Petit Ban in Paris. Merci Cathi Mimi.
Shifting Sands Jul 23, 2019
La Nef D Fous, Binic, BZH
Shifting Sands Jul 23, 2019
Tonite! Mondo Bizarro in Rennes.
Shifting Sands Jul 22, 2019
Some great photography from the Paris show from Cedric Oberlin. Merci
Shifting Sands Jul 21, 2019
Le Berliet tonite. In a circus tent. On an island.
Shifting Sands Jul 20, 2019
Paris. Tonite. Le Petit Bain. Disaster Response in hangover central. Let the thunder dome begin.
Shifting Sands Jul 16, 2019
The C word. Offensive to some. “Country” If it’s downbeat and saaaaaad it’s ok by me. From our record “Crystal Cuts” See you reeeeeeal soon France 🇫🇷❤️
Shifting Sands Jul 12, 2019
We are photosynthesising just thinking about this! Get on! It’s like .... 5 bux! Children welcome, encouraged and mostly tolerated 😉.
Shifting Sands Jul 09, 2019
Happiest of Birthdays to the axeman’s jizz... Grand Master Dan Baebler
Shifting Sands Jul 02, 2019
Yeeargh playing a show at the Thirsty Whale with Draught Dodgers!
Shifting Sands Jun 30, 2019
Happy Birthday Izzy Mellor Undisputed queen of dive-bar aesthetique.
Shifting Sands Jun 07, 2019
It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all....or is it? This one’s for you. From our record “Crystal Cuts”.