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Shifting Sands at The Junk Bar (May 3, 2019)
Venue: The Junk Bar (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) Find tickets
Shifting Sands at The Junk Bar (May 4, 2019)
Venue: The Junk Bar (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) Find tickets
Shifting Sands at Marrickville Bowling Club (May 10, 2019)
Venue: Marrickville Bowling Club (Marrickville, NSW, Australia) Find tickets
Shifting Sands Apr 24, 2019
A great review of Crystal Cuts by Matty Munster at Thanks Matt Ryan
Shifting Sands Apr 22, 2019
Bon jour
Shifting Sands Apr 20, 2019
Shifting Sands Apr 16, 2019
“Crystal Cuts” is on the ITunes and the Spotify. Give it a virtual spin. It’s digital!
Shifting Sands Apr 12, 2019
We’re announcing our French tour dates next week. Merci. Gonna be wild.
Shifting Sands Apr 08, 2019
We love google translate and French street press 💗💗 “Shifting Sands (the sea bass with the cavernous voice Geoff Corbett and the beautiful and talented Izzy Mellor) whose folk blues still resonates in our heads after their passage more than noticed in 2017”
Shifting Sands Apr 08, 2019
Thankyou 4ZZZ!! Album of the week
Shifting Sands Apr 03, 2019
BNE/SYD/MELB lets launch this!
Shifting Sands Apr 01, 2019
Shifting Sands are back at Binic to play Binic Folks Blues Festival. Awesome line up. It’ll be great to catch up with some friends from around the globe and eat some moules in our speedos. We’ll be announcing a bunch of tour dates in France July/August in the next couple of days so stay tuned.
Shifting Sands Apr 01, 2019
A great review of Crystal Cuts from Robert Brokenmouth for 1-94 Bar. Cheers!
Shifting Sands Apr 01, 2019
Goooooooooood morning!!! Our latest record “Crystal Cuts” is released internationally today. Head to Bandcamp and have a listen. Buy our record so we can get to France in July/August (dates up soon). Get the vinyl from Spooky or Beast Records or your local record store (Magnetic South distro in Aus).
Shifting Sands Mar 26, 2019
People are starting to receive their pre-orders of “Crystal Cuts” from either Spooky or Beast Records. Let us know what you think? Official release date is April 1st. We’ll also announce a bunch of launch shows so stay tuned.
Shifting Sands Mar 20, 2019
Copping some good radio from Blueshit in Bretagne! Yeched Mat!!
Shifting Sands Mar 15, 2019
Heads up campers!
Shifting Sands Mar 07, 2019
Heads up all y’all!
Shifting Sands Feb 23, 2019
“Crystal Cuts” limited edition hand numbered blue vinyl available on pre-order from Spooky Records next week. Above the equator you can pre-order the record from Beast Records right now this minute. Available for digital download from Bandcamp April 1st.
Shifting Sands Feb 21, 2019
Check out Izzy Mellor’s new project with Ruby McGregor, Catalano! Nice one Rubes and Izbella!
Shifting Sands Feb 08, 2019
Our second LP “Crystal Cuts” is due on April 1st through Beast Records and Spooky Records. There’ll be a bunch of launch shows and a French tour this year so pay attention. xx
Shifting Sands Dec 17, 2018
Our last show for the year is gonna be loaded. NYE at Junk Bar in Ashgrove. Air-con, late licence, original member Mr Dylan McCormack on the axe standing in for Doctor Dan Baebler, between song banter, spilt drinks, chokin’ hearts, not in the Valley, more Ubers/Cabs than you can poke a stick at, cool booze, mad chats et al. Tickets from Oztix.
Shifting Sands Nov 26, 2018
We have a show up on the Sunshine Coast this Saturday night at Bison Bar then round the year off at Junk Bar for NYE. Tickets in the event pages. Tell yr mum.
Shifting Sands Nov 21, 2018
Hey there Sunshine Coast Walking down the street so fancy free
Shifting Sands Nov 17, 2018
Be early not surly
Shifting Sands Nov 02, 2018
Cheers Craig Barman.
Shifting Sands Oct 15, 2018
Well this looks interesting.
Shifting Sands Sep 16, 2018
Name a less iconic duo I dare you. Shifting Sands have a bunch of shows coming up this Spring/Summer and a new record is in the can and is being mastered. It’s hot and this band is thirsty. Pic by Cyrille Bellec