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2525 The Best of the Saw Doctors, Vol. II (Bonus Track Version)
Live In Galway
All the Way from Tuam
The Cure
Play It Again Sham
That Takes The Biscuit!
If This Is Rock and Roll, I Want My Old Job Back
Songs from Sun Street
Live at The Melody Tent
The Further Adventures Of...
Sing a Powerful Song
To Win Just Once - The Best of The Saw Doctors
New Year's Day
Same Oul' Town
The Saw Doctors Mar 31, 2019
The Saw Doctors Mar 19, 2019
The Saw Doctors Mar 18, 2019
The Saw Doctors Mar 17, 2019
The Saw Doctors Mar 17, 2019
Galway songwriter Ultan Conlon talks to Mario Rosenstock this morning at 11.40am on the Today Fm programme Sunday Roast about N17
The Saw Doctors Mar 17, 2019
The Saw Doctors Mar 16, 2019
The Saw Doctors Mar 15, 2019
The Saw Doctors Mar 01, 2019
The Disclaimers🤓🤓
The Saw Doctors Feb 14, 2019
A playlist to help ye set the mood
The Saw Doctors Feb 09, 2019
There is all sorts of stuff on that YouTube 😂
The Saw Doctors Feb 04, 2019
First released in January 1990, do you think N17 can make the shortlist for Ireland's favourite folk song?
The Saw Doctors Jan 26, 2019
Did anyone hear 'World of Good' on BBC Radio 2 this afternoon?
The Saw Doctors Jan 26, 2019
The Saw Doctors Jan 19, 2019
Are you all following the 'This is The Saw Doctors' playlist on Spotify?
The Saw Doctors Dec 26, 2018
Where's the Party?
The Saw Doctors Dec 24, 2018
I can see it still
The Saw Doctors Dec 23, 2018
"We do do's and functions, Weddings and wakes"
The Saw Doctors Dec 21, 2018
For everyone making the journey home for Christmas in the next few days.
The Saw Doctors Dec 20, 2018
At Christmas in 1990 we were #2 and #3 in the charts with "I Useta Lover" and "N17" respectively. Who beat us to the Christmas #1 that year?
The Saw Doctors Dec 18, 2018
We had the great pleasure of recording our version of this classic with the legend that is Petula Clark. It was a Christmas number 2 in 2011.
The Saw Doctors Dec 16, 2018
We recorded this special acapella version of Red Cortina for release at Christmas in 2010.
The Saw Doctors Dec 12, 2018
If all our Spotify followers were standing in line for a show, the line would be 11 miles long. Join the queue!
The Saw Doctors Dec 08, 2018
The Saw Doctors Sep 18, 2018
What is your favourite track from The Further Adventures of The Saw Doctors?