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Life Will Write the Words
Of Men and Angels
Do You Feel (Exclusive Edition)
Hello, Good Friend.
Calendar Days
The Early Years EP
The Rocket Summer Apr 25, 2019
I live for the community and spirit in the room at RS live shows... daydreaming and getting pumped to do this again. 📷 Jared Asaia
The Rocket Summer Apr 22, 2019
While this cryptic sentiment I just walked up on naturally resonates with me on several levels in general, I'm taking this message particularly as a good omen for the Dallas Stars in their battle with the Preds tonight. Go Stars.
The Rocket Summer Apr 19, 2019
shiny friday grooves
The Rocket Summer Apr 15, 2019
I always feel grateful for his music when I walk past this wall. I'm one of the lucky ones who got to see him live. I was 14 and went with my friend and his mom when Elliott played @treesdallas. It was special. I've played that stage what seems like a million times now and I still have yet to not think of that night every time we pull up to the venue. #elliottsmith
The Rocket Summer Apr 13, 2019
Sometimes I forget certain songs I've written exist and then rad ukulele cover versions appear within the internet matrix. Thanks for the reminder and the super pleasant cover of Pull Myself Together ; your version brings me to the beach in my mind which is a place I like to go often but can never get there enough. Friday vibes ✨ #Repost @allencruz87 ・・・ “Pull Myself Together” - @bryceavary The Rocket Summer #therocketsummer #ukecover #ukulele #uke #cover #coversong #song #singer #vocals #vocalist #acoustic #acousticcover #pullmyselftogether #instagramcover #instacover
The Rocket Summer Apr 12, 2019
when I'm not on the road, my life largely consists of my head being deep in songs and in pieces of gear, twisting knobs and such trying to create beautifully pleasant sounds as well as beautifully freakish ones. I made an instagram account for my day to day studio life for other audio lovers like me. Come follow if you fancy.
The Rocket Summer Apr 10, 2019
the keys are the key to the vault of thoughts and my poor piano hears all of them
The Rocket Summer Apr 09, 2019
sometimes I get out but not much and that’s fine because the sun is supposed to be bad for the skin anyway / Sound Cirque
The Rocket Summer Apr 02, 2019
The Rocket Summer Mar 24, 2019
Overcast coastal days on the pacific side hit my emo heart right in the feels. Also this impossibly balanced rock that resembles the state of TX is perfect. @ Los Angeles, California
The Rocket Summer Mar 10, 2019
staring at the sea staring at the sand california where the mountains climb so tall and waves crash blue around you
The Rocket Summer Feb 07, 2019
I was fortunate to be asked by Rolling Stone about what one needs to build a home recording studio setup in whatever limited space and budget may be available. I hope it helps give some insight & encouragement to the melody makers wanting to get their music recorded!
The Rocket Summer Feb 06, 2019
Moshi mosh !
The Rocket Summer Jan 24, 2019
I started writing for a new album after the conclusion of the UK tour a little over a year ago. I wrote and wrote and recorded virtually every single day for months. It was thrilling. It was therapy. The songs become your friends and the melodies help you find peace and hope in the quiet & dim, painful & confusing places of life, places that if I'm being honest I have found myself in much more than I'd like over the last few years. Penning words & melodies, then picking up different instruments around a room as tools for building songs all to then hear them come to life is something that brings me unbelievable joy. It's where I start to feel a deeper sense of purpose. So naturally, I just simply kept writing until I found I was buried in songs. I thought I had finished recording most of the album so I went on tour last summer and proclaimed from the stage night after night that my new album was almost done. The cheers were rad. It felt great. And then more songs were born... a lot more. Songs that I simply had to chase. So... sike. My apologies. Thank you for your patience. I'm always told this is a good problem to have, but at a certain point it actually is a problem. So on Christmas Eve a few weeks back, I made myself shut off all of my mic pre-amplifers, unplug all of the condenser, ribbon and dynamic microphones around my studio, power down all of the synthesizers and move my guitars & drums outside of arms reach so that I would make myself... stop. And on Jan 2, I started sifting through the mountain of songs and am now finally M I X I N G this new album. I have to say the way it's sounding is making me smile real big. I'm very proud of it and can't wait for it to be ours and not just this thing only I know about. All of the plans are beginning to be set in motion for when that will be. Thanks again for patience and for listening. Thanks for being a part of this. You mean a lot to me.
The Rocket Summer Dec 21, 2018
nostalgia explosions are inherent at christmas so here's this one again 🎄✨ #happyxmas
The Rocket Summer Dec 20, 2018
can't wait for these songs to escape my studio & my head and to sing them with you on the road. getting so close. just a quick photo mid guitar take tonight. wish you were here #RSLP7
The Rocket Summer Dec 07, 2018
It's rainy and cold and kind of perfect outside so I made sure to call the piano tuner in because it just feels right to track this instrument tonight. Here we go. #RSLP7
The Rocket Summer Nov 20, 2018
Cassettes! Getting lost in records by analog means without the option of easily clicking through an abyss of sonic and visual distractions is cool. For the first time, limited edition cassette format versions of Calendar Days and Hello, Good friend are now available in the online store! calendar days - matte blue cassette, full color j card, (100 made) "Hello, good friend." - gloss black cassette w/ yellow lead tape, full color j card (100 made)
The Rocket Summer Nov 16, 2018
#RSLP7 - in the studio
The Rocket Summer Nov 01, 2018
Being 12, sitting on a practice amp inside of a Guitar Center somewhere in TX, whilst likely playing punishing versions of Enter Sandman and Purple Haze, I probably dreamed something like this would happen one day. I feel honored Guitar Center used this incredible photo Jered Scott took at the Gorge in WA as part of the remodeling of their most iconic store on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. If you see a billboard or a wrapped tour bus with this image cruising around LA, snap a photo and tag me plz. Thanks GC!
The Rocket Summer Oct 09, 2018
The Rocket Summer Oct 03, 2018
I got to go to Greece and meet the oldest living olive tree today; I crawled inside of it when no one was looking and just tried to imagine the people that have eaten its fruit over the last 3000 years. I tried to imagine the kind of stories it's overheard from the ones picking from it all this time. Everything felt still and slow during the silence that was equally deafening, whispering just how quickly life moves on. Anyway, I managed to snap a selfie of the tree & I 🍃
The Rocket Summer Sep 17, 2018
some insight for why I'm kinda quiet. thanks for the listening & the patience. ⚡️💛✨🤘
The Rocket Summer Aug 25, 2018
🔸🔷🔶🔹 @ Los Angeles, California
The Rocket Summer Aug 20, 2018
D A L L I 2 C A L I 💛 🚌