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Life Will Write the Words
Of Men and Angels
Do You Feel (Exclusive Edition)
Hello, Good Friend.
Calendar Days
The Early Years EP
The Rocket Summer Dec 07, 2018
It's rainy and cold and kind of perfect outside so I made sure to call the piano tuner in because it just feels right to track this instrument tonight. Here we go. #RSLP7
The Rocket Summer Nov 20, 2018
Cassettes! Getting lost in records by analog means without the option of easily clicking through an abyss of sonic and visual distractions is cool. For the first time, limited edition cassette format versions of Calendar Days and Hello, Good friend are now available in the online store! calendar days - matte blue cassette, full color j card, (100 made) "Hello, good friend." - gloss black cassette w/ yellow lead tape, full color j card (100 made)
The Rocket Summer Nov 16, 2018
#RSLP7 - in the studio
The Rocket Summer Nov 01, 2018
Being 12, sitting on a practice amp inside of a Guitar Center somewhere in TX, whilst likely playing punishing versions of Enter Sandman and Purple Haze, I probably dreamed something like this would happen one day. I feel honored Guitar Center used this incredible photo Jered Scott took at the Gorge in WA as part of the remodeling of their most iconic store on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. If you see a billboard or a wrapped tour bus with this image cruising around LA, snap a photo and tag me plz. Thanks GC!
The Rocket Summer Oct 09, 2018
The Rocket Summer Oct 03, 2018
I got to go to Greece and meet the oldest living olive tree today; I crawled inside of it when no one was looking and just tried to imagine the people that have eaten its fruit over the last 3000 years. I tried to imagine the kind of stories it's overheard from the ones picking from it all this time. Everything felt still and slow during the silence that was equally deafening, whispering just how quickly life moves on. Anyway, I managed to snap a selfie of the tree & I 🍃
The Rocket Summer Sep 17, 2018
some insight for why I'm kinda quiet. thanks for the listening & the patience. ⚡️💛✨🤘
The Rocket Summer Aug 25, 2018
🔸🔷🔶🔹 @ Los Angeles, California
The Rocket Summer Aug 20, 2018
D A L L I 2 C A L I 💛 🚌
The Rocket Summer Aug 14, 2018
post chill out tour chill out post
The Rocket Summer Aug 11, 2018
Chicago ✨ @dontshootskrlx
The Rocket Summer Aug 09, 2018
Chicago 2nite! Last show of this special acoustic tour; thnks fr th mmrs. 📷 @walk.into.the.light @ Park West
The Rocket Summer Aug 07, 2018
Day off in the city I recorded my first record in. I'm just hanging around this parking lot and listening to new song recordings no one has heard yet. Been a minute since I roamed around this town with big dreams while making calendar days. Makes me laugh; after all of this, all I really feel right now is that there's such a long way to go and I'm so grateful for that. What a life. Always the beginning. Thank you endlessly for listening and being a part of this. Forever, y'all. Love.
The Rocket Summer Aug 05, 2018
Been loving building these acoustic-y beatbox-y grooves w/ all the sing-along feel goods from y'all. What a fun tour. SLC was fire; Denver 2nite. End is nigh with all the sighs. 📷 @buggeproductions
The Rocket Summer Aug 04, 2018
S A L T L A K E 2 N I T E @ The Complex
The Rocket Summer Aug 04, 2018
s e a t t l e 💫 📷 @walk.into.the.light
The Rocket Summer Aug 03, 2018
Kudos to the person that just handed me this clever note in the coffee shop. Well played. I'll see you at the show tonight in Seattle 🙂
The Rocket Summer Aug 01, 2018
all smiles to be in the PNW 🌲 photo: @oliviakhiel
The Rocket Summer Jul 29, 2018
O C , C A , B A B A Y. see y'all tonight ✨
The Rocket Summer Jul 28, 2018
S A N D I E G O 2 N I T E
The Rocket Summer Jul 25, 2018
D A L L A S 2 N I T E
The Rocket Summer Jul 24, 2018
c o r p u s c h r i s t i photo: @buggeproductions
The Rocket Summer Jul 22, 2018
🤘 t e x a s 🤘 7.22 - corpus 7.23 - houston 7.24 - austin 7.25 - dallas 📷 @buggeproductions
The Rocket Summer Jul 20, 2018
Sad to see the FL shows come to an end but also pumped to get into TX. Sold Out show tonight in Pensacola; adore these special shows with y'all.
The Rocket Summer Jul 17, 2018
I can't wait to sing these songs with the Georgia & Florida family these next few days. Then into Sweet Texas... 📷