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The River Empires Dec 31, 2012
Hello there fine folk! So I wanted to update everyone, being it's the last day of 2012, and obviously the new album hasn't come out yet! I'll keep this brief and to the point. During the last two years, a few situations have occurred. Due to some sensitive subject matter, I shouldn't explain the details. But because of the circumstances, my priorities had to shift around and a couple other projects had to be finished first. I've worked on the new TRE album for two years and slowly ebbed away at it. But I haven't been able to put the finishing time into it that it deserves, due to what's stated above. Once in a while, when I'd see the light at the end of the tunnel, my excitement would overwhelm me (hence the premature declarations of the release date). So for that I apologize. I will no longer announce dates until the album is packaged! That's my New Year's resolution to all of you TRE fans. And despite all that has happened the past couple years, I am still stoked as ever for you all to hear the new album. Although it will still continue the tale, moving backward, it also holds a lot of my personal experiences within the songs. I greatly treasure what this new album is becoming with each passing day, and I look forward to sharing it with all of you. Thanks for being the best fans! Looking forward to a great year! Jessy
The River Empires Oct 17, 2012
The story of TRE eventually turned into Cellar Door. It really changed a lot though. Just some basic concepts carried over. BUT if you are interested in watching a little trailer for the script check it out here:
The River Empires Sep 11, 2012
The River Empires Aug 21, 2012
Last couple weeks of tracking. Cross your fingers for a Fall 2012 release! I know I get ahead of myself and say things before they are locked in. But hey, why change who I am this late in the game!? :)
The River Empires Jul 26, 2012
The River Empires Jul 16, 2012
Okay, I know this may be overwhelming as far as projects go. But I assure all of you, the new album is coming along very nicely and will be out relatively soon. In the meantime, I just can't help myself in letting you guys and gals know about a new little project of mine called Hours. It's an audio novel, releasing chapter by chapter. First chapter is up and downloadable if you are interested!
The River Empires Jul 02, 2012
Edging closer to the new album. Thanks for having the ultimate amount of patience with me. You are the best fans!
The River Empires May 04, 2012
Yay for Dustin! Congrats to the Ruth guys.
The River Empires Mar 09, 2012
Show at The Q Cafe tonight in Seattle. 7PM.
The River Empires Mar 01, 2012
Jessy solo show tonight with Archeology at The Crystal Hotel, Portland Oregon. 7PM and it's free!
The River Empires Feb 29, 2012
The River Empires's cover photo
The River Empires Feb 29, 2012
The River Empires's cover photo
The River Empires Feb 27, 2012
Last week a brand new song was posted for free in case you haven't heard. A viable date for the new album will be announced in the next couple weeks! As well as some updates regarding the series...
The River Empires Feb 21, 2012
Just in case you may have missed this little link yesterday...
The River Empires Feb 20, 2012
FREE brand new song up for your expanding imaginations! And so it begins...
The River Empires Jan 13, 2012
Check out Northern Abbey's new EP at the link below. The project is led by Nick Lambert, who is a good friend of mine as well as a fellow musician in TRE and TGC!
The River Empires Dec 22, 2011
The River Empires Nov 09, 2011
The River Empires Oct 18, 2011
Check out The Gloomcatcher at Mississippi Pizza in Portland, this Saturday. 9PM. $3. 21+
The River Empires Aug 25, 2011
Show tonight at McMenamin's Old St. Francis School in Bend! Come hang out and get a free download of the new EP by The Gloomcatcher!
The River Empires May 28, 2011
Just a quick video I put together to show you we are still here and working on new music. about :34 you will hear a score that will be a part of the new album in some form or another.
The River Empires May 05, 2011
Guys and gals. Head to this link and buy this compilation album to support relief efforts in Japan! Our song Three Tigers is on it as well as some other amazing Northwest bands. You will love the music and you will be helping others in the process, what more could you ask for?!
The River Empires Apr 30, 2011
Thanks for all who came out last night and for making it a very fantastic time! Really happy there are some awesome supporters of what we are doing.
The River Empires Apr 28, 2011
Come and hang out at Mississippi Pizza from 6-8 this Fri and see us and Ashley King play some music for no cost. Gets over early enough to not get in the way of your other greater plans. We can be your pre-Friday night event. Your warm up. I'll be that for you, I have no problem with it, I am not a proud man.