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The Rembrandts
The Rembrandts Oct 10, 2018
Here's a Rembrandt prequel lol..... Check out Phil on guitar! #TheRembrandts
The Rembrandts Oct 02, 2018
What are YOUR favorite #TheRembrandts lyrics? Comment below! 🎸
The Rembrandts Oct 01, 2018
Olivier from Beautiful Badness just sent us this cover of 'I'll Be There For You'. Pretty cool! Totally different take on it. #TheRembrandts
The Rembrandts Aug 23, 2018
Couple of self portraits by Rembrandt hanging in the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London.
The Rembrandts Jul 12, 2018
Hey Wisconsin fans, we're playing in Appleton tonight with the Gin Blossoms! #TheRembrandts #GinBlossoms
The Rembrandts Jul 09, 2018
Danny Wilde performing one of his best solo songs. Check it out! #TheRembrandts #DannyWilde
The Rembrandts Jul 07, 2018
In Case You Missed it: Here's our boys having fun with some funny British folks on "Ant and Dec" singing their least famous song. Let's wait until they do this with "There Goes Lucy." #TheRembrandts
The Rembrandts May 21, 2018
Rembrandts trivia.... Danny Wilde co-wrote a couple of pretty famous songs for one of LAs first punk bands. Name the band and name 2 of the songs. #TheRembrandts
The Rembrandts Apr 29, 2018
I've been so lonely since I lost my mind!
The Rembrandts Apr 08, 2018
Repost! #TheRembrandts
The Rembrandts Feb 19, 2018
The only footage of Phil and Danny singing this cool song from ‘Choice Picks.’ Why it isn’t any longer is beyond me. Enjoy! #TheRembrandts
The Rembrandts Feb 12, 2018
Danny singing a Crowded House classic with Jesse Cook. Some people may have missed it when it came out. Listen! #TheRembrandts
The Rembrandts Feb 11, 2018
That time Phil and Danny were on another huge ‘90s tv show. Sorta. #TheRembrandts
The Rembrandts Feb 04, 2018
Hey Rembrandts fans... Here's a little history and trivia for you. Did you know that before the Phil & Danny version of the Rembrandts came to be, Phil had a band in Minneapolis called Phil Solem & The Rembrandts. Here's a band flier from 1988, 30 years ago!!! #TheRembrandts
The Rembrandts Dec 01, 2017
I think we've seen it all now. LEGO Friends!
The Rembrandts Nov 14, 2017
What's the most criminally underrated Rembs tune? Chime in!
The Rembrandts Nov 07, 2017
Check out The Rembrandts in this totally retro video. That self-titled album cover still looks badass! #TheRembrandts
The Rembrandts Nov 03, 2017
The big hair, the perfect harmonies, the timeless tune! Check out our boys doing what they do best. #TheRembrandts
The Rembrandts Nov 01, 2017
25 years ago... 😮 #TheRembrandts
The Rembrandts Jun 09, 2017
A pretty good read. Might find some details that you hadn't known before. Check it out! #TheRembrandts
The Rembrandts May 22, 2017
Check this out!
The Rembrandts May 07, 2017
A rembrandt and a gin blossom go to a donut shop.... (Photo courtesy of Scott Hessel) #TheRembrandts #GinBlossoms #DannyWilde #PhilSolem
The Rembrandts May 07, 2017
Be sure to check out The Rembrandts on twitter as well! #TheRembrandts #DannyWilde #PhilSolem
The Rembrandts May 07, 2017
Photo courtesy of @david_ray_reed #TheRembrandts #DannyWilde #PhilSolem
The Rembrandts Apr 30, 2017
It's that time of the year folks! Happy April 29, or also known as #TheRembrandtsDay Go celebrate and listen to some Rembs tunes! #TheRembrandts #DannyWilde #PhilSolem