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The Rascals Dec 04, 2018
OH, WHEN THE HORN SOUNDS...One of the strangest and "out of character" Rascals tracks IMO is "Death's Reply" from the SEE album.It has edgier, darker subject matter--unlike anything else. They evidently thought enough of it to perform the song in concert on at least 4 occasions that I know of. What are it's strengths and (weaknesses,if any) ? I am interested in your comments and opinions. (J.R)
The Rascals Dec 04, 2018
There's a place that's called HEAVEN...
The Rascals Nov 30, 2018
53 YEARS AND 3 DAYS AGO--Last week I posted a rare, live audio clip of The Rascals doing "I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore". Here is the advertising flyer for that concert. Other songs performed included "My Babe", "You've Lost That Loving Feelin' ","Land Of 1000 Dances" and "Slow Down" among others.All for $3.00 ! (J.R)
The Rascals Nov 28, 2018
Wishing FELIX a Happy Birthday,November 29th....
The Rascals Nov 19, 2018
SOUL TOGETHER 1968 PHOTOS FOUND-Jack Robinson was a famous 60's era photographer who shot a lot for Vogue magazine. In June of 1968 he photographed the legendary "Soul Together" concert at Madison Square Garden-a benefit for Martin Luther King. Among the performers were King Curtis,Sonny & Cher, Sam & Dave ,Aretha Franklin and The Rascals. Jack's estate sells prints of many of his subjects, but never offered any of The Rascals until I contacted them to express interest. They made special arrangements to offer prints of these dramatic live photos to the followers of this page for purchase. Below you can view a few samples of some available images. Keep in mind these are tiny, low resolution samples and do not reveal the beauty of the actual photographs. The custom made print you will receive will be museum quality, made from the original negative. Please let us know if you take advantage of this special offer! Since this a special arrangement, you will not see info on the website itself, you must contact personnel directly for ordering info.... Emily Oppenheimer at via e-mail at [email protected] or phone 901-576-0708 For info on the photographer and other samples of his work only, visit the website: (J.R)
The Rascals Nov 19, 2018
Due to the overwhelming reaction to the "Rascals Live in '65" recording, I will hopefully prompt lightning to strike twice by posting another audio clip in the near future. I cannot stress how important it is for you folks to write a response to the postings made on this thread.( "likes" and "hearts" are fine, but what we really need is for you to take a minute to write something). It is what keeps it going and inspires me to create something special in return for your support. Thanks again. By the way, anything you can do to promote people to LIKE this page, please do so. I would like to see our numbers increase. It should be easy with all this great exclusive stuff to for the fans to view and hear -don't you think? (J.R)
The Rascals Nov 17, 2018
RASCALS-LIVE IN '65!--As a "thank you" for your continued support of The Rascals and this page..a rare "live" treat from the depths of the is a number from their first non-club performance on November 27, 1965 in Connecticut. Their debut Atlantic single "I Ain't Gonna Eat Out Heart Anymore" had just been released. This private recording has never been heard until now. Thanks to Don Holmes for his technical assistance posting this file.(J.R)
The Rascals Nov 16, 2018
I'm surprised no one commented on the detail revealed in the Apollo Theater 1970 live recording post from yesterday which reads... "Groovin’ first starts out with a conga solo from an unknown player and a bilingual version of the song by lead singer Felix Cavaliere. A version that is seldom heard live" BILINGUAL? Its true Groovin' was recorded and released in both Spanish and Italian versions. So evidently The Rascals, knowing they were going to be performing for a largely latino crowd, must have worked up a special spanish/english version especially for this appearance. And that extended conga solo was most assuredly done by Eddie himself. The reviewer used the term "unknown player" not knowing that the Rascals carried a conga on all their concerts and that Eddie (and even Dino) played it on every show. Also, the "extended sing along with the audience" on People Got To Be Free is undoubtedly the "Oh Happy Day" medley portion that became standard by 1970 (see their "Music Scene" and "Barbara Mcnair Show" TV performances).(J.R)
The Rascals Nov 16, 2018
LONG LOST RASCALS LIVE RECORDING will likely remain lost--In April 1970 just several months before their split,The Rascals performed at a benefit for The Young Lords Organization at the Apollo theater in Harlem. I recently discovered that a recording was made of this event,including the Rascals live set, and that the tape was privately pressed (at the time) onto vinyl,evidently as a souvenir for it's participants, or some such personal-level posterity. The Rascals performance is described below by visual artist William Cordova who has heard the recording.... The Rascals (formerly, Young Rascals) start up track 4. Good Lovin,’ from their self-titled Young Rascals album (1966, Atlantic) partially excludes is the bands introduction by Denise Oliver. Track 5. People Got To Be Free, evolves into an extended sing along with the audience that runs a total of 6 minutes a huge feat for a song that originally runs 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Track 6. Groovin’ (1967, Atlantic) really reveals the extent of influence that Afro & Latino music had in contemporary Rock music of the late 1960s and early 70s. Groovin’ first starts out with a conga solo from an unknown player and a bilingual version of the song by lead singer Felix Cavaliere. A version that is seldom heard live. (Groovin’/ Sueño, Atlantic 1967). I contacted Mr.Cordova who told me... To be clear, there was no commercial recording but a bootleg recording of that event. I was able to listen to the actual bootleg, owned by a private record collector who would not allow me to make a copy of the recording or mention his name. I don't know who recorded the actual concert but audio source sounded like audience recording. The LP was an acetate so it may have been a one off pressing. ___________________________________________ So it is elating and frustrated at the same time.Discovering this rare recording exists, yet knowing, realistically that it is unlikely I will be able to locate it. Any live recordings are very coveted and this was one of the bands final performances Just another frustrating chapter as the Rascals archivist, researching leads to evasive materials. Below is the cover of this incredibly rare record. If anyone has any leads, please contact me. (JR)
The Rascals Nov 15, 2018
Get 'em while they're hot...the Rascals went to see Ravi Shankar at Philharmonic Hall (now known as David Geffen Hall ! )and sought signed copies of his show program afterward. His influence can be heard on the tracks SATTVA and STOP AND THINK. (J.R)
The Rascals Nov 14, 2018
Fan support drive-Day #2..An awful lot of time and effort is spent to keep this page going with interesting photos and content. I would like to ask the members of this page to interact and participate by posting something..a photo, a story,etc. Please contribute something..anything.. to show your support and to let us know why this page interests you. So far, there have been some terrific posts...please keep them coming! To say "thank you", here is a rare photo from a 1969 concert where a happy fan receives a special reward for delivering a flower to Eddie. (J.R)
The Rascals Nov 14, 2018
An awful lot of time and effort is spent to keep this page going with interesting photos and content. I would like to ask the members of this page to interact and participate by posting something..a photo, a story,etc. Please contribute something..anything.. to show your support and to let us know why this page interests you. Thanks in advance.To start the ball rolling,here is a rare photo from early 1966. (J.R)
The Rascals Nov 09, 2018
I'm listening now to the new deluxe Beatles "white album" multi-disc box set,released today. I share this with you because, to me, The Rascals are musically equivalent to The Beatles.They shared the same space in the 60's and released comparable music during the same period. It's a shame The Rascals legacy can never experience a release like this;works in progress,alternate versions,alternate mixes,unheard tracks,unplugged acoustic versions,etc. I have had the privilege of hearing some Rascals things the general public never has--and those are as amazing as the tracks on this set, by comparison. A Rascals set with the quality and spectrum of this Beatles release would be so,so wonderful .Their music is just as important and worthy. I just thought I'd share that plaintive observation. I wish they had documented and safeguarded their history better. It's what I've been trying to do for over 40 years. (J.R)
The Rascals Nov 07, 2018
's cover photo
The Rascals Nov 07, 2018
Dino in Puerto Rico-1967 (J.R)
The Rascals Nov 06, 2018
Very rare photo taken in Atlantic studios during "Freedom Suite" sessions (J.R)
The Rascals Nov 05, 2018
LOVE, YOUR MAGIC IS EVERYWHERE-I saw this photo and immediately the Rascals track "I Believe" came to mind. This imagery can be applied to the lyrics of both the 1966 and 1969 recordings.Listen to them both today (links below),imagine this photo and I guarantee you will have an uplifting experience. (J.R) Listen-- 1969 1966
The Rascals Nov 03, 2018
I know many of you have Rascals questions you'd like answered-so this weekend if you have a question, please post it and I will answer it if I can----career questions only, please--private-life questions are off limits. Thanks. (J.R)
The Rascals Nov 01, 2018
On this day in 1968, the Rascals performed at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto,Canada
The Rascals Nov 01, 2018
If there's a man who is down....-fun photo taken backstage at the RIT in Rochester NY,1968. It captures Eddie and Dino,two friends horsing around. Obviously Eddie has got him pinned. What happened next? (J.R)
The Rascals Oct 30, 2018
The Rascals
The Rascals Oct 30, 2018
Wishing DAVID BRIGATI a Happy Birthday today! David has made many "sung yet unsung" contributions to the Rascal's recordings (harmonies,vocal arrangements and in the case of "How Can I Be Sure",even lyrics) starting with "Lonely Too Long" straight through to tracks like "Nubia" and "Almost Home". He also,of course, was Eddie's main influence to enter the business when Eddie became his replacement in Joey Dee and the Starliters. That position led to his teaming up with Felix and Gene which led to the formation of The Rascals. David's influences to the band's recording success cannot be overstated. If there was such a thing as the "5th Rascals", David would come as close as anyone possibly could.(J.R)
The Rascals Oct 25, 2018
Here is a fascinating slice of a 60's Rascals fan's experiences,specifically a Felix fan. If you have a favorite tale, please share it with us.(J.R) What was YOUR Teen Obsession? by Diane Chamberlain Then I got serious about my groupiness, and this is where it gets sort of shameful. No, I never slept with anyone famous, but I wheedled my way into getting as close as possible to my prey. Before I go any further, let me apologize publicly to anyone I ever met through nefarious means. It was the hormones and I’m sorry. The prey in question were The Rascals. I had a friend who was as passionate about them as I was. Marilyn wanted Dino the drummer and I wanted Felix the organist and lead singer. Marilyn and I had otherwise normal social lives with normal (well, hers was normal) boyfriends, but we had this one shared maniacal obsession. We nurtured it by going to concerts every chance we could and by hanging out in New York trying to catch a glimpse of the guys. Here is the worst, most dishonest thing I did. Through the network of RGs (Rascal Groupies), I was told to “show up at Carnegie Hall on Saturday night.” I was with some friends who were always remarkably good-natured about humoring me, and they went with me to Carnegie Hall where the featured event turned out to be a lecture by a Yogi, Swami Satchidananda. Guru We sat in one of those wonderful little balcony boxes Balcony and tried to figure out what we were doing there. Then we began to have Rascal sightings. We spotted Eddie Brigati taking his seat in the orchestra. Then in another area, Dino Danelli appeared. And finally–omigod–in the balcony below ours and to the left, Felix himself. “Bye,” I told my friends. I went down to the box where Felix was sitting and stepped right in. The box was quite full of people both sitting and standing, so I didn’t look all that out of place. I could see my friends up in the balcony and they were jumping up and down and pointing at me and marveling at my chutzpa. I kept sidling closer to Felix. Finally, I was right next to him. I leaned over to ask him something about what the Swami had just said and he responded, then offered me his seat because the man was nice and I felt like a deceitful little twit. I didn’t take his seat. I just stood there and enjoyed breathing in the same air he was breathing, all the while becoming a fan of Swami Satchidananda. The only thing I actually remember the Swami saying that night was “Constipation is caused by a lack of concentration,” but I bought his book on Integral Yoga and started standing on my head in my Diane yoga dorm room regularly (check out the glasses) and going into the City to hear him speak as often as I could get there from New Jersey. Of course, I was always hoping Felix would show up on the same night, which he never did. Ironically, I gained an appreciation of chanting and meditation as part of a spiritual practice that has lasted through to this day. (Check out Krishna Das for a natural high). A couple of months after the Swami Satchidananda event, my friends and I went to a Rascals concert, which found us once again at Carnegie Hall (Oct 19,1969-J.R). We worked our way to the stage from our seats at the back of the hall as soon as the concert began, which was great . . . for a while. But I have an odd phobia about large places–I can’t stand them. I’ve beaten a bunch of phobias over the years, but this one remains. (I may have been the only kid in history who had a note from her shrink to excuse her from P.E. because she couldn’t tolerate the gym ceiling. Gym But that’s for another post.) I was right in front of the stage when I began to have the “high ceiling panic attack.” I had to get out of there. I burst through the double doors at the side of the theater and into the hallway to calm myself down. When I felt better, I headed back inside, but an usher asked to see my ticket and of course my seat was nowhere near the front, so he told me I had to go all way to the rear of the theater. I couldn’t bear to be way in the back again, so I stood in the hallway quietly, pathetically, weeping as I tried to figure out what to do. A man approached me. He was really old (maybe even 50!) and he asked me what was wrong. His exact words: “What’s the matter, little girl?” I began blubbering. “I was right in front of the stage,” I said, “but I couldn’t stand how high the ceiling was and I came out here and now they won’t let me in again and–“ “Hush,” he said and took my hand, opening the doors to the sacred backstage sanctum. Only then did I realize who he was: Sid Bernstein, the Rascals’ manager and the guy who’d brought the Beatles and Stones and the entire British invasion to the States. We climbed the inside steps to the stage, where Mr. Bernstein deposited me next to a couple of roadies, just a few yards from you-know-who on the organ. My friends, still in front of the stage, caught sight of me and stared in shock. When the concert was over, I slipped unnoticed upstairs to the dressing room and finally–finally–had Felix to myself, if you didn’t count the two dozen other people hanging around him. I took this picture of him, Felix small then gave him my camera so he could take a picture of me. I was incredibly grateful for the time I’d spent with my Swami Satchidananda book because it gave us something to chat about. I asked him for reading recommendations about Yoga and he asked me for my address so he could send me his recommendations in a letter. Be still my heart! Afterward, I stood in front of Carnegie Hall with my friends as the limo carrying the Rascals went by. The window was down and Felix called out, “I’ll write to you!” I leaned cooly against the building, while my fellow groupies stared at me in drooling wonder. Did he write? Actually, yes. In fuscia ink, he suggested I read the Bagavad Gita (I dutifully did so). He also asked me to send him a copy of the picture he took of me. That, of course, was the end of that, as both he–and I–could clearly see that in spite of my bravado, I was little more than a really Diane by felix nervous eighteen-year-old almost-virginal girl from a state college in South Jersey. It all seems so ridiculous to me now. I look at girls screaming over rock groups today and while I remember being that obsessed, I can’t quite recapture the feeling of being that obsessed–a good thing, I think. If only I’d put that much passion into my education, I would be, well, better educated. But I’d probably have less to blog about. So what was your obsession when you were a teenager? I know you had one. ‘Fess up!
The Rascals Oct 25, 2018
None of the guys seem to remember posing for this photo session,but it was taken in 1968 and published in a men's adult magazine of all places. No, we don't know the identity of the model in the doorway. Are you out there? (J.R)
The Rascals Oct 22, 2018
Wishing a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to Eddie! from Joe Russo and all the readers of this facebook page