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In the Grace of Your Love
Pieces of the People We Love
Rapture Jul 11, 2019
Here's something to look forward to!
Rapture Jan 22, 2018
Alone Records / The Stone Circle
Rapture Dec 20, 2017
Today is the day!
Rapture Dec 18, 2017
The pre-orders go live Wednesday! We are so stoked to finally see these issued on vinyl... Much love to Alone Records / The Stone Circle for doing this!
Rapture Dec 18, 2017
Rapture - Songs for the Withering (2002) full album
Rapture Dec 01, 2017
Rapture Nov 20, 2017
We are releasing new copies of our old material in LP and CD format. If you don't have them, now's your chance!
Rapture Jul 15, 2016
FragileHollow's second album "Entity" now on spotify :
Rapture May 19, 2015
Another new song for you to listen to from the upcoming masterpiece "Monotony Fields" by Shape Of Despair, this time with a small reference to Rapture. "Originally this song was intended to serve as an intro to 'Monotony Fields'. Even though the start quite resembles something that our mates from RAPTURE could have put out, we felt it necessary to end this in a proper SHAPE OF DESPAIR way and slowed the pace down, while injecting a dose of hopelessness. To bring out a slightly different side of 'Monotony Fields', we present to you the shortest and possibly catchiest track of our new album."
Rapture Aug 29, 2012
Portugal 2010
Rapture Aug 24, 2012
You may want to check out this recently uncovered band, which is the follow-up of the Swedish band Slumber.
Rapture Feb 29, 2012
The new page layout sucks, what do you think?
Rapture Dec 31, 2011
Happy new year :)
Rapture Jun 13, 2011
Wonder what his take is on the release date of our next album... -K
Rapture Jun 02, 2011
And for those who have not seen already. -Iain
Rapture May 21, 2011
Some say today's the day of Rapture...
Rapture May 01, 2011
So, what's your favorite record?
Rapture Dec 22, 2010
The finnish Rapture is now running an official Facebook Channel! Make sure to check the photos and videos shot in the recent Spain/Portugal shows!
Rapture Dec 22, 2010
Madrid 2010
Rapture Dec 21, 2010
Raintracks - Rapture (live @ Side B - LX extreme fest)