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The Primitives Aug 21, 2019
Released 30 years ago today. Going to include a bunch of rarely performed songs off this in the live set at the 100 club on Oct 1st.
The Primitives Aug 19, 2019
Some pics by ‘Who Cares’ of us Prims on stage at W-Fest in Belgium last Thursday.
The Primitives Aug 14, 2019
The Primitives Aug 12, 2019
The poster for last time we played in Belgium - 31 years ago. Next show there will be on Thursday when we play W Festival.
The Primitives Aug 09, 2019
…and tonight it’s yet another appearance on TOTP88 from yer Prims. Anyone’d think we were blummin’ popstars!
The Primitives Aug 08, 2019
We're on TOTP88 again tonight. It's not Crash. Think it's a vid.
The Primitives Aug 07, 2019
Thanks to Christoph for this write-up of last Friday's Birmingham show.
The Primitives Aug 03, 2019
Thanks to all who came to see us in Birmingham last night for the final live performance of 'Lovely'. Enjoyed playing the songs we don’t normally play live off the album - you might even hear the odd one cropping up in future live sets. x
The Primitives Aug 03, 2019
Popguns and Bromide announced as guests at 100club on Oct 1. Tix here -
The Primitives Aug 02, 2019
If you’re coming to see us in Brum tonight… The Regulars - 8:00 pm The Primitives - 9:00 pm
The Primitives Aug 01, 2019
Disappointed to announce that Rewind North has been cancelled this weekend due to all the rain. So it's just Birmingham tomorrow for us.
The Primitives Jul 27, 2019
Another one climbing up the hit parade - TOTP 30 years ago today...
The Primitives Jul 26, 2019
Friday Aug 2, Birmingham - a final live performance of the debut album ‘Lovely’, plus A sides and other faves. Support from The Regulars. Tix here
The Primitives Jul 25, 2019
Ever wondered what a Filipino drum & bugle corps covering the Primitives’ song Crash would sound like? The na na na bits are outstanding.
The Primitives Jul 22, 2019
less than 2 weeks till our Birmingham show. It’ll be the final time we perform the ‘Lovely’ album in its entirety. The live set will also feature all your faves and a few unexpected treats. Tix here
The Primitives Jul 22, 2019
Reissue of the 86 Really Stupid tee in the shop now...
The Primitives Jul 21, 2019
Well that was a weekend of extremes. From a small, packed and very sweaty room in Newcastle on Friday to this yesterday. Thanks to all who endured/enjoyed the shows at The Cumby and Rewind Scotland. Pic by Ceri Jones.
The Primitives Jul 19, 2019
Heading north today - got a gig in Scotland with Lulu tomorrow at Rewind Festival and we’ve a sell-out show in Newcastle tonight. Stage times: Newcastle, Cumberland arms - Tchotchke (support) 8.30pm The Primitives 9.20pm Perth, Rewind - The Primitives 2:45pm
The Primitives Jul 17, 2019
TT wearing a one size fits all NME tee as a dress - from NME 30 year ago this week. Thanks to mrdisposablerazor for the pic.
The Primitives Jul 17, 2019
The 3rd single to go top 30 for one-hit wonders The Primitives was released 30 years ago today.
The Primitives Jul 12, 2019
If you have access to BBC iPlayer here’s the Top of the Pops episode featuring our first appearance Thanks to Grover for the screenshots.
The Primitives Jul 10, 2019
Less than a month till our Birmingham show & final performance of the ‘Lovely’ album in full. Loads of other Prims faves and few unexpected songs will also be included in the live set. Tix here
The Primitives Jul 06, 2019
Looking forward to playing a few UK summer festivals this year. Next one is Readipop a week today. Here’s a look back at a festival we played in Spain a few years ago.
The Primitives Jul 04, 2019
Oooooh look who’s on Top of the Pops next week. - though that pic is from a 1989 appearance with first Prims drummer Pete Tweedie miming bass.
The Primitives Jun 25, 2019
“This one’s called ‘Really Stupid’. It’s about you.” - ow.