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Readipop Festival Readipop Festival 2019
Venue: Christchurch Meadows (Caversham, UK) Find tickets
Rewind festivals Rewind festivals 2019
Venue: Scone Palace (Perth, UK) Find tickets
Rewind Festival Scotland Rewind Festival Scotland 2019
Venue: Scone Palace (Perth, UK) Find tickets
The Primitives at The Cumberland Arms (July 19, 2019)
Venue: The Cumberland Arms (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK) Find tickets
Rewind North Rewind North 2019
Venue: Capesthorne Hall (Macclesfield, UK) Find tickets
The Primitives at O2 Academy 3 Birmingham (August 2, 2019)
Venue: O2 Academy 3 Birmingham (Birmingham, UK) Find tickets
W-Fest W-Fest 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Waregem, Belgium) Find tickets
The Primitives Jun 08, 2019
Bit of Prims at 13:40.
The Primitives Jun 04, 2019
Early pic - Naul’s Mill Park, Coventry 1986.
The Primitives May 25, 2019
The Primitives May 18, 2019
Paul will be guest DJ at London club night ‘How Does It Feel To Be Loved?’ this evening. …so what’s going in the box?
The Primitives May 14, 2019
A page from this week’s Record Mirror in 1988. Despite the band having had 2 recent hits and a top 10 album Paul was still living in (mostly self-imposed) squalor. Some quite amusing quotes and observations in this piece.
The Primitives May 05, 2019
Thanks to Burnsfest for inviting us to play- enjoyed it a lot.
The Primitives May 05, 2019
If anyone wants a copy of our Tokyo show freebie 7” there are a few for sale below. Formosa Punk Records will have a handful available on its site each day, until they're all gone, so check back over the coming week. There will also be some up for grabs at future live shows.
The Primitives May 01, 2019
Our first UK show of 2019 is this Saturday at Burnsfest, Rozelle Park, Ayr. Entry is free. It’s from 1 - 10pm. We’re on stage at 6:20.
The Primitives Apr 27, 2019
We play Burnsfest at Rozelle Park, Ayr next Saturday. We’re on around 6:20pm and it’s free. Full info below.
The Primitives Apr 22, 2019
Here’s an interesting pop artefact - A letter written by a pre-Manics Richey Edwards, telling a friend about chatting with Tracy backstage at a Primitives show at Raffles, Port Talbot on May 28 1987. The letter is from a book about Richey and his disappearance called ‘Withdrawn Traces’. It’s nice to know he was a Prims fan. The pics are from that actual gig (taken by Alice). Got a few more, but can’t see Richey in any… now is that Andrea from The Darling Buds watching from the side in the 2nd gig pic? Thanks to Mark for sending us the photo of the letter.
The Primitives Apr 19, 2019
'Lovely' anniversary show, Space Odd, Tokyo 13/4/19. Credit: Alive
The Primitives Apr 17, 2019
Some fan pics from our 2 Tokyo shows at the weekend.
The Primitives Apr 17, 2019
Thanks to all who came to see us at Space Odd in Tokyo over the weekend and double thanks to the many who came to both shows. Great to have had the chance to come over and play again. Hope to see you all again sometime. ...and thanks to Sam (, Louis, (driver, merch), Mike (Formosa Punk records), Rolo (Woodentops), and all at the venue. Here are some pics of the trip. Pics from the 2 shows to follow.
The Primitives Apr 09, 2019
In case anyone missed the post from a few week ago - The cancelled Dec Birmingham show will now take place on Fri Aug 2. We will perform our debut album for the last time, along with other faves. Tickets from Dec are valid for this. It’s now at O2 Academy, not The Institute.
The Primitives Apr 08, 2019
Pleased to announce we’re back at The 100 Club on Oct 1 as part of the Indie Daze festival week. We’re going to play a set of faves and rarities - i.e all the hit(s) and songs we haven’t played live since the late 80s. Any requests, let us know -
The Primitives Apr 06, 2019
There will be 50 7” singles available at each of the Tokyo shows next week. They're available free to anyone who buys a tee shirt. The record is released through the Formosa Punk label and has a US radio session version of ‘Stop Killing Me’ on one side and an early version of ‘Rattle My Cage’ with Paul on vocals on the other. We’ll bring a few back in case any Prims completists want to get hold of one. The shows are one week today - Lovely 30th anniversary show -13th Best of show - 14th Rolo from the Woodentops opens on both nights.
The Primitives Apr 04, 2019
Tokyo June 1990 on our first trip to Japan, with Paul Sampson (bass), Clive Leyton (keys) and Daryl Davis (guitar tech). Looking forward to our 3rd visit next week.
The Primitives Apr 04, 2019
Played Ocean Blue in rehearsal last night for first time in ages - found out today it’s just been comped on this…
The Primitives Apr 01, 2019
Just announced - we’re playing Burnsfest, Rozelle Park, Ayr, Sat 4 May. It’s free!
The Primitives Apr 01, 2019
Lovely scenes in Tokyo right now. See you there on the 13th & 14th.
The Primitives Mar 26, 2019
We’re really looking forward to returning to Japan next month to play a LOVELY ANNIVERSARY show on SATURDAY APRIL 13 and a BEST OF THE PRIMITIVES show on SUNDAY APRIL 14.
The Primitives Mar 25, 2019
We were in Cologne at the weekend. Thanks to Christoph et al for having us over to play at the Popfest.
The Primitives Mar 20, 2019
Change of venue but tickets from the cancelled Dec show are valid for this -
The Primitives Mar 14, 2019
We're pleased to announce that our cancelled Birmingham show will now be taking place on Friday August 2.
The Primitives Mar 12, 2019