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Give Up Your Dreams
Merry Kriskmass
Happy Ending
Horse Power
The Phoenix Foundation Dec 15, 2018
If you’re looking for a phresh take on some old Christmas classics, look no further. Perfect for your work do, your folks house, the shop, cafe, as a bbq reggae substitute etc. MERRY KRAUTMAS!
The Phoenix Foundation Dec 07, 2018
These guys!! Merry Krautmas one and all. Xx
The Phoenix Foundation Dec 06, 2018
The wait is over, all your Christmases have come at once! Listen to Moniker (Sam/Luke/Con) cover Xmas classics in the style of the greatest German musical innovators of the 1970s. It's fckn fun.
The Phoenix Foundation Dec 04, 2018
The Phoenix Foundation Nov 28, 2018
The Phoenix Foundation Nov 27, 2018
The Phoenix Foundation Nov 22, 2018
The Phoenix Foundation Nov 17, 2018
Hi people. LUKE BUDA wrote a song with Don McGlashan. It's about the children stuck in Australia's off shore detention camps. READ AND LISTEN HERE:
The Phoenix Foundation Aug 31, 2018
NZ history
The Phoenix Foundation Aug 31, 2018
Well that tour was insane. Thank you to every player in the @nzsymphonyorchestra, all of our incredible arrangers every diligent person working behind the scenes; Steve, Jonas, Jane, Shane, Craig, Lucretia, Donald, Adan, Emily, Tom sheesh and More who we never met I’m sure. Incredible team! And also the gang on this list. What a team! Sorry to anyone I missed, I’m drunk!
The Phoenix Foundation Aug 31, 2018
If you want to cop some of our cool merch tonight in Dunedin, bring this stuff #noeftpos #coldhardcash #cash #celebrate! #nzso #20years
The Phoenix Foundation Aug 29, 2018
Just trying to work out what woolies to pack and I just can't get away from our bloomin promo! lol
The Phoenix Foundation Aug 28, 2018
Your last chance to see The Phoenix Foundation and the @nzsymphonyorchestra live is this Friday at the Regent Theatre in Dunedin. This once in a lifetime tour has been THE highlight of our 20 years as a band and I think you should not miss out! Thanks NZSO, bloody bonza maaaate. Christchurch is sold out as! Here is a tickle of Hitchcock. #dunedin
The Phoenix Foundation Aug 07, 2018
Killer new track from our mates Tiny Ruins:
The Phoenix Foundation Aug 06, 2018
Thanks for coming out to the first shows of our ‘Celebrate’ NZSO tour. It was crazy, focussed-as-heck fun for us and now we just can’t wait to get back into it for Christchurch and Dunedin! See you in a couple of weeks Mainlanders! 🐳🎸🎻 📷 by Mark Russell 🙏🏽
The Phoenix Foundation Aug 03, 2018
Look at these nummy treats! #nzso #celebrate! #merch #buyit #takemymoney
The Phoenix Foundation Aug 03, 2018
Very few tix left for tonight. Last night was incredible. Thank you Wellington, Auckland; we will give everything. Churton Park.📸 @rark.mussell
The Phoenix Foundation Aug 02, 2018
My mind is a pool of tranquility #nzso #nzsoh! #celebrate @ Michael Fowler Centre
The Phoenix Foundation Jul 31, 2018
Rapturous audience at the MFC - @jeremytaylor980
The Phoenix Foundation Jul 31, 2018
Band gloves by Chris’ mum. Perfect for a chilly rehearsal! Whaaaaaaaaat!! So great. Thanks Kerry! #nzmusic #nzso #gloves #knitting
The Phoenix Foundation Jul 28, 2018
Practicing to some pro midi and FEELING IT. You’d sure be a foolish sucka to miss our shows with the incredible people of the @nzsymphonyorchestra #stkevin #nzso #nzmusic #celebrate #horsepower
The Phoenix Foundation Jul 27, 2018
Chris O’connor aka @djguestspeaker is in Wellington and he is ready to hit his drums slightly soft than usual! #celebrate #nzso
The Phoenix Foundation Jul 27, 2018
Our whole catalogue in one easy bundle! CDs! The ultimate format. Well, I still love them, maybe you do too? Are they retro cool yet? If not, they will Be soon! Beat the gold rush! Available on our Celebrate tour starting next Thursday. Tangible and portable! #CDs #compactdisc #discman #carstereo #horsepower #pegasus #guyd #fandango #buffalo #tomslunch #nzmusic #nzso #thekrisk #christmasinjuly #christchurch #auckland #wellington #dunedin #delorean #tobymorris @ Auckland Town Hall
The Phoenix Foundation Jul 26, 2018
There is precisely one week to go until our 'Celebrate' tour starts in Wellington with the NZSO. Are you coming? It starts at 7.30 so better get an early dinner, where ya gonna eat? 1154? Taste Of Home? Maccas? Tommy Millions? A bag of Dorritos in the car on the way into town after a difficult time handing the kids off to the babysitter? These are the things I worry about. xx Sam
The Phoenix Foundation Jul 24, 2018
Evolution Did video shoot or the ghost of Christmas future? #darwin #santa