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Give Up Your Dreams
Merry Kriskmass
Happy Ending
Horse Power
The Phoenix Foundation Jul 16, 2019
Some fully sick shit.
The Phoenix Foundation Jul 10, 2019
Spotted @slowboatrecords ahh the memories
The Phoenix Foundation May 23, 2019
Wellingtron. Luke is on the Space Couch tonight. He is afraid. Maybe you should come down and see a scaredy cat!??!
The Phoenix Foundation May 22, 2019
Friends, this is important; Disasteradio & Eyeliner fun fan zone wants to eat this 100 year old fruit cake. A truer patriot there never was. Please sign!
The Phoenix Foundation May 18, 2019
WELLINGTON! Luke and Toms “bit on the side” band playing tonight. Come down. Cool line up. TEETH Motte BIG FLIP THE MASSIVE Caroline
The Phoenix Foundation May 16, 2019
Luke talks about himself (his favourite subject) ahead of this Saturday's epic line up with his and Tom's "other" band TEETH, Motte and BIG FLIP THE MASSIVE at Caroline:
The Phoenix Foundation May 11, 2019
Samuel singing "Singing In My Sleep" by the good ole The Chills with the help of good ole Fazerdaze and good ole Uncle Rob Scott (Sam's Uncle, bass player for Kendall Elise).
The Phoenix Foundation Apr 22, 2019
Big band
The Phoenix Foundation Apr 16, 2019
Auckland!!!! Stop talking about the property ladder for a moment and experience the majestic sound of the Lawrence Arabia 7 piece Arkestra. The Wellington show was SICK.
The Phoenix Foundation Apr 03, 2019
LUKE BUDA has a very natural conversation with Lawrence Arabia about his album and upcoming tour. Go see Lawrence everybody!!!
The Phoenix Foundation Mar 30, 2019
Wellington turning it on today. Barista opera. Chris checking out the new Lawrence Arabia album. Sam falling in love with a lute-like guitar made by Simka in the 70s (that guitar is amazing, want so bad).trippy cake. Fresh hops going in the tank @garageproject. Mean Bones were great. The grass is greener. Time to move gear to the opera house! See you at 8! @ Wellington, New Zealand
The Phoenix Foundation Mar 29, 2019
If you’re finding the CubaDupa timetable intimidating to look at, here’s a simplified version. See you at the Opera House at 8!
The Phoenix Foundation Mar 28, 2019
The Opera House this Saturday at 8. Free! Get in the building! We will Be fully pumped after watching @alienweaponry do their thing. Should be fun as all heck.
The Phoenix Foundation Mar 27, 2019
Our Cuba Dupa show this saturday evening is still going ahead, albeit in the bloody OPERA HOUSE! This is a venue we have loved playing in the past and now you can us there for free. Keep up to date through CubaDupa, I'm sure they are scrambling to make everything work for this weekend in the wake of the hideous attack on our NZ Muslim family and all credit to them for finding a way to keep the music going. Love to you all. XXX
The Phoenix Foundation Mar 25, 2019
RIP Scott Walker.
The Phoenix Foundation Mar 15, 2019
Hard to accept reality today. Love to everyone.
The Phoenix Foundation Mar 05, 2019
Tub thumper Chris mouths Steve Reich.
The Phoenix Foundation Feb 10, 2019
The Phoenix Foundation
The Phoenix Foundation Feb 10, 2019
The Phoenix Foundation's cover photo
The Phoenix Foundation Feb 10, 2019
Old mate Rrrrrrrrricky Boyd (Boomshack, Connan Mockasin etc) is putting on a beer and music festival. It's just the right size with just the right breweries in just the right spot! Catch ya there!
The Phoenix Foundation Jan 29, 2019
Samuel writes...
The Phoenix Foundation Jan 22, 2019
Watch Sam have a full blown guitar wig out backed up by Lips.
The Phoenix Foundation Dec 15, 2018
If you’re looking for a phresh take on some old Christmas classics, look no further. Perfect for your work do, your folks house, the shop, cafe, as a bbq reggae substitute etc. MERRY KRAUTMAS!
The Phoenix Foundation Dec 07, 2018
These guys!! Merry Krautmas one and all. Xx
The Phoenix Foundation Dec 06, 2018
The wait is over, all your Christmases have come at once! Listen to Moniker (Sam/Luke/Con) cover Xmas classics in the style of the greatest German musical innovators of the 1970s. It's fckn fun.