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The Other
TheOther Dec 11, 2018
's cover photo
TheOther Dec 06, 2018
It's that time of the year again!
TheOther Nov 30, 2018
All this and more: "Undead, Unmasked & Unplugged" February 9th, Pitcher - Rock'n'Roll Headquarter Düsseldorf.
TheOther Nov 22, 2018
Hell Nights on Halloween 2018. Danke Zerosusi
TheOther Oct 31, 2018
Happy Halloween, folks. Hope this song makes your Halloween playlist! What other songs (not only by The Other) need to be played at every Halloween Party?
TheOther Oct 30, 2018
I remember Halloween... One of Germany's biggest nationwide newspapers wrote about us a while ago and now published the article again for Halloween...
TheOther Oct 30, 2018
The season is here! There is magic in the night, when pumpkins glow by moonlight. The Other live: 31.10.18 Köln - Helios37 (sold out) 02.11.18 Wittmund - Jugendhaus 03.11.18 Osnabrück - Bastard Club
TheOther Oct 27, 2018
It was an honour meeting you twice in Los Angeles. Thank you for your music that will live on. Rest in peace, Mr. Todd Youth (DANZIG, Son of Sam, Warzone, Youth of today).
TheOther Oct 27, 2018
TheOther Oct 26, 2018
The Halloween season is here. Show us you favorite costume from past years. Post pics!
TheOther Oct 17, 2018
Wow, we hadn't noticed but our "Dreaming of the Devil" videoclip is now only a few views from 100.000. THANK YOU! Check if out if you haven't already or watch again please. And it seems that you missed a lot of the more recent videos, too (End of Days, Dead.And.Gone, She's a Ghost, What it's like to be a monster, Morgen ohne Grauen, Party at crystal lake...). Check 'em out!!!
TheOther Oct 16, 2018
Moscow, Club Glastonberry, Sept. 14ht, 2018.
TheOther Oct 08, 2018
's cover photo
TheOther Oct 04, 2018
All infos about our show and all other acts at the Autumn Moon Festival 2018 in Hameln on October the 13th.
TheOther Oct 01, 2018
Forgot my pomade but remembered to bring beer: Here's an interview in German that was very nice to do. Plus, you can look into our rehearsal room. Have fun, Rod
TheOther Oct 01, 2018
NEW STUFF - Prepare for Halloween: Our very last FOUR (!!!) limited Coffin Box-Sets are available in our online-store, plus the last of our "Undead Army" Backpatches. NEW: Soft Emaille Pins with the Coffin-Case Coverartwork in white or green. High Quality stuff for your leather- or jeans-jacket. Backpatch AND Pin will make you look like a real Halloween-monster!
TheOther Sep 28, 2018
The posters are on the walls all over Cologne & Bonn, just when you are notified that the show is SOLD-OUT already :-(
TheOther Sep 18, 2018
The dream and nightmare that was our trip to Russia: We played two AMAZING shows and had such lovely and energetic people at the gigs in St. Petersburg and Moscow. THANK YOU! We saw Lenin, had some nice drinks and a lot of fun with friends old and new. That was the dream part... Now to the nightmare: We missed our flight on the way back. Due to some miscommunication, the WORST traffic jam in the world in Moscow, the total imcompetence and lack of organisation skills and help of the Russian authorities at the aiport, the rude chinese people that skip lines everywhere and - worst of all - the total ignorance of the Aeroflot Airlines at the gate (Only one Aeroflot lady was our only help and really lovely. Thank you.). We arrived after running through the whole airport all sweaty at the gate 2 (!!) minutes after offical boarding was over and still 18 minutes before official take-off and weren't allowed on board anymore. They had JUST closed the door. So we had to buy new tickets and instead of going to Düsseldorf we had to go to Frankfurt. But before that we had to LEAVE the transit zone again, enter Russia again (with visa problems of course) pick up our luggage and go through the whole procedure one more time. Once in Frankfurt we had to take the train from Frankfurt airport to Düsseldorf airport and get our car. 14 hours of traveling, 1.570 Euros extra for tickets for new flights and train, arriving at 2am at home today. A true and very expansive nightmare. Ours shows were a lot of fun though and the other bands really cool and sightseeing a pleasure!
TheOther Sep 13, 2018
"Hello, my name is Rod Usher and I would like to talk to you about our saviour.... Uuups....about our upcoming shows. We are heading over to Russia now and will be on stage at Club Zoccolo in St. Petersburg tomorror and at Glastonberry Club in Moscow on sunday! I really can't wait because the last time in Russia was simply incredible from start to finish. So glad our great booker Tatiana Ilicheva is bringing us over again. I promise to take a lot of pics! Also: Tickets for our Hell Nights on Halloween show are going fast!!!! You NEED to order your ticket now to be part of our 16. Halloween show in Cologne with our buddies Bloodsucking Zombies from outer Space und The Crimson Ghosts. It's a fucking tradition and people from everywhere show up, so you do NOT want to miss this. This time we will have a great Hell Nights themed after-show-party, too. We will also be at Autumn Moon Festival in Hameln (where the pied piper is from) for the first time ever (13.10.), in Wittmund at the Northsee for the first time (2.11.) and at one of the cooles clubs in the world - the Bastard Club in Osnabrück (3.11.) for the third time. What a way to end this year. I hope I'll see a lot of you at the gigs. From Russia with love, Rod Usher" Pic by from RUHRPOTT RODEO
TheOther Sep 07, 2018
This just in: We are VERY happy to say that our current album "Casket Case" was so successful, that our label Drakkar Entertainment decided to extend and expand our contract and will release our next studio-album in - hopefully - 2019!!! This calls for a few beers tonight. Btw. It's our bassist Chris' birthday tomorrow. What a present. (Picture from our initial contract-signing last year). See us live in Russia, KÖLN on Halloween, Wittmund and Osnabrück soon!
TheOther Sep 07, 2018
RUSSIA! Rod Usher has a messsage for you in this video. See you next week in St. Petersburg and Moscow.
TheOther Sep 07, 2018
's cover photo
TheOther Aug 30, 2018
Two weeks and we're heading over to St. Petersburg (Sept. 14th) and Moscow (Sept. 16th). Here's a little trailer video for our Moscow show with some cool support band! Can't wait.
TheOther Aug 23, 2018
Two reviews about our show with Danzig. Thank you! "...Doch bevor DANZIG in aller Erhabenheit die Bühne des E-Werks entert und der schwitzenden Meute einheizt, sorgen erst einmal die Jungs von THE OTHER für kleinere und größere Appetitanreger. Die Horror-Punker um Rod Usher haben schließlich auch schon sieben Alben auf der Habenseite und wissen, wie man die Menge begeistert. Coole Kostüme, viele Chöre und allerlei Ohrwürmer werfen die NRW'ler ihrem E-Werk vor die Flinte. Songs wie 'Tarantula' und 'We All Bleed Red' machen nicht nur Spaß und Laune, sondern gehen auch wunderbar ins Ohr und sorgen für kurzweilige, große Unterhaltung. THE OTHER wird der Rolle des Support-Acts auf alle Fälle gerecht, denn das Publikum lockert auf, lässt sich zu viel Applaus hinreißen und dürfte einige THE OTHER-Anhänger nach diesem Abend mehr haben. Abschließend sorgt der Kauf des aktuellen Albums "Casket Case" für mein persönliches Geschenk von mir an mich und führt zu meinem Statement an einen Kollegen, dass die Jungs heute alles richtig gemacht haben." from "Einen kleinen Heimvorteil hatten The Other und so war das E-Werk zu Beginn ihrer Show trotz der hohen Temperaturen schon ordentlich gefüllt. Es gab ein bisschen Bühnendeko und der Sound war auch ok. Da die gesamte Band an den Backing Vocals beteiligt war, hielt sich der Bewegungsradius in Grenzen*. Dafür gab es mit den Kostümierungen aber was fürs Auge und auch das Songmaterial wusste zu überzeugen. Bei vielen der Songs gab es schöne Mitsingchöre und Sänger Rod Usher gelang es immer wieder das Publikum zum Mitmachen zu animieren. Ein gelungener Auftritt, der Lust auf Mehr gemacht hat. Wer Lust auf eine gute Portion Horror Punk / Metal hat, bekommt die Chance dazu bei den traditionellen Hell Nights, die 2018 am 31. Oktober im Helios 37 in Köln stattfinden." Von: *Kleine Anmerkung: Wir mussten natürlich vor der Hauptband aufbauen, daher gab es auch Platzeinschränkungen.
TheOther Aug 23, 2018
Stuff that our dear friends and fiends from all over the world sent in. We love to see what YOU can do!