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Casket Case
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We Are Who We Eat
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The Other
The Other with Abdomen (NL) at Poppodium Grenswerk (May 11, 2019)
Venue: Poppodium Grenswerk (Venlo, Netherlands) Find tickets
The Other at Lux (June 14, 2019)
Venue: Lux (Hannover, Germany) Find tickets
TheOther Apr 08, 2019
Lokschuppen Bielefeld, 05.04.2019
TheOther Apr 05, 2019
TheOther Apr 04, 2019
One more day until we haunt Bielefeld again. Tomorrow at Lokschuppen with Rampires and the regular "Schwarzer Freitag" Goth-Party. Concert and party for only 10 EURO. Can you believe that? If you want to kill time until then, listen to 2,25 hours of Sex, booze and Rock n Roll-talk with our singer Rod Usher in the "Radio Plapperpop" Podcast.
TheOther Apr 02, 2019
And your favourite is?! Some are available here:
TheOther Apr 02, 2019
New Patches in our online-store + the last of the new SKULL SHIRTS and zipper hoodies. These are going fast and won't be available at shows. Get 'em now! We ship worldwide.
TheOther Mar 27, 2019
Today already online and next week on TV on "NRWision". Here is the first part of our exclusive TV-Live concert! See it HERE!!!! And let us know what you think. Sharing is caring!
TheOther Mar 21, 2019
Our new merch is online! The "Skull" design is available as Men's shirt (Gildan Softstyle), Lady's extralong tanktop and unisex zipper-hoodie with front- and backprint (Fruit of the Loom). If you want the hoodie, be quick there are only a few left. WE SHIP WORLDWIDE. Change language by changing the flag in the upper right corner.
TheOther Mar 13, 2019
The Horror Punk documentary! With members of The Other, Bloodsucking Zombies, The Crimson Ghosts and Jamey Rottencorpse. Proud to be part of this genre and to have friends in it from the beginning. As Richy (Dead Gein) said: "Horrorpunk is undead"!
TheOther Mar 12, 2019
Tomorrow, Krachmucker TV will take one hour to look back at the Horrorpunk genre and especially the Fiendforce Records era. Even you fiends who don't speak German might appreciate seeing live-footage and some of the protagonists of the scene! Highly recommended.
TheOther Mar 08, 2019
A first look at our TV-special. The first part of the recorded concert will air on March 18th! Here are some scenes from it and an interview in German!
TheOther Mar 06, 2019
The Other wünschen euch alles Gute zum Ushermittwoch! Hier wird nicht gefastet!
TheOther Mar 03, 2019
After recording a great version of "Lovesick Mind", this great guy now did an acoustic cover of "Dead.And.Gone". We are honoured. Check this out.
TheOther Feb 26, 2019
Live 2019
TheOther Feb 22, 2019
Liebe Freunde, Chris Cranium ist aus der Band ausgeschieden, unser alter Freund "Scarecrow" Aaron Torn übernimmt aktuell die Position an den vier Saiten, die er schon einige Jahre zuvor innehatte. Chris, wir möchten dir für alles danken, besonders für deinen Enthusiasmus und dein Engagement in zahlreichen Bandangelegenheiten. Wir wünschen dir viel Glück mit deiner Band Skum und allem, was in Zukunft noch kommt. Von Wacken bis Moskau…wir haben einige schöne gemeinsame Erinnerungen! Ein Willkommen zurück an Aaron. Toll, dass du so kurzfristig dabei bist! DANKE. Am Samstag, den 23.2.19 stehen wir dann erstmals seit dem 31.3.2016 wieder gemeinsam auf der Bühne.
TheOther Feb 19, 2019
New stuff at our next shows. Zipper Hoodie with front and back print, LONG Girlie Tanktop (fair trade), men's shirt (Gildan softstyle), new patches (logo and classic monsters)... 23.03.19 Bielefeld Exklusives Fernsehkonzert! Letzte 6 tickets hier: 05.04.19 Bielefeld - Lokschuppen 11.5.19 Venlo - Grenswerk 14.09.19 Hannover - Lux 02.11.19 Wittmund - JZ
TheOther Feb 13, 2019
It was a wild night with some strange people performing as us...
TheOther Feb 13, 2019
So we had a little fun during our unplugged gig last saturday in an intimate sold-out club ("Pitcher") in Düsseldorf! This was one of five covertunes we played.
TheOther Feb 08, 2019
All of you attending our unplugged show tomorrow will receive a FREE lyrics book with the lyrics to all the songs we play (except the covertsongs of course) during the show. Why? Because we love you and we want you to sing along!!!! The printed book is limited to 150 numbered copies and includes a page for each bandmember that we will sign if you want! Bring a golden, white or silver pen! Along with the The Other watch, the The Other sunglasses and the The Other beltbuckle, this could be the most exklusive and limited item we have ever released. RAISE YOUR VOICES TOMORROW!
TheOther Feb 06, 2019
New Shirts! Available in february at our shows and from march on in our online store. First time ever: Girl's long tank (fair trade) and zipper hoddie with front and back print. Of course we have regular men's shirts (Gildan softstyle). Get 'em while they last.
TheOther Feb 05, 2019
Die letzten 8 Tickets für unser exklusives TV Konzert erhältlich! Und das auch nur, weil ein paar merkwürdige Menschen ihre bestellten Karten nicht bezahlt haben. Die letzte Chance noch Tickets für die exklusive Fernsehshow zu kriegen. Schnell sein und doch noch dabei sein!!!!!
TheOther Jan 30, 2019
's cover photo
TheOther Jan 29, 2019
's cover photo
TheOther Jan 28, 2019
Bielefeld in February AND April. Don't let people tell that city does not exist! :-)
TheOther Jan 14, 2019
Wieder Tickets für unser exklusives TV Konzert erhältlich! Weil wieder Leute ihre bestellten Karten nicht rechtzeitig bezahlt haben, geht dieses Kontingent wieder in den Verkauf. Schnell sein und doch noch dabei sein!!!!!
TheOther Jan 04, 2019
Thank you Lindsay Finger for the pic of your new tattoo. And thanks again Balázs Gróf for the design for our "What it's like to be a monster"-videoclip. See the heart in action here: