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Casket Case
The Place to Bleed
We Are Who We Eat
They're Alive!
The Awakening of the Owl
Fear Itself
The Other
The Other with Holy Madness at Rattenloch (September 7, 2019)
Venue: Rattenloch (Schwerte, Germany) Find tickets
The Other at Lux (September 14, 2019)
Venue: Lux (Hannover, Germany) Find tickets
The Other with Hellgreaser at Café Central (October 5, 2019)
Venue: Café Central (Weinheim, Germany) Find tickets
The Other with Fliehende Stürme and The Bloodstrings at Carlswerk Victoria (October 31, 2019)
Venue: Carlswerk Victoria (Cologne, Germany) Find tickets
The Other at Jung-Lü-Huus (November 2, 2019)
Venue: Jung-Lü-Huus (Wittmund, Germany) Find tickets
TheOther Aug 13, 2019
Live 2019
TheOther Aug 09, 2019
Our LIVE-ON-TV Concert is finally on our Youtube-Site. All 24 Songs, filmed live in an exclusive and intimate setting in front of 120 people (sold out in two days). This was aired in March 2019 on NRWision for 4 Mio. viewers and now you can (and hopefully will) see it, whenever you want. Enjoy and please share. Thank you to everyone who made this such a special night!
TheOther Aug 07, 2019
Halloween ist schneller da, als ihr denkt! Also sichert euch bitte jetzt eure Karten für unsere unfassbare jährliche Show in Köln! Sie ist jedes Jahr ausverkauft, also ran. - Top-Line up mit u.a. den legendären Goth-Punks Fliehende Stürme, der sexy Misfits Coverband The Die Die Darlings und den arschtretenden The Bloodstrings. - Hell Nights Aftershow-Party mit DJ-Kämpfer. - Kostümcontest mit einen fetten Gutschein von Horrorklinik und diversen Freibier als Preis für den Sieger. - Doppelt-Location: Industriehalle Carlswerk Victoria für die Show, Club Volta nebenan für die Party. Mit Biergarten! Tickets für kleines Geld:
TheOther Aug 05, 2019
Another song from our unplugged gig in Düsseldorf this february. This one is "Ewigkeit" from "The Devils you know". We have never ever played this one live before but we feel that this acoustic version really works well. Plus, we radically changed the middle part and replaced our original with a little hommage to a metal band from Florida. Can you guess which one?❄️🌎
TheOther Jul 24, 2019
Who's coming to see us (and all the other great bands) on friday? We're on at 17.50 / 5.50pm. There will be free water available due to the heat. And you will get soaked by a waterhose from the crew in front of the stage if you want :-)
TheOther Jul 11, 2019
Thank you Flo Fü!!!
TheOther Jul 10, 2019
The Other's Rod Usher in the great German podast BANDLEBEN (by Jan from Pyogenesis and Johnny Deathshadow)
TheOther Jul 04, 2019
Remember this? We start at about Minute 41. For those abroad: These two TV hosts are among the most popular in Germany and we were very honoured to be part of this show.
TheOther Jul 02, 2019
TheOther's cover photo
TheOther Jun 28, 2019
#unpluggedfriday with our acoustic version of "Puppet on a String"! Hope you like it even with some mistakes... Remember we have some LOUD shows coming up. Don't forget to get our tickets for our legendary Halloween Show in Cologne before it's sold-out!!
TheOther Jun 14, 2019
Hell yeah! It's #unpluggedfriday with our live/unmasked/acoustic version of "Hell is a place on Earth" from our "The Devils you know" album. So, how do you like the unplugged songs we have put up so far?
TheOther Jun 11, 2019
Tickets are going fast, fiends! Get 'em now and be part of the most special Horror Punk Night of the year. The event that is the most important for the scene in Germany/Europe. Tickets here:
TheOther Jun 07, 2019
It's #unpluggedfriday and the weekend is almost upon us. The Other's singer Rod Usher will be DJing at Rock Hard Festival this year (with bands like Anthrax, Cannibal Corpse, Gamma Ray etc. appearing) but before his enthusiastic headbanging tonight, you can see him and the boys in this clip with the unplugged live-version of "End of Days". You comments would be much appreciated.
TheOther May 31, 2019
#unpluggedfriday starts with our acoustic version of "Transylvania" from our "New Blood" album. Hope you like it. We stole the beginning from another band. Can you tell which one?
TheOther May 28, 2019
Our LIVE ON TV exclusive show is online in full: Part 1: Part 2: Like what you see and want to experience the biggest Halloween Horror Punk event in the world with us? Check:
TheOther May 24, 2019
It's #unpluggedfriday with our live version of a cult classic. Who else is from Planet Transylvania?
TheOther May 24, 2019
When 3 of 4 wear a KISS shirt by chance and one feels left out.... Celebrating our great talks with our label Drakkar Entertainment and our new booking-agency Rodeostar Records in Hamburg. What a night!
TheOther May 17, 2019
Something special for the weekend. A live-video of our unplugged cover of Punk-legends DIE ÄRZTE and their song DEIN VAMPYR! The original was sung by drummer/singer Bela B who is a Horror Fan and The Other supporter until this day. He took us on his solo-tour in 2006 and we were able to play in front of 2.000 people per night. Die Ärzte are on a sold-out tour through Europe right now after taking a break quite a few years. This goes out to them!
TheOther May 06, 2019
An interview with Underground Navigator featuring Rod and Ben. Pretty funny at times. In German.
TheOther May 03, 2019
The second part of our exclusive live-concert is now online: This part will be on TV (channel: NRWision) from next week on. You can still find the first part here:
TheOther May 03, 2019
The Other live 11.05.19 NL-Venlo - Grenswerk (with Clan of Xymox) 26.07.19 Essen - Nord Open Air (with The Adicts, Madball, Slapshot etc.) 07.09.19 Schwerte - Rattenloch 14.09.19 Hannover - LUX 05.10.19 Weinheim - Café Central 31.10.19 Köln - Carlswerk Victoria (with Fliehende Stürme and more) 02.11.19 Wittmund - Jung Lü Huus 21.12.19 Bremen - Tivoli
TheOther Apr 25, 2019
Nice new festival-confirmation for July! What can it be???? Your guess in the comments, please! :-) We will let you know next week. Can't wait till July to see us again? We play Venlo (NL) on May 11th with clan of xymox!!!
TheOther Apr 08, 2019
Lokschuppen Bielefeld, 05.04.2019
TheOther Apr 05, 2019
TheOther Apr 04, 2019
One more day until we haunt Bielefeld again. Tomorrow at Lokschuppen with Rampires and the regular "Schwarzer Freitag" Goth-Party. Concert and party for only 10 EURO. Can you believe that? If you want to kill time until then, listen to 2,25 hours of Sex, booze and Rock n Roll-talk with our singer Rod Usher in the "Radio Plapperpop" Podcast.