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No Sounds Are out of Bounds (Deluxe)
No Sounds Are out of Bounds
The Cow Remixes - Sin In Space, Pt. 3
The Orb Chronicles (20 years of Shitkatapult)
COW / Chill Out, World!
Moonbuilding 2703 AD
History of the Future, Pt. 2
Orbserving the Star House In Dub (feat. Lee Scratch Perry)
More Tales from the Orbservatory
History of the Future
More Tales from the Orbservatory (feat. Lee "Scratch" Perry)
Orbserving the Star House in Dub
The Orbserver In the Star House (feat. Lee "Scratch" Perry)
Soulman (feat. Lee "Scratch" Perry) [Remixes]
C Batter C
C Batter C
Metallic Spheres (feat. David Gilmour)
DDD (Dirty Disco Dub) Remixes
Baghdad Batteries (Orbsessions Volume 3)
The Dream
Orbvs Terrarvm (Remastered)
Vuja De (Remixes)
The BBC Sessions 1989-2001
Pomme Fritz (Remastered)
Orbsessions Volume 2
Okie Dokie It's The Orb On Kompakt
Okie Dokie It's the Orb On Kompakt
U.F.Off: The Best of the Orb
U.F.OFF: The Best of the Orb
Orbus Terrarum
Pomme Fritz
Live 93
The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld
The Orb at The Lemon Tree (April 27, 2019)
Venue: The Lemon Tree (Aberdeen, UK) Find tickets
The Orb at Chinnerys (May 10, 2019)
Venue: Chinnerys (Southend, UK) Find tickets
Beat-Herder Beat-Herder 2019
Venue: Beat-herder (Clitheroe, UK) Find tickets
The Orb Apr 17, 2019
#RadioOrb is 🔴 LIVE 🔴 🚀 Or search “WNBC London” on your TuneIn Radio app.
The Orb Apr 04, 2019
A special pop-up event kicking off in a few weeks you should know about. If you're in the area, we'd love to see you! DJ sets by Alex Paterson, Martin 'Youth' Glover, Steve Hillage, GAUDI, Mixmaster Morris and more! Details: From Liquid Sound Design & Dragonfly Records
The Orb Mar 18, 2019
Exciting news! We'll be bringing our 30th Anniversary Tour to headline Readipop Festival 2019! July 12-14 :: Let's kick it together this summer in Reading 🚀
The Orb Mar 15, 2019
Only a few fluffy tickets left for our 30th Anniversary Tour, and we want to see you there! Hurry, these shows will sell out! 🚀 Tickets ::
The Orb Feb 28, 2019
Catch Dr Alex Paterson playing one of his famous DJ sets at this years The Beat-Herder Festival... along with a stacked lineup of talented artists! July 12-14 in Lancashire. Tix & details:
The Orb Feb 26, 2019
After selling out every show, we've added 20 new dates for our 30th Anniversary tour! Tickets for the first dates sold out fast, we can’t wait to be on the road for this! And much more on the horizon! ... a message from Alex Paterson: "Hi & there’s more to come in this our anniversary year of the orb . 5 unreleased versions of star 6&789 , outlands , into the forth dimension, towers of dub & blueroom .... There’s tea shirts being made up for the tour of limited classic teas , ie fluff & orb usa 1st tour in 91 ... and made to order orb bus stop & Blue Orb glass orbs .... & much more !! Rejoining the orb this summer we have the delightful MR . With deep visuals on films & projectors. Coming to a town near you ! We are going back to our roots & thanking everyone along the way ! Orb fest rocked & thank you for all the support around the globe ... from Argentina to Aberdeen! It’s been a gas ! 30 years ! Wow what a ride // still on the trans lunar injection burn 🚀”
The Orb Feb 18, 2019
Presenting a special podcast from Re-Textured featuring Dr. Alex Paterson. New music & new mixes sure to get you ready for next months events in London. Details:
The Orb Feb 13, 2019
We're excited to be playing at this years Bearded Theory's Spring Gathering. So many amazing artists playing this fest, we hope to see you there!! May 23-26 Catton Hall, Derbyshire. Details ::
The Orb Feb 04, 2019
Very excited to be a part of this years Readipop Festival! Tickets & details here:
The Orb Feb 01, 2019
RIP to a good old friend, Pete Boyce. a once in a life time friend . I Will miss the music , books & footy banter . Always up for a bass line & down with the grooves . A true gentleman & a legend . The photo is from January 2014 in Sydney with the orb / rest easy fella xx Newcastle’s finest ☺ ahway the lads 🏐🏐🏐🍺 - LX
The Orb Jan 16, 2019
Extra dates for our 2019 tour now added! TICKETS:
The Orb Jan 16, 2019
Due to phenomenal demand, we have added new dates in Tunbridge Wells, Guildford and Birmingham! Tickets for the first dates sold out so quickly, we're excited to come and see you all. On sale Friday 18th January at 10am. Tickets available here:
The Orb Jan 16, 2019
#RadioOrb with Dr Alex Paterson is LIVE ! Unheard Andy Hughes mixes and the original Towers Of Dub sessions.
The Orb Jan 10, 2019
Announcing two shows in Russia! Join us March 22 & 23 for shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg. 🇷🇺 Tickets and details here:
The Orb Jan 04, 2019
Tickets for part 2 of our 30th Anniversary tour are flying out. Our shows in Leeds, Manchester, Guildford, Tunbridge Wells, Birmingham and Glasgow are all now sold out. Limited tickets remain for Oxford, Nottingham and Aberdeen. Remaining tickets here:
The Orb Jan 04, 2019
's cover photo
The Orb Jan 03, 2019
Happy New Year! 2019 news from the Ultraworld: Continuing the journey of the 30th anniversary. Tix: A book “Babble On“. An early history of Alex’s up bringing .... With kris needs . The untold version of Killing Joke: Official in 1979 ... WBLS / 92KTU / 98.7kissFM . Bloodsport / & 1st john peel session.... Looking to release Chocolate Hills & OSS - The Orb Sound System this year & write a new orb album in NC .... Thanks to everyone who attended the gigs in 2018 . You all made it special for Michael & myself . USA rocked !! the orb full band will be in full affection in the summer . Thank you Roger Eno (Official) & Martin 'Youth' Glover . Amazingly funky visuals by deep visuals , thanks for all the brilliant films for 2018/19 . Thank you nick burton for playing in Brighton live , most excellent night in October. Thank you to album artwork Simon G ! Live long & prosper 👍🏽. Big up to the tour managers in 2018 , Heinz , Trigger , gary & Sarah b . We wouldn’t have done it all without you ! Big shout out to Dan on managing social media, & keeping it real with mike Andrews . Happy new boar 🐗 year too ! Reunions forever ! Best gig ... loads ! Round house or blue dot 🔵... Start growing ... Coming soon 29 more orb tunes etc for 2019 New mixes // outlands // into the 4th dimension // star 6&789 // Apollo 11 // 30 glass orbs blown by myself & lex Sharp// bus stop // teas // ....... Disc Jockeys King michael , Dj Dadaist , DJ Food , paul water buoy , DF Tram , meta marco , Jono Podmore, mighty joe black , youth , Sherman @ the controls , Uncle Al ,Pete W , Tony Thorpe & mix master morris. Vinyl front ear , dub rebels on patrol . Robin the frog , chocolate milk .... book & record bar . SnoreWood Studio , Roslyn chapel , Paisley & fil always & always “ are we there yet “ .... remember, you only find yourself , within yourself .... -LX
The Orb Dec 25, 2018
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 🎄✨ This clip was taken from the “Connected” concert, an idea of the Argentinina DJ Hernan Cattaneo. It was performed at the Colon Theater in Buenos Aires in a show that united a symphonic orchestra of 70 musicians with electronic music. Our friend Leandro Fresco was the bridge connecting The Orb and Hernán. Enjoy!!
The Orb Dec 20, 2018
TOUR DATES!! Coming off a massive US tour, we're excited for a ride around the UK in celebration of our 30th anniversary! We'll be performing an all new greatest hits set, can't wait to see you there! Tickets on sale Friday 10am. TICKETS: #Leeds - #Manchester - #Oxford - #Guildford - #Nottingham - #TunbridgeWells - #Birmingham - #Glasgow - #Aberdeen
The Orb Dec 19, 2018
#RadioOrb is LIVE with Dr Alex Paterson. New mixes of Outlands, Into The Fourth Dimension and Star 6 & 789. Tune in, drop out. Listen: Photo: Trans Central ‘88
The Orb Dec 11, 2018
Join us at this years inaugural Re-Textured festival, March 28 to March 31, 2019, taking place in various industrial buildings throughout London. We join a list of exceptional talent for whats sure to be an exciting four days! 🚀
The Orb Nov 09, 2018
We're winding our way through the USA... next stop, #Chicago this Saturday night!! We're play at Metro and would love to see you there as we play though 30 yrs of Orb tracks and new music from "No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds". See you there!! 🚀 👽 Tix:
The Orb Nov 08, 2018
Phoenix!! We're touching down with space sounds TOMORROW at The Pressroom !! Join us as we look back at 30 years of Orb music along with new tracks from “No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds”. Tix:
The Orb Nov 06, 2018
Denver!! We're excited to be touching down this Thursday! A few tickets left, check us out at Marquis Theatre. Tickets:
The Orb Nov 03, 2018
Philadelphia!! We're touching down with space sounds THIS SUNDAY at The Ardmore Music Hall! Playing some of our greatest hits from the last 30 years and some new tracks off "No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds". Lots of new merch too, see you there!! 🚀 TIX: