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Letters Kept to Ourselves
The Native Sibling Jun 21, 2019
Our new song is out today! We wrote it in Seattle on one of the rare snowy days. Sitting by the window, taking in those little fleeting moments. #thenativesibling #musicfamily #newmusic
The Native Sibling Jun 19, 2019
Hello! We are excited to have a new song coming your way Friday!! Pre-save link in our Volvo ...I mean bio. #musicfamily #thenativesibling #volvo #spotify #applemusicplaylist #seattle #newmusic
The Native Sibling Jun 15, 2019
Kicking off the weekend with a new live take of our song How to Win. Filmed in Seattle by Andrew Shephard.
The Native Sibling Jun 07, 2019
We have a new song “Cover White” coming out on Friday the 21st! It was written on one of those rare snowy Seattle days. Make sure you get a first listen with this pre-save link. Photo: Michael Porter
The Native Sibling May 30, 2019
Here's a live take of our new song Wake Up! Just the two of us and a guitar. Filmed by our friend Andrew Shepherd in Seattle.
The Native Sibling May 21, 2019
We made an extensive playlist of our favorite songs for those moody and introspective times. It kicks of with a little band you might recognize and dives into our greatest inspirations. You can find it on our Spotify page. Hope you enjoy.
The Native Sibling May 13, 2019
Vereda brought us both into this world and for that and countless other things we are forever grateful! Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there.
The Native Sibling Apr 29, 2019
Thank you to everyone who listened to and shared our new song. One of the most rewarding parts of songwriting is seeing people interact and connect with the song. That feeling is never lost on us. Link in bio if you wanna listen again, or for the first time. #folkyeah #duomusic #thenativesibling #harmonium
The Native Sibling Apr 26, 2019
Our new song is out today! This song was written as a reminder to ourselves that no matter what’s going in our lives we have each other. Our friends. Our family. Our community. Big thank you for following, listening to these songs and supporting this journey we call a band. #wakeup #newmusic #newmusicfriday #thenativesibling #singersongwriter #duo #brother #sister #harmonium
The Native Sibling Apr 25, 2019
Our new song “Wake Up” out tomorrow! Stay tuned. #thenativesibling #singersongwriter #duomusic #spotify #applemusic
The Native Sibling Apr 23, 2019
We have a new song coming your way on Friday! All of our songs have to pass a sound test in this 1990 Volvo. Check. #newmusic #singersongwriter #thenativesibling #volvo #spotify #applemusicplaylist
The Native Sibling Jan 10, 2019
It’s amazing to us where music can take you. Sitting here realizing how many places we have gone and friends we’ve made over the last few years. Very grateful for this experience so far. Here’s a memory from a hunting cabin in Oklahoma. Writing songs and catching fish one morning with Jacob McCoy.
The Native Sibling Dec 14, 2018
Our new song “You Would” is out today! Sometimes it’s the songs that take the longest to write that end up being your favorite. Also our favorite album cover to date by Kevin Tudball. Listen here: Big thank you Daniel Mendez, Bill Delia, Michael Tarabay, and Ed Brooks for bringing this song to life.
The Native Sibling Dec 10, 2018
We are going to send off the year by releasing a new song this Friday! It’s called “You Would” and is one of our favorite songs to sing. Originally one of Kaylee’s creations, it started to take shape while we were in Austin making our record. We sat at the piano for hours, going back and forth, trying all sorts of ideas. Eventually we landed on a piece of music that feels like the perfect accompaniment to the mood of the lyrics. Hope you enjoy it! Photo by Ben Blood Photography
The Native Sibling Dec 09, 2018
Thank you for hanging with us for another year! We were busy working behind the scenes this year and appreciate you for being patient with us. It always takes longer than we anticipate to get things right. 2019 is gonna be the year we release a ton of new songs. Looking forward to filling your ears with new tunes. We still have one more surprise for 2018 that we’ll announce Monday! Cheers!
The Native Sibling Nov 23, 2018
The Native Sibling Nov 20, 2018
Thank you to The Vinyl District for the kind words on 'How to Win'. Take a listen below if you haven't already.
The Native Sibling Nov 16, 2018
Our cover of "Dreams" by The Cranberries is out today! We first played this song in memory of Dolores at a show earlier this year and it’s been with us ever since. They have been a huge influence on our vocal blend and harmonies over the years. Listen here
The Native Sibling Nov 13, 2018
Our dear friends in Dravus House just released their first single. It's stunning and well worth a listen. Go get on that 👇.
The Native Sibling Oct 09, 2018
Thank you to Ones To Watch for premiering the music video for the new song and for the kind write up! Now you can go WATCH and listen if you haven't already!
The Native Sibling Oct 05, 2018
Our new single is out today!! Go take a listen on any major music platform! This song is based on an interaction in Seattle’s oldest neighborhood, Pioneer Square. It’s a call for compassion while living in a urban area with people on every step of life. The lyrics play out as an inner dialogue, remembering we are all brothers and sisters in this together. Big thank you to Daniel Mendez at Head Above Water for engineering and production, Bill Delia of Grizfolk for drums and percussion, Michael Tarabay on bass, Resonant Mastering, Kevin Tudball for the beautiful artwork, and Dwight of The Wind and The Wave for having us at your studio in Austin, TX.
The Native Sibling Oct 01, 2018
Our new single “How to Win” comes out this Friday! Photo: Ben Blood
The Native Sibling Sep 24, 2018
Here is a sneak peek! Our friend Ben Blood shot a wonderful music video for our new single coming out Oct. 5th. We filmed it in our basement studio in Seattle where we write and rehearse our music.
The Native Sibling Sep 17, 2018
Photo: Ben Blood Styling: Elise Muetterties
The Native Sibling Sep 17, 2018
This is the moment we’ve been waiting for! Our first single from our new album is coming out in just a few weeks on Oct 5th. It’s called “How to Win” and we can’t wait to share it with all of you. Photo: Ben Blood Styling by: Elise Muetterties