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National Park Radio Jun 16, 2019
We had another magical evening with all of our Buffalo National River family at Steel Creek! You guys and this place completely fill our souls. We are forever grateful for the love and support you all give us. A HUGE thank you to Buffalo National River Partners - Adventure Subaru & Jeff Dickerson (who also makes a mean jambalaya) for making this event possible with all of their support! Thank you so much to Buffalo National River and all of the volunteers and employees who work so hard behind the scenes the day of and for months in advance to make this event a success! Special shout out to Terra Fondriest Photographyfor this picture and so many amazing more every year! The Buffalo National River is our home and you are ALL a part of our family.
National Park Radio Jun 15, 2019
BIG NEWS!!!! We've kinda been making a new album!!! Here's a BRAND NEW song that'll be on the album which will release later this summer!!!!!
National Park Radio Jun 15, 2019
Don't let this little bit of rain scare you off for today's FREE CONCERT at the @buffalorivernps at Steel Creek! We can already see the beautiful clear skies behind the rain!! Show starts at 6pm!
National Park Radio Jun 14, 2019
What a great story in Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today about our FREE CONCERT tomorrow at the river and our summer tour!
National Park Radio Jun 14, 2019
We are having so much fun with these two! Things we have shown them include: Branson USA, Fayetteville ❤, @buffalorivernps , fireflies (lightning bugs for you Arkansas peeps), and the magical land known as @aldiusa ! 1,999 pieces later we learned something about them. They get really obsessive over puzzles 😂
National Park Radio Jun 14, 2019
Getting all fixed up by Michael at @lostboysbarberco for our big show THIS SATURDAY at the @buffalorivernps
National Park Radio Jun 12, 2019
Just a few more days until the FREE CONCERT on the Buffalo National River at Steel Creek!!! We're so excited to see everyone for the 4th ever Steel Creek Concert ft. National Park Radio! <-- Click there for all the event information! Bring your friends & family for an amazing evening THIS SATURDAY!!!
National Park Radio Jun 09, 2019
We're so excited to introduce Grace and Riley, the super-talented and amazing siblings from Montana, who will be touring with us this summer on fiddle & banjo! Come out to the Fayetteville Public Library for the Mountain Street Stage Summer Music Series: National Park Radio tomorrow at 2pm to watch their first show with us!!
National Park Radio Jun 04, 2019
's cover photo
National Park Radio Jun 03, 2019
The Buffalo National River is a special place to so many of us! Join us for a FREE CONCERT ON THE RIVER on June 15th at Steel Creek Concert ft. National Park Radio to benefit the Buffalo National River Partners! Bring your family & friends! 📷:FUJIFILM X Series US #fujifilmxt3 ❤️❤️❤️
National Park Radio Jun 01, 2019
We're headed out to the 15th Annual Rock House Music Festival June 1st, 2019 RIGHT NOW!!! What amazing weather for the first day of our summer tour... Next Friday we're at Hobb Nob with National Park Radio in Rogers, AR, and next Sunday we're at the Fayetteville Public Library for the Mountain Street Stage Summer Music Series: National Park Radio! See you out there!
National Park Radio Jun 01, 2019
As we're folding shirts for to sell at our upcoming shows, I realized I never showed you our newest design that will be available at all of our upcoming shows!
National Park Radio May 31, 2019
When we say we do everything ourselves... we mean it. Only about 400 more shirts to fold, roll, and organize in merch totes. Good news if you are coming to a show in the near future! We will be fully restocked!
National Park Radio May 27, 2019
Got big plans for the summer... Hope to see you out there! We still have a few open dates, so let us know if you're interested in booking us. Remember, we do private events and house concerts as well!!!
National Park Radio May 23, 2019
Not many know that being a banjo player is just a front for Heath’s secret identity... When no one else is around, he proudly takes care of his 50 kids. #goatfarmer #superhero FUJIFILM X Series US #fujifilmxt3 #fujifilmx_us
National Park Radio May 21, 2019
When she’s not singing, you can usually find her down by the creek looking for cool rocks. FUJIFILM X Series US #fujifilmxt3 Shady Rays Echo Bluff State Park
National Park Radio May 21, 2019
I handed @nettlesmark my #fujifilmx_us #fujifilmxt3 standing on the shore of Sinking Creek at @echobluffstatepark , and he proceeds to lie on his back on the rocky shore to take this photo of us 😂😂😂 He claims it's his "go to" angle for photos... Didn't turn out too bad... I'm gonna have to try that move! 😊 FUJIFILM X Series US #xt3 #echobluffstatepark #missouri
National Park Radio May 20, 2019
Thank you Mark for letting us stay in your cabin at Echo Bluff State Park ! We had such a great time with all the amazing people of Missouri and Ozark National Scenic Riverways !
National Park Radio May 19, 2019
These are the real MVPs right here! It may have rained on us, but there was no chance we were giving up on playing music for these dedicated folks! So many of them drove several hours and that alone was worth us doing absolutely everything in our power to make sure they got what they came for. If you are in this picture (or were one of the many on the porch with us not pictured here) just know that you will never really know how much it means to us that you stuck it out through the wind and the rain to be there with us! It turned out to be a little wet, but an absolutely beautiful evening in the @ozarkriverwaysnps . We also have several new lawn equipment dance moves we can use thanks to the rain dancing Park Rangers 😉
National Park Radio May 18, 2019
Just 2 weeks until the 15th Annual Rock House Music Festival in Reeds Spring, MO, on June 1st! Get your tickets now!
National Park Radio May 17, 2019
This weekend is all Missouri for National Park Radio! Tonight, a house concert just west of St. Louis, and tomorrow, we head to Ozark National Scenic Riverways for a special concert for the Celebration of the River Community at Akers. Hope to see you out there!!!
National Park Radio May 14, 2019
So cool to represent Arkansas and to be mentioned in an article on USA TODAY about what's going on in each state this summer... June 15th at the Buffalo National River! RSVP: Steel Creek Concert ft. National Park Radio Check out the article!:
National Park Radio May 07, 2019
We are working tirelessly on finishing up all of the planning for our longest tour yet, new music, new merch, big changes ... so many things happening! We are getting SO excited to share everything with all of you! Hope you are all ready!
National Park Radio May 06, 2019
Double-booked a date for the first time - stupid mistake. Our first time ever pulling out of a gig (in 6 years), and it makes me feel like total crap. 😔 Remember folks. We're people just like you. Mistakes happen. Hopefully we can learn from this.
National Park Radio May 02, 2019
Come on now! Get this FREE CONCERT on your calendars - JUNE 15th!!! Go here and invite your friends: Steel Creek Concert ft. National Park Radio ~ Poster by Kerrie 😍 ~ Buffalo National River Adventure Subaru Buffalo National River Partners