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National Park Radio Dec 04, 2018
And the mega-fan award goes to ... 🥁... 🥁 ... 🥁 ... @lesliekiebert ! This is seriously the strangest most incredible feeling to have words straight from my soul be so inspiring to another human being that they put them permanently on their body! @lesliekiebert , thank you for sharing and never stop roaming!
National Park Radio Nov 17, 2018
Played some duo/acoustic NPR today for a beautiful brunch wedding. People really need to have more brunch weddings, by the way. Turns out these two are big fans and joined in for a couple of the songs. They are so stinking precious! Thank you so much Amanda and Terik for letting us be a part of your beautiful day! We loved singing with your daughters and meeting your family!
National Park Radio Nov 04, 2018
Sometimes we get the chance to be a part of our fans’ lives in unexpected ways... Rachael & Nick have been there with us from the beginning, and have been the most loyal fans we could ever ask for. Celebrating their wedding day with them, and sharing our music with their family and friends was a beautiful gift that we’ll remember for a long time. Thank you Rachael and Nick and Tina for being so wonderful and having us out to the middle of Tennessee for this amazing day! #meetthequaifes
National Park Radio Nov 03, 2018
Tennessee in the fall got us all 😍😍😍😍
National Park Radio Oct 29, 2018
I feel like its a "These Great Plains" kinda day... If you haven't tried it yet, give our Spotify channel a listen! It's our preferred platform for music streaming!!! Happy Monday!
National Park Radio Oct 28, 2018
TODAY in Springdale! We go on at 5:00pm. Come out and enjoy this insanely gorgeous day with us!
National Park Radio Oct 28, 2018
We got to play a gorgeous wedding last night! Any wedding that has Penguin Ed's cater is definitely doing something right! My children have also now declared that every wedding needs a caramel apple bar like they had last night. Also, major shout out to these guys for constantly putting up with my annoyingness. We play in Springdale today at Brews and Tunes for Ozarktoberfest at 5pm!
National Park Radio Oct 27, 2018
“Some guy in a robe asked to take a picture with us.” 🤣 My children were SO confused, but when they told me there was a picture of them with The Dude himself floating around out there somewhere I went on full search for it. Luckily found out who took it and got it sent to me. This has completely made my day!
National Park Radio Oct 27, 2018
We absolutely love our local shows at @tallgrass_harrison and last night was probably the best yet! Thank you so much to everyone for coming out and dressing up with us. If you have any photos/videos from last night send them out way via Instagram message or Facebook. We love seeing them! 📸 @blondie_womack
National Park Radio Oct 26, 2018
We are officially sold out of tickets for the NPR Halloween Party at Tallgrass tonight! But I'm going to open up 5-10 more tickets at the door for those who didn't get a chance to pre-buy theirs. Doors open around 6:30!
National Park Radio Oct 22, 2018
15 TICKETS REMAINING!!! Last chance for tickets to our special 10/26 Halloween concert at Prairie Market Tallgrass - Link in Comments
National Park Radio Oct 13, 2018
We played a duo show last night at Farmers Market of the Ozarks for Burgers, Brats, and Brews and it was incredible! Our children are STILL talking about the food they got to eat and how they regret not eating a lot more of it. I’m probably never going to stop talking about the amazing mead I had from The Leaky Roof Meadery . I’m definitely going to savor every can of mead that I got to bring home! If you are anywhere near Springfield I really encourage you to get out and enjoy/support the Farmers Market of the Ozarks ... I’m pretty jealous of the people who live there and get to enjoy such a wonderful thing!
National Park Radio Oct 09, 2018
LOCAL SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! We're playing a special spooky Halloween show at Prairie Market Tallgrass on Friday, October 26th! Dress up (best costume wins a prize) and drink with us! There will be a limited food menu available as well. CAUTION: There are only 75 total tickets available for this event, so buy your ticket now: Event Info: NPR Halloween Party at Tallgrass
National Park Radio Oct 06, 2018
National Park Radio Sep 29, 2018
National Park Radio Sep 28, 2018
We are SO excited to be a part of the Do Good Music Festival 2018 - Tomorrow (September 29th) in Springfield, MO! We go on at 7:45, but it's a full day of fantastic music so you will want to be there all day. Head to the event page for more info :
National Park Radio Sep 23, 2018
We had a “steamy” good time at Elevate Music Festival last night! If you were there you got to catch Stefan’s magical steaming man trick. “I told you I get hot!” 🤣 Video by: the most easily distracted band member 🙋🏻‍♀️
National Park Radio Sep 02, 2018
Thank you to everyone who came to The Buffalo River Heritage Festival yesterday! We had a fantastically sweaty time with all of you! Photo: Jeanette Bair
National Park Radio Sep 01, 2018
We are going to be duo-ing it up at the Buffalo River Heritage Festival today (September 1st) at 12:30 in Jasper, AR! Check out the event page to see all of the awesome bands and events happening today!
National Park Radio Aug 22, 2018
Last night at @bgozarks was absolutely incredible! Thank you all SO much for coming out and singing along with us and dancing. Fayetteville forever holds a massive piece of our hearts. And if you haven’t visited @bgozarks ... go. Now! It’s a little slice of heaven ❤️ 📷 by: @bgozarks , @mmhowze , @michelleampersand
National Park Radio Aug 18, 2018
Happy Birthday to the snazziest dresser in the band, Mr. Dylan Hawf!
National Park Radio Aug 13, 2018
We meet the most amazing people through music. I’m not sure if we ever fully get across how important all of you are to us, but you are the reason we do this! Every single one of you. Can’t wait to get back out there and make even more new friends! 📷 @lenisebrown
National Park Radio Aug 09, 2018
So... The kids want a white Christmas, so we're in the middle of planning a winter tour!!! Since we're 100% independent right now, we thought we'd ask all you wonderful folks for help/suggestions on VENUES, HOUSE CONCERTS, BREWERIES, etc, that might be good places for us to play on or near this route from mid-December to early January. A lot of these dates might be a duo or trio, but some could be full band shows. So we're basically looking in Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Arizona, Texas... Any suggestions would be so much appreciated!!!
National Park Radio Aug 08, 2018
Our animals have resorted to just flat out refusing to let us leave when they see us packing the trailer. Thankfully for Nigel (Spinal Tap reference 😉) we are just organizing today.
National Park Radio Aug 07, 2018
Our very first show on our last tour was at Crow Peak Brewing Company in South Dakota and possibly the best part of the show was Handlebar Photo Company ... a mobile old timey photo booth! I mean, is it even possible to be invited to have your old timey photo taken and just turn it down? I don’t think so!