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National Park Radio Apr 22, 2019
NPR+TACOS+BEER THIS FRIDAY!!! Last minute booking at Prairie Market Tallgrass I DOUBLE DAWG DARE YOU TO COME! Music starts at 6pm 🌮🍺🎶
National Park Radio Mar 05, 2019
Do you know a band/duo/solo artist that would be awesome support for us in the Seattle area? Looking for a couple of artists to help round out the bill on some shows in the great PNW! Please tag them or tell them to get in touch with us!🎼🎸🎻❤️
National Park Radio Mar 04, 2019
This is our new fiddle friend, Josiah! We can not thank him enough for taking on the challenge of playing with us on somewhat of a short notice and no full band practice 😬 I had so many people say that if we hadn’t told everyone that this was his first time playing with us they never would have even known! I’d say that is a success!
National Park Radio Mar 03, 2019
What a weekend! Thank you so much to everyone who came to our not one, but TWO nights of sold out shows at @rockhouse41 . We had an incredible time with all of you! P.S. if you have any pictures from the weekend showing our new friend Josiah getting down on the fiddle we would love to have them! Feel free to message them to us!
National Park Radio Mar 01, 2019
What’s that I see in the distance? Could it be... Denver!?! We’re excited to announce that we’ll be playing (as a full band) at Globe Hall on 7/23! Get tickets now at #denver #colorado #nationalparkradio
National Park Radio Mar 01, 2019
Coming back to Denver with the full band this summer! Get your tickets now!!!
National Park Radio Feb 27, 2019
$20 Early-bird ticket sale ends on Thursday. This is always a FUN day full of great music, delicious food, craft beer and cocktails, fine arts and crafts and giant puppets for the kiddos. Come spend the day with us in beautiful downtown Reeds Spring, MO!
National Park Radio Feb 20, 2019
My shoes are muddy, A long walk from heaven I'm tired and I’m restless for home - Old Forests, National Park Radio
National Park Radio Feb 17, 2019
Only 10 tickets remain for our Friday, March 1st concert at The Rock House in Reeds Spring, MO!
National Park Radio Feb 15, 2019
FREE CONCERT at the RIVER! Bring your friends and family! We're more excited than we've EVER been for this year's FREE concert at the Buffalo National River on June 15th. Huge things are happening this summer. Concert info: Steel Creek Concert ft. National Park Radio -Stay tuned
National Park Radio Feb 15, 2019
If you want to test a relationship... make an album together. Run a business together. Travel very long distances together in VERY small spaces for months at a time. Throw some children in that mix and then repeat. Here’s to many more albums, many... many... many more miles, and many more Valentine’s Days together. Also, sorry for how cranky I got when you made me sing higher than I wanted to tonight. 🤣 -Kerrie
National Park Radio Feb 10, 2019
Join us on March 2nd for a special night at The Rock House in Reeds Spring, MO! Tickets are on sale now and extremely limited!!!
National Park Radio Feb 08, 2019
Hey everybody!!! If you or someone you know might be interested in playing strings with us for some fill in gigs and maybe some touring, send us a private message! Our amazing fiddle player Dylan is getting busy with he and his wife Alaina’s band The Whispering Willows and we’re so happy for them, but for some reason he can’t play in shows at the same time 😂
National Park Radio Feb 07, 2019
We're so excited to share the trailer for a brand new documentary about the notorious Federal Judge Isaac Parker that is in production, which will feature an original soundtrack composed by National Park Radio including the theme song "Blood"! Check it out and go like the page here to keep up with all the news:
National Park Radio Feb 05, 2019
Thank you Michael at Lost Boys Barber Co. for being brave enough to trim the year and a half long beard! Get yourself an appointment if you’re near #bransonmissouri
National Park Radio Feb 04, 2019
The beard has reached the point of needing a specialist. ✂️
National Park Radio Jan 30, 2019
She’s. Always. Watching... ALWAYS! This is what happens when you give a 13 year old a camera while you’re setting up for a show in the most beautiful town in America #ouraycolorado
National Park Radio Jan 28, 2019
Good morning! Looks like it’s gonna be a good day to find our way. Don’t stop. Do you. Be free ❤️❤️❤️
National Park Radio Jan 25, 2019
See everything You can see To find your way you must be free
National Park Radio Jan 25, 2019
We are planning all of the amazing places we will be traveling this spring and summer and here’s a hint... we aren’t only heading West this year 😉
National Park Radio Jan 18, 2019
Folk band starter kit: Banjo ✔️ Beard ✔️ Flannel ✔️
National Park Radio Jan 14, 2019
When Kerrie makes the set lists 🤣 I can verify that Mike, did in fact, NOT suck it up.
National Park Radio Jan 14, 2019
Happy Monday!!! **REMINDER** "You should GO do what you love, do everything you're dreaming of" Share this song with someone who might need it today❤️❤️❤️
National Park Radio Jan 14, 2019
WOW! Springfield ya’ll are amazing... you showed up and showed the love last night at the Historic Fox Theatre. THANK YOU all for sharing a great night of music with us! And special thanks to Compass Rose and Headline Productions for making everything happen! 🎥: Tie & Timber Beer Co. @chasidee7 @emileegarrison1 @heypaul @pogueparties @shewentexploring @christyclaybaker
National Park Radio Jan 12, 2019
UPDATE FOR TONIGHT’S SHOW: Due to inclement weather, The Accidentals are grounded in Illinois. Their performance in Springfield has been rescheduled for Fox Theatre April 13. The show goes on tonight with National Park Radio , Molly Healey, & more. Music starts at 6:30pm! Advance tickets for reserved seats will be valid for both shows (tonight, January 12 & April 13).​ Thank you for your patience and understanding.