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Straight Up Boogaloo
Straight up Boogaloo
Full Tilt (Live)
Full Tilt - Live at Cadieux Cafe
Born Ugly
Born Ugly
On with the Show
On With the Show
The Muggs
The Muggs
The Muggs
The Muggs Mar 21, 2019 DON WAS DETROIT ALL-STAR REVUE 2016 “Kick Out The Jams" Danny Muggs – Number 5 The 2016 All-Star Revue featured Detroit’s Top 10 songs of all time. The Detroit Free Press established a list of the best 100 songs which the public voted on to get the top 10. These songs have had an enormous impact not only on Detroit, but the world. Danny Muggs - vocals Don Was – bass Luis Resto – keys Brian “Roscoe” White – guitar Randy Jacobs – guitar Ron Pangborn – drums Carl “Butch” Small – percussion Recorded live @ the 9th Annual DON WAS DETROIT ALL-STAR REVUE at the 24th CONCERT OF COLORS July 16th, 2016, Meijer Stage, Orchestra Hall, Detroit, MI Detroit All-Star Revue Curator – Don Was Co-Host Ann Delisi Executive Producer – Ismael Ahmed Production manager, front-of-house engineer, recording engineer – Chris Tayler Stage Manager – Dave Shelley Mixing engineer – Henry Was Director of Photography – Kevin Leeser Camera Operators – Jonathon Hoard, Nick Drankoski, Kenny Bowery Video directed and edited by Gemma Corfield Special thanks to Kathryn Grabowski
The Muggs Mar 20, 2019
The Muggs are on all AMI/Rowe Internet Jukeboxes all over the US in bars/restaurants! Every time you play us, a rock n roller gets his horns!!!
The Muggs Mar 19, 2019
The Muggs in Madrid, Spain. A night off as I recall and on our way to a cool blues gig. Photo by friend Susie Vichaand amazing band SUEVICHA
The Muggs Dec 31, 2018
Thanks to all you Muggs for making this a good year and continuing to support us!!!
The Muggs Sep 12, 2018
Attention: DAYTON OHIO MUGGS FANS! Friday September 21 at Tumbleweed Connection with Barstool Brown $5 cover
The Muggs Jul 30, 2018
hey you muggs, Just checking back in with you vinyl collectors and Muggs fans. Our inventory is 54 left. So please if you'd like a copy of this very rare The Muggs first album, (originally released on CD and download only, back in 2005), Limited Edition Spanish Import (2018), please do not wait. This has different artwork than the CD and once they are gone, if we do a second pressing, it will have a different color or artwork to the second pressing so this is truly unto itself! Contact me at [email protected] for details. Best, tonymuggs
The Muggs Jun 17, 2018
The Muggs Jun 05, 2018
Whelp! The Muggs are home for a spell and now we can get down to business. We are selling vinyl of our 1st album (2005) titled, The Muggs, for the very first time. If you’d like to get yer hands on a Limited Edition Spanish Import, plz email: [email protected] This is very rare and we only have limited copies so if this is a ‘must have’ then please contact me soon.
The Muggs May 23, 2018
Photos taken by Jon Usual before soundcheck at Helldorado in Vitoria-Gasteiz in 2012.
The Muggs May 22, 2018
SPAIN!! Please sign up to our email list! If you missed us, you can still get a Limited Edition Spanish Import Of our first album on vinyl, The Muggs. Please email: [email protected] SUBJECT: sign me up you Mugg! Please include name, city, and country. We are having a blast touring yer beautiful country. Best tonymuggs
The Muggs May 14, 2018
We are at the radio station in Madrid about to be interviewed by Mariskal Rock! Tune in on the internet! #2018getitontourspain #themuggs #madrid
The Muggs May 12, 2018
The Muggs May 10, 2018
Salamanca CANCELLED! Great news though. 2nd show added to Los Picos in Liérganes Spain. #feliperules. So let’s recap: Thursday May 10 at Los Picos. 10pm show time. #repost #themuggs #2018getitontourspain #lierganes #spain #detroit
The Muggs May 05, 2018
Thanks to the Detroit Music Awards for awarding the Muggs 2018’s “Outstanding Heavy Rock Artist” and Mr. Danny Muggs for “Outstanding Rock Instrumentalist”. We are so gracious and humbled by yer acknowledgments.
The Muggs May 03, 2018
Attention Spain: the Muggs 2018 Get It On Tour schedule UPDATE: BILBAO & ZARAGOZA - new venues! #repost #2018getitontourspain #themuggs