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Flowers in the Spring
America's Velvet Glory
The Molochs Dec 11, 2018
's cover photo
The Molochs Dec 11, 2018
ATTENTION EUROPE & UK: we're thrilled to be working with ZUMA Bookings on the next tour for May&June 2019 :~) get in touch! see you then!!
The Molochs Dec 08, 2018
and another from 2018 <3 hope you all are ready for the new year
The Molochs Dec 07, 2018
been a good year <3 2018
The Molochs Oct 09, 2018
🔊LOS ANGELES🔊 Playing at Monty Bar TONIGHT, October 9th! DJs: Cosmonauts Adult Books Kevin O'Sullivan charming us behind the bar✨ 10PM/Free of charge
The Molochs Sep 22, 2018
📸📸📸 The 405 (UK) published a photo journal we shot as we travelled the Southwest and Midwest last month. highs, lows, lefts, rights and much more. link in deh BIO. 📸: Lucas Fitzsimons and Ryan Foster
The Molochs Sep 18, 2018
PLAYING THE ECHO TONITE w/ @trapsps @redchannelband @shit_giver DJ by @cat__scan @theechola 9pm 📸: @bryam_fosner
The Molochs Sep 12, 2018
📡people of LONG BEACH📡 we’ll see you this Friday at Fingerprints Music at 7PM. we’re excited to come play and hang out with some good friends. been a while! anyone interested can RSVP directly with Fingerprints. see ya soon♥️ above you can see us photographed in Chicago and in a field in Texas. 📷: @bryam_fosner and @luquilasoda FLOWERS IN THE SPRING OUT NOW
The Molochs Sep 07, 2018
🌼HAPPY RELEASE DAY🌼 "Flowers in the Spring" is out TODAY via Innovative Leisure Records on LP/CD/CASS + digital/streaming! the RELEASE PARTY is tonight at Lodge Room Highland Park -- you're in FREE with an RSVP -- ticket link attached. 'TOO LOST IN LOVE' music video is also out today: some useful links for today: Streaming + Digital: Vinyl + CD: Cassette Tape: photograph: Ryan Foster
The Molochs Sep 05, 2018
🌻we’re excited to announce we’ll be returning to the 🌴LBC🌴 this month for an IN-STORE performance at Fingerprints Music SEPT 14th. 7pm. just make sure to RSVP with them🌻 ALSO🎥 keep an eye out tomorrow for a certain something blasting into the airwaves and eyewaves. a visual component of our most recent single TOO LOST IN LOVE♥️🌈 photo: our very own Ryan Foster FLOWERS IN THE SPRING OUT SEPT 7TH on Innovative Leisure Records
The Molochs Sep 05, 2018
🎙People of the World🎙 you can now stream the ENTIRE album “Flowers in the Spring” LP absolutely exclusively on Hype Machine ! link BELOW. FULL STREAM: tour with Smokescreens was a legendary trek to say the least, and we will cap it off this FRIDAY 9/7 at the Lodge Room Highland Park for our RECORD RELEASE. all you have to do is RSVP for FREE ADMISSION♥️ FLOWERS IN THE SPRING OUT SEPT 7TH ON Innovative Leisure Records
The Molochs Sep 02, 2018
🌉SAN FRANCISCO, CA🌉 last show of the tour that has left us a 3 piece semi-acoustic/dreamy *~experience~* (but dont forget Friday 9/7 the full band is BACK at the Lodge Room Highland Park/ free admission w/ RSVP) TONIGHT is Thee Parkside with @smokescreens_la @seabliteband the Neutrals and @thelovebirdssf DJing
The Molochs Aug 29, 2018
🛣KANSAS CITY, MO🛣 hbd to KCMO native Charlie Parker🎺 Voltaire tonite w/ Smokescreens and The Whiffs
The Molochs Aug 29, 2018
🏢CHICAGO, IL🏢 The Empty Bottle w/ Smokescreens Faux Furs and HoZac Records (releasers of England’s Glory 7” 😲)
The Molochs Aug 27, 2018
🏭DETROIT, MI🏭 tonite at The Outer Limite Lounge w/ Smokescreens and Moonwalks DJing✨
The Molochs Aug 24, 2018
🌾DALLAS, TX🌾 playing at Transit Bicycle Co. presented by Parade of Flesh Molochs 9pm Smokescreens 10pm
The Molochs Aug 24, 2018
🤘AUSTIN, TX TONITE🤘 Hotel Vegas w/ Smokescreens The Zoltars TRÈS OUI 10pm.
The Molochs Aug 22, 2018
👥El Paso, TX tonight @monarchriogrande w/ @smokescreens_la 👥
The Molochs Aug 22, 2018
First night of tour tonight @clubcongress in Tucson with @smokescreens_la @hannahyeunmusic and @hihazel_ doors at 8! 🌵🌵🚐 US tour dates: 8/21 - Tucson AZ @ Hotel Congress ‪8/22 - El Paso TX @ The Monarch ‬ ‪8/23 - Austin TX @ Hotel Vegas ‬ ‪8/24 Dallas TX @ Transit Bicycle Co. ‬ ‪8/25 Nashville TN @ TBD ‬ ‪8/26 Indianapolis IN @ State Street Pub‬ ‪8/27 ‬- Detroit [email protected] Outer Limits Lounge ‪ 8/28 - Chicago IL @ The Empty Bottle ‬ ‪8/29 Kansas City MO @ Voltaire ‬ ‪8/31 - Denver CO @ The Hi Dive ‬ ‪8/31 ‬Boise ID @ The Manor 9/2 San Francisco CA @ Thee Parkside
The Molochs Aug 16, 2018
we put together a "mix tape" for The Voice of Cassandre Mixtape, which recently aired in Greece, France and the U.K. throw it on if you'd like to hear what our brains sound like 🙃 come see us at Echo Park Rising this Friday at 7:30 sharp in the Echoplex !
The Molochs Aug 13, 2018
The Molochs Aug 06, 2018
🌼RECORD RELEASE SHOW🌼 we’re having a FREE/ALL AGES party to celebrate the release of Flowers in the Spring LP on September 7th at the Lodge Room Highland Park. support by Smokescreens. RSVP⚡️:
The Molochs Aug 03, 2018
Playing in Los Angeles tonight, @thehihatla w/ @higoldcage @janelanelalala 8pm/18+
The Molochs Jul 26, 2018
"TOO LOST IN LOVE" our newest single off the "Flowers in the Spring" LP now premiering on BrooklynVegan. "I had come in with just this repeating chorus: 'Too lost in love to see what’s going on,'” says singer-songwriter Lucas Fitzsimons. “It just went ’round and ’round in circles because it felt so good to sing and play. It was like a mantra. The lyrics express the kind of subjectivity that comes with a person’s individual experience. You could be having the most wonderful time falling in love with someone while the world crumbles around you and you wouldn’t even notice.” Flowers in the Spring out SEPT 7TH. 8/3 @ The Hi Hat, Los Angeles, CA:
The Molochs Jul 25, 2018
we’ll have yet another fresh NEW tune for you to bump along with “I Wanna Say to You” premiering tomorrow. if you have yet to bump the track and video for IWSTY, then BUMP it, and we’ll “keep feedin you n feedin you n feedin you” - Wu-Tang Clan / 📸: Tanner McCardle