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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
David Bowie Save Us All (Redux) [Single]
The Modern Electric
The Modern Electric Aug 19, 2019
8/23 Cleveland - is the first show you can get TME Vinyl! 🔥 So we printed 30 record tote bags for the occassion
The Modern Electric Aug 17, 2019
🌴Congrats Krista Hade! Thanks for everyone who tagged friends. It helps us more than you know. So much love to the modern electric fam. See ya’ll 8/23.
The Modern Electric Aug 14, 2019
😨 This will be the last time we play these songs for a long time. Hear our SELF-TITLED album in its entirety Aug 23 in Cleveland at the Grog Shop.
The Modern Electric Aug 12, 2019
THE LAST TEXT YOU SENT is the title of the documentary of your life. Go! 👇🏼#moviemonday
The Modern Electric Aug 09, 2019
Lemme get a hell yeah! TIX:
The Modern Electric Aug 07, 2019
RITA HAYWORTH #wcw #womancrushwednesday
The Modern Electric Aug 01, 2019
#ThrowbackThursday to the last time we played Grog Shop for Bowie Night. It’s been toooo long 👨🏼‍🎤 Aug 23 TIX:
The Modern Electric Jul 30, 2019
Never really played this live. Might just do it Aug 23 in Cleveland... Might play our Self-titled album in its entirety. Whadda think? TIX:
The Modern Electric Jul 27, 2019
[GIVEAWAY] 🤐 Tag a friend to enter to win a handwritten lyrics poster for The Anti Sing-along!
The Modern Electric Jul 25, 2019
🎄Merry Northcoast Christmas in July! Grab Northcoast Christmas on vinyl at
The Modern Electric Jul 23, 2019
#LetsDiscuss Is rock dead? 💀
The Modern Electric Jul 21, 2019
Buttons! Available for the first time at our Cleveland show Aug 23:
The Modern Electric Jul 19, 2019
Will you still be a fan if we make music and put on shows at this age?
The Modern Electric Jul 16, 2019
😧 So our website crashed/deleted last month. I freaked out. Then I built a better one. Take a look:
The Modern Electric Jul 12, 2019
#LetsDiscuss Do you have friends that refuse to go to concerts? What reasons do they give?
The Modern Electric Jul 09, 2019
Sticker sighting in Chicago! 😘
The Modern Electric Jul 04, 2019
🇺🇸Make sure you slip some Modern Electric into your 4th of July playlists while hanging with friends and fam!
The Modern Electric Jul 01, 2019
💎 I just got a “Top Fan” badge for Bowie and Cold War Kids. What are some pages you got a badge for? The Modern Electric has 3 Top Fans so far!
The Modern Electric Jun 29, 2019
The response has been great to the vinyl. Thanks for all the love and support! Grab a copy at
The Modern Electric Jun 25, 2019
Haven’t played in Cleveland since Christmas! Let’s reunite Aug 23 at The Grog Shop ☀️ Tickets:
The Modern Electric Jun 23, 2019
Many are saying Vanity Suite is their favorite song off of our first album! We even transcribed the classic film dialogue in this lyrics video. Congrats to Madison Plumlee for winning the handwritten lyrics poster for Part (B) of this song!
The Modern Electric Jun 21, 2019
GIVEAWAY ☀️ You know what to do, tag a friend in the comments to win a handwritten lyrics poster for VANITY SUITE (B) DIVINE, STARVING, AND SLEEPLESS
The Modern Electric Jun 19, 2019
Thanks to these 3 playlisters who are out there spreading the word about your boys! 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 Planets Align Production Studio: Chris Stohre: Andrew Pitts:
The Modern Electric Jun 15, 2019
Sorry to anyone behind me in line at the post office! All the pre-orders are shipped 😎 Enjoy!
The Modern Electric Jun 13, 2019
#TBT What’s your favorite song off our first album? (If you had to pick only one)