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Second Skin
The Mayfield Four Jun 05, 2019
Everclear + American Hi-Fi + The Mayfield Four (7/28/01)
The Mayfield Four Jan 01, 2019
Remember this... #happynewyear
The Mayfield Four Aug 02, 2018
#TBT #EpicRecords
The Mayfield Four Jul 21, 2018
Myles Kennedy singing the MF4 classic "White Flag" feat. Zia Uddin! Who has been to one of these shows??
The Mayfield Four Jul 19, 2018
#TBT to the making of "Second Skin" - what is your favorite track?
The Mayfield Four May 26, 2018
Who remembers this awesome group of guys? 🎺 #CitizenSwing
The Mayfield Four May 23, 2018
Go behind the scenes of "Year of the Tiger" and the history of Myles Kennedy and The Mayfield Four in this great mini-documentary!
The Mayfield Four May 02, 2018
May - the month that "Fallout" was released back in 1998. May - also in the band's name. So, with that... Happy May from The MAYfield Four! What's your favorite song from the album? #Fallout #TheMAYfieldFour
The Mayfield Four Apr 13, 2018
#TBT #TheMayfieldFour 1997
The Mayfield Four Mar 31, 2018
"For you... I'd do anything..." #WhiteFlag
The Mayfield Four Mar 26, 2018
"If only you could trade the dark for light It might reveal That there’s a place inside Don’t be afraid to feel Cause love can only heal"
The Mayfield Four Mar 19, 2018
Myles Kennedy
The Mayfield Four Mar 15, 2018
The Alter Bridge Nation
The Mayfield Four Mar 15, 2018
“I surrender... to you today.”
The Mayfield Four Mar 14, 2018
Myles Kennedy
The Mayfield Four Mar 13, 2018
The Alter Bridge Nation
The Mayfield Four Mar 10, 2018
Myles Kennedy's #YearoftheTiger is officially out wherever music is sold! Who is cranking this awesome album? Lyric video for "Love Can Only Heal"
The Mayfield Four Feb 17, 2018
New lyric video from Myles Kennedy!
The Mayfield Four Jan 20, 2018
VIDEO PREMIER! Myles Kennedy releases his second single from his upcoming solo debut - "Haunted By Design"
The Mayfield Four Dec 09, 2017
"On a cold cruel July We didn't know just when the pale horse would arrive But love alone Keeps us alive When we fear we can't go at all" MK Official Exclusives: Napalm Records Exclusives: Digital Pre-orders receive an instant download of the song, "Year Of The Tiger" Digital: #YearOfTheTiger #YOTT #1974 #MylesKennedy
The Mayfield Four Dec 05, 2017
Myles is set to release a video for "Year Of The Tiger", the title track of his first solo album, this Friday! Stay tuned MF4 fans!
The Mayfield Four Dec 01, 2017
BREAKING: Myles Kennedy - "Year Of The Tiger" out March 9th 2018! Also featuring Zia Uddin on drums! Pre-order exclusive bundles today via MK Official and Napalm Records! Myles Exclusives: Napalm Records Exclusives: #YearOfTheTiger #YOTT #1974 #MylesKennedy
The Mayfield Four Nov 30, 2017
So I build my castle high... warning you to stay away.
The Mayfield Four Nov 18, 2017
MK fans! Myles Kennedy's upcoming solo album is officially titled "Year Of The Tiger" and will be released next year! Not only that but The Mayfield Four's own Zia Uddin is the drummer on the project. Who's ready?
The Mayfield Four Oct 15, 2017
Good morning MF4 fans. I have the unfortunate news that former Mayfield Four guitarist Craig Johnson has passed away. I just learned recently that he was shot and killed by police at his Idaho home after an altercation on September 26th. His memory will live on through the amazing album that is Fallout. Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers during this tragic time.