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Bare Bones EP
Dancing On Your Grave
Why Baby Why
We Swore We'd See the Sunrise
The Matinee Jan 18, 2019
Individual 1 and Individual 2.
The Matinee Jan 16, 2019
Here's some data that we're happy to have Facebook share - we're playing in #Kelowna next Friday Jan 25 at #Fernandos! It's an early-ish show....we start at 10:30pm! Can't wait to be back in K-town with all of you wild and crazy party animals. 🍻🍻
The Matinee Jan 15, 2019
Hi Facebook. How's everyone doing? Long time, no talk.
The Matinee Oct 17, 2018
"Thought of maybe quitting... thought of leaving it behind" While on tour sometime last year we pulled through Leeroy Stagger's studio just a little after 9am following a show in Lethbridge, Alberta... and decided upon paying tribute to one of our icons. We played an intimate version of The Tragically Hip's 'Bobcaygeon' originally aired on Leeroy's awesome Dirty Windshields radio show on CKUA..... and you can now hear it here. You're lighting us all up today Gord. Thank You.
The Matinee Sep 21, 2018
More shows next week, spread the word, share the love, and get sweaty with us!
The Matinee Aug 17, 2018
On Sept 7th we return to Jasper, Alberta to play the Jasper Folk Festival, we spoke to The Fitzhugh about sweating it out in the heat ; )
The Matinee Jul 24, 2018
Working on a little music video for our recent cover of #DancingInTheDark! Our own Matt Layzell at the production helm, channeling his inner Martin Scorsese. 😎
The Matinee Jul 17, 2018
To any of our pals in the Vancouver 'burbs....we'll be playing this Friday night at 9:30pm as part of this year's Mission Folk Music Festival!! Can't wait to get our folk on! :-)
The Matinee Jul 17, 2018
Mission Folk Music Festival :-) Friday July 20, 2018.
The Matinee Jul 16, 2018
Our little version of Dancing in the Dark is up on Spotify! Give it a listen if you love Bruce Springsteen, and please share if you like what you hear. :-) #DancingInTheDark #MatineeCovers
The Matinee Jun 29, 2018
We're excited to share a new song with you fine folks! It's our version of the Bruce Springsteen classic, Dancing in the Dark. It's available for FREE DOWNLOAD via the link below, and we'll have it up on all streaming platforms real soon! :-) FREE DOWNLOAD: FREE STREAMING:
The Matinee Jun 28, 2018
We’re doubling up today ahead of our newest release tomorrow. It’s a cover song, any guesses??? #1 on our top 10 favourite covers list is here!! Masterfully written & recorded by Prince, made insanely famous worldwide by Sinead and perfectly delivered by Chris Cornell, Nothing Compares 2 U is at #1 on our covers list. It’s a monster of a song and this Cornell version is just perfect
The Matinee Jun 28, 2018
In 2003 Johnny Cash covered Hurt on the 4th instalment of his American Recordings sessions with Rick Rubin. The result is maybe the best version of the saddest song in the world. Cash managed to turn an incredibly powerful Trent Reznor song into a stripped down masterpiece. Trent’s reaction? “that song isn't mine anymore” There isn’t a better compliment.
The Matinee Jun 26, 2018
Song #5 on our top 10 Covers list: With a little Help from my Friends Joe Cocker tackling the task of covering the Beatles & absolutely slaying it. Lazy did this one at a @MilkyRiverBand gig last year. Maybe we can convince him to do it more often...
The Matinee Jun 22, 2018
#6 on our favorite #MatineeCovers is Nirvana's take on David Bowie's 'The Man Who Sold the World.' It's a standout track from one of the best unplugged albums ever made. Anyone else have a favorite unplugged song - beit a cover or not??
The Matinee Jun 20, 2018
#8 on our top 10 list of favourite covers is Bowie’s Heroes done by the Wallflowers. A lot of music royalty colliding on this one including some pretty incredible production from TBone Burnett. It’s Bold to tackle Bowie, but this is a pretty killer cover!
The Matinee Jun 20, 2018
A little taste of what’s to come.....Friday, June 29 on all streaming platforms! #TheBoss #MatineeCovers
The Matinee Jun 18, 2018
We're VERY excited to be releasing a new song next FRIDAY - and it happens to be one of our favourite cover songs! So with 10 days to go until then, we're sharing 10 of our all time favourite cover songs. At #10, Ryan Adams cover of 'Style' by Taylor Swift - a rocking version of a fantastic pop song! #MatineeCovers
The Matinee Apr 26, 2018
In about a month we will be hitting the dusty trail for some shows around Beautiful BC, and we can't wait to see you out there! Tickets are available at each venue.
The Matinee Mar 19, 2018
's cover photo
The Matinee Mar 14, 2018
Is it summer yet? Festival season is soon upon us and we are absolutely psyched to join this unreal lineup and so many dear friends on the bill.... all in our hometown Vancouver! Stanley Park will be rocking..... SKOOKUM Festival !
The Matinee Mar 12, 2018
Quite possibly our fave off of the Bare Bones EP, please check out ‘Show Me’ featuring the most talented Louise Burns Music and Tonye Aganaba !
The Matinee Feb 28, 2018
The second release off of our Bare Bones Ep, a soothing version of Dancing On Your Grave! Check it out -
The Matinee Feb 20, 2018
On March 23rd we will be releasing BARE BONES - a live EP of stripped down performances from our album Dancing On Your Grave! We recorded these all off the floor one fine evening at 604Studios in Vancouver... and will be releasing one track each week from here on. Also available on Spotify & Apple Music. Enjoy!
The Matinee Feb 11, 2018
We are very happy to be supporting an incredible cause today - Variety, the Children's Charity. If you watch Global TV or tune in online at today at 4:15 PST we'll be playing a few songs to help raise some awareness. Each and every donation helps out, so please show your love!!! :-)