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Bare Bones EP
Dancing On Your Grave
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We Swore We'd See the Sunrise
The Matinee at Half Hitch Brewing Company BBQ & Saloon (June 26, 2019)
Venue: Half Hitch Brewing Company BBQ & Saloon (Canmore, AB, Canada) Find tickets
The Matinee at Black Cat Tavern (June 27, 2019)
Venue: Black Cat Tavern (Saskatoon, SK, Canada) Find tickets
The Matinee at Dauphin Country Fest (June 28, 2019)
Venue: Dauphin Country Fest (Dauphin, MB, Canada) Find tickets
The Matinee at Sun Peaks Resort (June 30, 2019)
Venue: Sun Peaks Resort (Kamloops, BC, Canada) Find tickets
The Matinee at City of Maple Ridge Canada Day (July 1, 2019)
Venue: City of Maple Ridge Canada Day (Maple Ridge, BC, Canada) Find tickets
The Matinee Jun 18, 2019
Excited to share a few upcoming tour dates! Hope to see some of you folks out there on the road. :-)
The Matinee Jun 11, 2019
Canada Day in Maple Ridge. FREE SHOW!!!!! Can't wait to party with The Odds and trash Pat Steward's drums!! :-)
The Matinee Jun 04, 2019
They say that summer is the best time to tour Canada... and having learned the hard way, we couldn’t agree more! Hitting the road and we hope to see you. More dates to follow!
The Matinee May 10, 2019
It’s out friends! check out our cover of Float On by Modest Mouse. Let us know what you think.
The Matinee May 09, 2019
's cover photo
The Matinee May 08, 2019
Check it. #ModestMouse meets #TheMatinee
The Matinee May 06, 2019
Stay tuned for a little tasty treat for your ears.... COMING SOON! #modestmouse #thematinee
The Matinee Apr 11, 2019
Bringing the show to Calgary next week, who’s coming?!!
The Matinee Apr 01, 2019
The Matinee
The Matinee Apr 01, 2019
's cover photo
The Matinee Apr 01, 2019
's cover photo
The Matinee Apr 01, 2019
's cover photo
The Matinee Apr 01, 2019
's cover photo
The Matinee Mar 22, 2019
Correct Dates Listed, with More Announcements Coming Soon. Let's Spend Some Time Together Out There!
The Matinee Mar 20, 2019
's cover photo
The Matinee Mar 19, 2019
With the weather warming.... atleast on the west coast... It’s time to hit the road! Stay tuned for more announcements... **** CORRECTION. TINHORN SHOW IS MAY 25th!!!
The Matinee Jan 18, 2019
Individual 1 and Individual 2.
The Matinee Jan 16, 2019
Here's some data that we're happy to have Facebook share - we're playing in #Kelowna next Friday Jan 25 at #Fernandos! It's an early-ish show....we start at 10:30pm! Can't wait to be back in K-town with all of you wild and crazy party animals. 🍻🍻
The Matinee Jan 15, 2019
Hi Facebook. How's everyone doing? Long time, no talk.
The Matinee Oct 17, 2018
"Thought of maybe quitting... thought of leaving it behind" While on tour sometime last year we pulled through Leeroy Stagger's studio just a little after 9am following a show in Lethbridge, Alberta... and decided upon paying tribute to one of our icons. We played an intimate version of The Tragically Hip's 'Bobcaygeon' originally aired on Leeroy's awesome Dirty Windshields radio show on CKUA..... and you can now hear it here. You're lighting us all up today Gord. Thank You.
The Matinee Sep 21, 2018
More shows next week, spread the word, share the love, and get sweaty with us!
The Matinee Aug 17, 2018
On Sept 7th we return to Jasper, Alberta to play the Jasper Folk Festival, we spoke to The Fitzhugh about sweating it out in the heat ; )
The Matinee Jul 24, 2018
Working on a little music video for our recent cover of #DancingInTheDark! Our own Matt Layzell at the production helm, channeling his inner Martin Scorsese. 😎
The Matinee Jul 17, 2018
To any of our pals in the Vancouver 'burbs....we'll be playing this Friday night at 9:30pm as part of this year's Mission Folk Music Festival!! Can't wait to get our folk on! :-)
The Matinee Jul 17, 2018
Mission Folk Music Festival :-) Friday July 20, 2018.