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Magnetic Fields Oct 13, 2018
Rehearsal images from Stephin Merritt's music production of Orphan of Zhao, Bejing China, Oct 14 2018. Director Chen Shi-Zheng.
Magnetic Fields Oct 12, 2018
Some rehearsal photos from The Orphan of Zhao in Beijing!
Magnetic Fields Oct 12, 2018
Stephin Merritt is in China for the Beijing staging of his Chinese opera "The Orphan of Zhao". The jet lagged experience of the giant lazy susan at a banquet meal...
Magnetic Fields Oct 07, 2018
Stephin Merritt is in Bejing to remount The Orphan of Zhou, a Chinese opera he scored for the director Chen Shi-Zheng. The opera is opening at the prestigeous Bejing Music Festival on Oct 14. Go to Spotify and put in Orphan of Zhou for all the music from the original 2003 Lincoln Center production (and music from two other operas he made with Chen, My Life as a Fairytale and Peach Blossom Fan).
Magnetic Fields Jun 24, 2018
Goodnight to 50 Song Memoir, as it finishes its final night at the Elgin Theater in Toronto. It's been a wonderful experience. Thanks to everyone who came to see it over the last year and a half!
Magnetic Fields Jun 23, 2018
Today is the final day of the final weekend of 50 Song Memoir. We are so sad to wrap up this amazing show, with this amazing band and crew. But we are very happy to be doing it at the elegant Elgin Theater in Toronto, during Pride Weekend! :) Come celebrate with us tonight.
Magnetic Fields Jun 22, 2018
The elegant Elgin theater, Toronto, awaiting an audience. Upstairs at the Winter Garden: Grease! #50songmemoir
Magnetic Fields Jun 22, 2018
We arrive tomorrow to the FINAL weekend of The Magnetic Fields' 50 Song Memoir. It's such a beautiful show, and we are so sad to be winding down to its final weekend of performances. If you find yourself anywhere near Toronto's Luminato Festival, please come see this beautiful two-day concert, Friday and Saturday night!
Magnetic Fields Jun 19, 2018
Bronze philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, humble songwriter Stephin Merritt, and Benjamin Harrison, Curator of Performance Arts and Special Projects at The Andy Warhol Museum, survey the Italian marble lobby of Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Music Hall. 50 Song Memoir concerts begin tonight in Pittsburgh, 6.19/6.20. #50songmemoir
Magnetic Fields Jun 19, 2018
At the Silver Studio Session, The Andy Warhol Museum. Tuesday 6/19 and Wednesday 6/20, the band perform 50 Song Memoir at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Hall of Music. #50songmemoir Tickets at
Magnetic Fields Jun 17, 2018
Thank you Apollo Theater! The shows were wonderful and the audience were a dream. Pictured here- Claudia and Stephin backstage with their friend Michael Hearst. Now onwards to the Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh and Toronto's Elgin Theater! Tickets still available, don't miss these final performances of the wonderful 50 Song Memoir.
Magnetic Fields Jun 16, 2018
New York area friends! It's a beautiful Saturday spring night in New York City! Come up to Harlem and see the Magnetic Fields play the second half of "50 Song Memoir". The first half was amazing. Tickets available at the door or at
Magnetic Fields Jun 15, 2018
holy moly, the New York shows are tomorrow! Tickets are still available for the 50 Song Memoir extravaganza at the Apollo. If you are able to make it, pick one up! Meanwhile please enjoy this little snippet from rehearsal--
Magnetic Fields Jun 14, 2018
And they're off! The Magnetic Fields are heading on the road for their 50 Song Memoir tour of NYC, Pittsburgh and Toronto, starting tomorrow at the Apollo Theater. #50songmemoir Tickets for all shows are available at
Magnetic Fields Jun 12, 2018
Stephin Merritt (and Claudia Gonson) profiled in the New Yorker's Talk of the Town! In advance of this weekend's two 50 Song Memoir shows at the Apollo, 15+16 June.
Magnetic Fields Jun 07, 2018
Canada’s Globe and Mail has published a Magnetic Fields feature, ahead of Toronto's Luminato Festival festival performances on June 22+23, which you can read here: #50songmemoir
Magnetic Fields Jun 07, 2018
If you like listening to real live radio in real live time, don’t forget to tune in at 8pm tonight to hear Stephin’s wonderful DJ set on WFUV! Or if you want to listen in your own time and place, go to the link below for the archive. It’s a great set- don’t miss it. Let us know what you think!
Magnetic Fields Jun 06, 2018
In advance of the Magnetic Fields concerts at the famous Apollo Theater on 6/15 and 6/16, Stephin Merritt will be GUEST DJ on @wfuv tonight at 8pm on #FUVLive. Or listen here
Magnetic Fields Jun 06, 2018
Listen live right now to Stephin Merritt on WKCR Columbia University radio in New York-
Magnetic Fields Jun 05, 2018
Tune in now to hear Stephin Merritt’s guest DJ spot and interview on Pittsburgh’s WYEP!
Magnetic Fields Jun 05, 2018
Heads up that today, Stephin Merritt will do a Guest DJ set on Pittsburgh's WYEP. He''ll talk about "50 Song Memoir," and the band's upcoming show at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Music Hall, 19+20 June. Tune in at 2:20 PM!
Magnetic Fields May 25, 2018
Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine has folded, after almost 50 strange and glamorous years. I adore Interview. I even have the box set, see photo. The Andy Warhol Museum #50songmemoir
Magnetic Fields May 21, 2018
In case you missed it, here is the archive of Stephin Merritt and Sam Davol performing four songs live on the WNYC Radio "New Sounds" show.
Magnetic Fields May 19, 2018
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