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The Lunch Club Jan 27, 2019
The Lunch Club's cover photo
The Lunch Club Feb 03, 2016
The Lunch Club- You Can Leave Your Hat On (Originally performe...
The Lunch Club Dec 30, 2015
Today we perform at #ShortsFestUMCE with a very special setlist. We hope we'll be able to show you some videos later.
The Lunch Club Oct 10, 2015
Well, as we promised earlier this week, it's debut video time! Here's to you our first video for Portishead's "Roads" live from the rehearsal room. We hope you'll like it and support this project that is just getting started. Thank you very much.
The Lunch Club Oct 06, 2015
The song we covered for the Dark Rock Productions' compilation "Cycling Colours Vol. VI" as our tribute to theGathering. In a couple of days we will play our first live performance and after that, we'll reveal the video for our second cover song, so stay tuned. Very busy days are coming for us.
The Lunch Club Sep 19, 2015
A few weeks to our (hopefully) first live event. It will come with a little surprise. Stay tuned.
The Lunch Club Aug 09, 2015
The Lunch Club's cover photo
The Lunch Club Aug 05, 2015
The Lunch Club
The Lunch Club Aug 03, 2015
I believe in this life, but not the afterlife...
The Lunch Club Jul 29, 2015
In this very moment...
The Lunch Club Jun 12, 2015
Now in Bandcamp.
The Lunch Club Jun 05, 2015
Look for our beloved bandmates on the section of musicians who collaborated in this volume of Cycling Colours.
The Lunch Club Jun 05, 2015
We are very happy with the outcome of this project's first release. Now you can also listen to "Proof" on Youtube. Feel free to share as you please.
The Lunch Club Jun 04, 2015
Listen to our first published song, "Proof" (theGathering cover) HERE.
The Lunch Club Jun 04, 2015
"Cycling colours - A Tribute To theGathering Vol. 6" Album, featuring THE LUNCH CLUB's version of "Proof" available for FREE from June 3rd on this link:
The Lunch Club Jun 03, 2015
We are happy to announce the official release of the 6th volume of the theGathering tribute compilation CYCLING COLOURS, which contains one cover song recorded by us! Listen to The Lunch Club and many other Latin American and European music projects. Download the album for FREE by clicking on the following link. We hope you'll like it.
The Lunch Club May 31, 2015
One of the songs we love to listen to (and to play... too).
The Lunch Club May 26, 2015
Revisen esta nota publicada por Dark Rock Productions sobre nosotros.
The Lunch Club May 26, 2015
So it's official... The Lunch Club will be participating in the next volume of the theGathering's tribute compilation "Cycling Colours" with the cover of the song "Proof". Date of release... SOON.
The Lunch Club May 23, 2015
When he is not working on The Lunch Club's music, he is rocking your world as Olecram Amazed, Salvatierra's own musical project. Check out his debut album and new EP on his Facebook page.
The Lunch Club May 15, 2015
Listen to some of our first recorded projects.
The Lunch Club May 15, 2015
The Lunch Club May 15, 2015
The Lunch Club