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The Lumineers
The Lumineers Dec 11, 2018
This time last week we had the pleasure of performing at the COLORADO MUSIC HALL OF FAME presented by Comfort Dental. It was a beautiful evening full of great people. Here are some photos from the event.
The Lumineers Dec 07, 2018
René Aubry Official - Salento My wife showed me this track and it blew me away the first time I heard it. When that first melody enters, it’s like this crispy piece of iceberg audio lettuce. The instrumentation is superb; everything in the song had to be there and nothing is excessive nor wasted. Everything from the percussion to the minimal strings, this song is an sonic masterpiece. – Jeremiah
The Lumineers Dec 04, 2018
Come hang 🤙 Tickets on sale now. Hangout Music Festival
The Lumineers Dec 04, 2018
We are live streaming our #24HoursofReality performance on Facebook at 5p PT tomorrow.
The Lumineers Nov 30, 2018
We have a Spotify playlist where we add songs that inspire us. The Tragically Hip - Long Time Running I got into this band through a film about the band called “Long Time Running”. Their lead singer Gordon Downie, battled brain cancer and died last year at age 53. The incredible thing about the film was that they knew they only had 1 tour left, and so it was a true farewell tour to fans across Canada, where they are one of the most beloved bands. The film begins with this song being played live - there’s a line i fell in love with - “You've got a boat-load of nerve, But I would say you've been told, You work me against my friends, And you'll get left out in the cold”. Incredible songwriter and band. - Wesley
The Lumineers Nov 29, 2018
We are so excited to headline Hangout Music Festival. Join us on the beach 🤙Tickets on sale Tues 12/4 at 11 AM EST.
The Lumineers Nov 28, 2018
We’re celebrating the holidays with 30% off our online store! Shop now through Friday. Use code HAPPYHOLIDAYS
The Lumineers Nov 27, 2018
When the world comes together, there’s no challenge we can't overcome. We’re honored to join Climate Reality Dec. 3-4 for #24HoursofReality, the largest global conversation on the climate crisis.
The Lumineers Nov 27, 2018
Always honored to share the stage with these amazing musicians and friends. Lauren Jacobson (strings, vocals) and Stelth Ulvang (multi-instrumentalist, vocals) have collaborated with us since 2011 and appeared on numerous songs on both albums, Byron Isaacs (bass, vocals) joined in 2015 as we created Cleopatra. Stay tuned. We’ve got things in the works. 📸 Danny Clinch Photography
The Lumineers Nov 14, 2018
My first concert ever. I was actually going to see the opening band Midtown. I still remember going with my two friends. One of their dads drove us there and as he waited in the back of the venue for the concert to finish, we absolutely had the time of our lives. - jeremiah #music
The Lumineers Nov 05, 2018
Amazon Music
The Lumineers Nov 05, 2018
Just voted, Thankful for the Mail-in ballot option - Go Vote
The Lumineers Nov 02, 2018
A chance thing happened when Simone showed me a song I had never heard, and we decided to record it. The movement, the emotion and the story all hit me at once. Here is #BellBottomBlues, captured in the moment. – Wesley
The Lumineers Oct 29, 2018
I love the sound and taste of violin. - Wesley Violin Wine
The Lumineers Oct 19, 2018
Excited to be a part of this event in a state dear to our hearts. COLORADO MUSIC HALL OF FAME
The Lumineers Oct 18, 2018
Every band is like an organism - it continually grows, changes & evolves. These changes aren’t always easy but are an unavoidable part of life. After writing, recording and touring the world together for the past eight years, Neyla has made the decision to leave the Lumineers in order to pursue her solo career. We wish her nothing but the best going forward.
The Lumineers Oct 11, 2018
A moment we’ll always cherish. #Walls Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
The Lumineers Oct 03, 2018
The story behind #Walls and our musical hero Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
The Lumineers Oct 02, 2018
I hope you are enjoying #Walls. Wearing a t-shirt from our tour with the man himself today. RIP Tom Petty - Wesley
The Lumineers Oct 02, 2018
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is a musical hero to us. We were lucky enough to tour with him, and this song #Walls is the song Wes' wife walked down the aisle to. We recorded our version backstage before a show after Tom died, and the proceeds will go to MusiCares – an organization that helps all kinds of musicians.
The Lumineers Sep 27, 2018
#TBT to our show Centre Vidéotron in Quebec, March 2017.
The Lumineers Sep 24, 2018
The Lumineers Sep 18, 2018
That’s all she wrote 🖋
The Lumineers Sep 14, 2018
Pink Floyd - Coming Back to Life My older brother loved trying to learn Pink Floyd guitar solos when we were teenagers. His bedroom was right next to mine and I can always remember hearing take after take of various floyd songs being learned muffled through my bedroom walls. This is their live version from their album Pulse, which to me will remain one of my favorite albums of all time. I used to watch Pulse on VHS with my buddy Blake in New Jersey, and we always loved watching this song together. - jeremiah
The Lumineers Sep 07, 2018
Blake Mills - If I’m Unworthy I first got into Blake Mills when we were on a big tour with Dr. Dog. The singer, Scott, turned me onto him for having fantastic guitar sounds on his records. This guitar tone and entire production just blows me away every time I hear it. It reminds me if Paul McCartney and Stevie Ray Vaughn wrote a song together. It's the perfect sensibility of guitar virtuosity meeting strong songwriting. -Jer