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Coconut Christmas
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The Lost Fingers Dec 30, 2018
Seriously thanks so much for putting our Spotify numbers 6 times over those of last year! This is phenomenal for us as some major label artists don’t even get those figures! The Lost Fingers wish you all the best in 2019 and once again thanks for all that support!!! 321,794 listeners #spotify
The Lost Fingers Dec 25, 2018
Had to share this with our Lost Fingers family! Crazy idea brought by François Coulombe-Giguère & 107,3 Rouge. François raps the 2018 year events in French on an arranged (by The Lost Fingers) version of Loud’s monstrous track “Toutes les femmes savent danser”. Great video production via Productions 4 Élements! This was all done in one week! Amazing everyone;-)!!! Thanks to our sponsors: Godin Guitars (OFFICIAL) for the amazing nylon string Arena’s. Tiger of Sweden Tiger of Sweden - Toronto for the beyond funky leopard coats, pants, boots, belts etc. Mood Eyewear ITALIA INDEPENDENT for those amazing gold, shiny shades. Bose for the amazing L1 Compact for the playback track during our video shoot. Happy Holidays and it’s a time for giving so share,share,share!!!
The Lost Fingers Dec 24, 2018
Happy Holidays to Bose across the world! Your sound equipment is user friendly, of practical design and amazing in quality. It’s a true honour you use all your available systems! Joyeuses Fêtes et merci Pascal Castonguay!
The Lost Fingers Dec 24, 2018
Happy Holidays to all at Godin Guitars (OFFICIAL)!!! This is a huge opportunity you’ve given us and it’s an honour to officially work with you all! Merci et Joyeuses Fêtes!!! @Simon Godin @carl langevin
The Lost Fingers Dec 24, 2018
Happy Holidays to Mood Eyewear ITALIA INDEPENDENT! Thanks for another great year @andré belanger! Grazie et Merci;-)!
The Lost Fingers Dec 23, 2018
Merry Christmas to our stylish sponsors (10 years now!!!), Tiger of Sweden Tiger of Sweden Montreal Slavin Raphael!!! Happy Holidays & Joyeuses Fêtes!!! Thanks so much for another great year Laurence Slavin Gillian Holmes!
The Lost Fingers Dec 20, 2018
La cuisinière, un classique interprété à la manière unique de The Lost Fingers. 🌲 Joyeuses fêtes à tous et à toutes ⛄
The Lost Fingers Dec 20, 2018
Productions 4 Élements
The Lost Fingers Dec 17, 2018
Feliz Navidad toute le monde!!! Merci WKND 91,9 FM c’est toujours une plaisir!!!
The Lost Fingers Dec 17, 2018
Yeah! A little Jingle Bell Rock à 107,5 Rouge ce midi!
The Lost Fingers Dec 17, 2018
The Lost Fingers are so lucky to be sponsored by Vintage 47 Amps!!! Wow what a beauty!!!
The Lost Fingers Dec 15, 2018
The Lost Fingers
The Lost Fingers Dec 14, 2018
Aimerez-vous gâter quelqu’un cet année;-)?
The Lost Fingers Dec 13, 2018
Seriously thank you so much to all our Spotify supporters around the globe! These numbers are 4 times the amount at this time last year and quite astonishing for a group of our kind. We are very humbled yet proud because of the work we’ve put into our music over the last few years. Keep that tree a swinging and sharing the good vibes!
The Lost Fingers Dec 11, 2018
The Lost Fingers
The Lost Fingers Dec 10, 2018
Aimerez vous gâter vraiment quelqun à Noël;-)? Ne manque pas cette chance de fou!!!
The Lost Fingers Dec 07, 2018
Tres cool avec la gang trippante de Gravel le matin ce matin évidemment!!!
The Lost Fingers Dec 05, 2018
A simple thank you to you all! Simplement merci à vous tous! Spotify
The Lost Fingers Dec 04, 2018
Thanks so much to our Lost Fingers family for your invested listening time!!! Merci à tous notre famille d’auditeurs pour votre temps précieux d’écoute!!! 120,000 monthly listeners!!!
The Lost Fingers Dec 03, 2018
The Lost Fingers Dec 03, 2018
“Un disque d’ambiance érudit et brillant.” -La Presse Bravo to all the musicians who collaborated on this crazy 5 year Christmas project especially John Jorgenson for your masterfully inspired playing and creative guidance!!! Thanks Bireli Lagrene Officiall Cyrille AiméeRobin Nolan Kattam Tam Amir Amiri François RiouxJim Doxas Sylvain NeaultDenis Plante Raynald Drouin
The Lost Fingers Nov 25, 2018
Great critique and enthusiasm around our 3rd Christmas adventure with the magnificent, John Jorgenson. Our first all-instrumental album called Worldwide Christmas which sublimely showcases the multitude of talents of this legendary multi-instrumentalist. It’s sure to get your tree a swinging’!
The Lost Fingers Nov 24, 2018
PANORAMAMANIA tonight in Ville de Sorel-Tracy Cabaret Les Années Folles! #wow #malade
The Lost Fingers Nov 24, 2018
SOLD OUT TONIGHT yeah! Sorel, Quebec on va tripper ce soir!