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The Blue Hour
Night Thoughts
Dog Man Star 20th Anniversary Live - Royal Albert Hall
Bloodsports (Deluxe)
The Best Of
A New Morning
Sci-Fi Lullabies
Suede (Remastered)
The London Suede Oct 31, 2018
Here's the seventh part of the band's track by track of 'The Blue Hour' where they discuss 'Life Is Golden'.
The London Suede Oct 29, 2018
“When it all is much too much We'll run to the wastelands” Watch now. Starring ROBBIE GRIFFITH Drone operator RYAN LOVEJOY DoP & Editor: JOHNSTONE MACPHERSON-STEWART Directed by GILES CAMPBELL LONGLEY Executive Producer Mike Christie (Director) ‘The Blue Hour’ is available everywhere:
The London Suede Sep 27, 2018
We want to know what your favourite song from #TheBlueHour is and why? Stream/download here:
The London Suede Sep 21, 2018
The London Suede Sep 21, 2018
“The Blue Hour” is here and available to stream/download everywhere: “The key to all this is to never rest on past glory but to keep pushing what you do and keep creating.” – Brett Anderson
The London Suede Sep 19, 2018
The five band members sat down to talk about how everything came together for 'The Blue Hour'. Here’s part 1: 'As One'. Get the new album now:
The London Suede Sep 18, 2018
“The Songs For The Blue Hour” playlist has been updated. Now including songs from Beach House, The Woods Band and #CharlesIves... Enjoy. - Suede HQ
The London Suede Sep 14, 2018
Flytipping - taken from Suede’s upcoming album ‘The Blue Hour’ - is now available to stream across all platforms (+ available to download now!). Thank us later. - Suede HQ
The London Suede Sep 13, 2018
Tomorrow… #Flytipping. Pre-order #TheBlueHour now:
The London Suede Sep 11, 2018
It's coming... #Flytipping + remember, #TheBlueHour is out on September 21st. Pre-order it here:
The London Suede Aug 28, 2018
Need something to get you through the week? This isn’t the playlist for you. Featuring some incredible artists including the one and only Joni Mitchell, here are the Songs for The Blue Hour…
The London Suede Aug 16, 2018
To celebrate the overwhelming reaction to ‘Life is Golden’ we’ve signed a limited number of collectable CD and Vinyl. Available now on the official store here:
The London Suede Aug 16, 2018
Untitled Album
The London Suede Aug 15, 2018
It is here. ‘Life Is Golden’ the official video, watch below. You can also stream/ download the song right here: Directed by Mike Christie (Director) and premiered by The Quietus. #TheBlueHour
The London Suede Aug 15, 2018
Today. #LifeIsGolden #TheBlueHour
The London Suede Jul 17, 2018
"Coal Black Mornings is profoundly moving, funny and intense - a book which stands alongside the most emotionally truthful of personal stories". And we are excited to let the US + Canadian fans know, Brett’s book will be available to purchase later this year: USA – published by Little, Brown US on 2nd October: CANADA – published by Indigo Books on 2nd October:
The London Suede Jul 12, 2018
Midnight. #DBAINLY #TheBlueHour
The London Suede Jul 11, 2018
#DBAINLY #TheBlueHour
The London Suede Jul 10, 2018
#DBAINLY #thebluehour
The London Suede Jul 09, 2018
#DBAINLY #thebluehour
The London Suede Jun 15, 2018
The Songs Of Other England, Richard Oakes’ critically acclaimed new album with Artmagic, is OUT NOW. CD: Bandcamp: Spotify: Apple Music: Artmagic will be performing songs from the album on Facebook Live today at 1400 & 1900 (UK time), see them at
The London Suede Apr 30, 2018
The London Suede's cover photo
The London Suede Apr 30, 2018
The London Suede
The London Suede Apr 28, 2018
The London Suede
The London Suede Apr 27, 2018
Richard Oakes has a brand new album with Artmagic coming on June 15th to all major digital services. The CD edition is available exclusively from - preorders are now open and the first 100 copies are signed. Hear "The Clean Room" at