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Ghost Town Blues
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A Lot Like Birds Aug 10, 2019
We have been seen by another famous youtuber 👀
A Lot Like Birds Jul 25, 2019
What’s everyone’s favorite album to hear instrumental?
A Lot Like Birds Jul 23, 2019
There are still a few of these left and it’s the last day to order! I will be shipping them out tomorrow before I leave for tour (Playing in Tilian’s backing band). Head here: before it’s too late!
A Lot Like Birds Jul 22, 2019
🚨 LIMITED EDITION MERCH ALERT 🚨 Did a short run of 300 Plan B CD's for those of you who want the complete collection. It's the 1st run of the album on CD with the original cover. Order fast! The vinyl runs sold out in a matter of hours!
A Lot Like Birds Jul 19, 2019
Today we invite you to experience your favorite ALLB albums in a new light. These songs were originally intended to stand on their own even before the genius of Cory, Kurt, and Matt's vocals, and now you can finally hear them in their first form! We present to you, The A Lot Like Birds Discography: Instrumental
A Lot Like Birds Jul 02, 2019
Dang, 30k views! Wasn't sure what the crossover audience would be with this track, but glad to see so many of you diggin it! We are playing a show on soon if anyone wants to come see it live: Amber DeLaRosa, JMSEY, Harlequin Rose July 13th. Amber DeLaRosa - "Get to Me" Download/Stream Here:
A Lot Like Birds Jun 28, 2019
For those ALLB fans out there with eclectic music taste beyond Post-Hardcore: This is an update to any fans interested in what I've been doing post break-up. This track is from 1 of 2 projects I've been cooking up & is very dear to my heart. Co-written & produced by myself and Paul Parks (The man behind the DIVISI remixes), this is the Debut single by Amber DeLaRosa. I hope you guys like it, I miss you all dearly <3 - Michael Download/Stream Here: Music Video Direced by Raul Gonzo
A Lot Like Birds Jun 27, 2019
Just gauging interest here: If I were to do a limited run of Plan B CD's, how many of you would be interested? I've had a good number of people ask about them and I'm trying to make sure we could meet a minimum order <3
A Lot Like Birds Jun 26, 2019
Whose jams is this?
A Lot Like Birds Jun 17, 2019
Im a lil late this year but... Happy Fathers Day
A Lot Like Birds May 21, 2019
Our guitarist Santino Franzino teamed up with Dryw Owens & Paul Parks to co-write / produce some tracks with Amber DeLaRosa. They are releasing independently and have just launched an Indiegogo to raise funds for making that happen! Any and all support is greatly appreciated ❤️
A Lot Like Birds May 05, 2019
Happy birthday to man, the myth, the legend Matt Coate & DIVISI! The 20% off sale ends after tomorrow!
A Lot Like Birds May 03, 2019
Our Swan-like song turns 2 years old this Cinco De Mayo! we're celebrating with this new-to-webstore vinyl variant, 20% off the entire store AND the first 11 people to order will receive a handwritten lyric sheet from the record!
A Lot Like Birds Dec 30, 2018
Still Available!
A Lot Like Birds Dec 11, 2018
Due to the overwhelming amount of sad ALLB fans contacting us/breaking my heart after the 1st pressing sold out in under an hour, I decided make one more pressing of our little known first album Plan B in time for the holiday season. This pressing comes in the same shade of gold as the youthfully exuberant years it was conceived in. Limited edition of 250, act fast before you miss your chance!
A Lot Like Birds Dec 07, 2018
Still shakin trunks from the grave. Thank you ❤️
A Lot Like Birds Dec 07, 2018
Grazie mille 🙏🏼
A Lot Like Birds Nov 19, 2018
🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 @xjokerz_
A Lot Like Birds Nov 08, 2018
I think we think we did some make-up youtuber a spook. Some say its an accident. Maybe its maybelline.
A Lot Like Birds Nov 06, 2018
Do you even Connector by A Lot Like Birds if you don't get the No Place tab book?
A Lot Like Birds Nov 02, 2018
No Place Guitar Tablature is now available for the 1st time ever! You may now have a peek behind the curtain of the strangest musical wizardry we ever cast into existence. We wish you good fortune in making any sense of it! - Tabbed in Guitar Pro format - Conversation Piece & Plan B are also available once more. Thank you to Chris Smitheram for all his hard work in tabbing out the chaos!
A Lot Like Birds Oct 30, 2018
Happy 5th Birthday, ya lil creep
A Lot Like Birds Oct 13, 2018
Cory Lockwood, lyricist and vocalist for A Lot Like Birds, is writing a book and it is available for pre-order TODAY on Indiegogo. Donations cover both the price of the publication and secure a future copy of the book, along with other rewards like exclusive vinyl, handwritten pages and even the opportunity to shape the content of the book itself. Link below. Visit, donate, and share with friends: Https://
A Lot Like Birds Sep 21, 2018
Holy shit 🙌🏻 @johnthehaunting
A Lot Like Birds Aug 30, 2018
The final A Lot Like birds show May 6th, 2018 "As shallow as the water is, it swallows me And I can't stop looking at the world around me solemnly As we stand here in the fallen leaves Will you promise me, just promise me That no matter what the weather's like, you'll follow me, follow me? And no matter what I say, you'll take it honestly, honestly to heart? I've got a long way to go and if I do it alone I won't make it"