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Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?
A Lot Like Birds Dec 30, 2018
Still Available!
A Lot Like Birds Dec 11, 2018
Due to the overwhelming amount of sad ALLB fans contacting us/breaking my heart after the 1st pressing sold out in under an hour, I decided make one more pressing of our little known first album Plan B in time for the holiday season. This pressing comes in the same shade of gold as the youthfully exuberant years it was conceived in. Limited edition of 250, act fast before you miss your chance!
A Lot Like Birds Dec 07, 2018
Still shakin trunks from the grave. Thank you ❤️
A Lot Like Birds Dec 07, 2018
Grazie mille 🙏🏼
A Lot Like Birds Nov 19, 2018
🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 @xjokerz_
A Lot Like Birds Nov 08, 2018
I think we think we did some make-up youtuber a spook. Some say its an accident. Maybe its maybelline.
A Lot Like Birds Nov 06, 2018
Do you even Connector by A Lot Like Birds if you don't get the No Place tab book?
A Lot Like Birds Nov 02, 2018
No Place Guitar Tablature is now available for the 1st time ever! You may now have a peek behind the curtain of the strangest musical wizardry we ever cast into existence. We wish you good fortune in making any sense of it! - Tabbed in Guitar Pro format - Conversation Piece & Plan B are also available once more. Thank you to Chris Smitheram for all his hard work in tabbing out the chaos!
A Lot Like Birds Oct 30, 2018
Happy 5th Birthday, ya lil creep
A Lot Like Birds Oct 13, 2018
Cory Lockwood, lyricist and vocalist for A Lot Like Birds, is writing a book and it is available for pre-order TODAY on Indiegogo. Donations cover both the price of the publication and secure a future copy of the book, along with other rewards like exclusive vinyl, handwritten pages and even the opportunity to shape the content of the book itself. Link below. Visit, donate, and share with friends: Https://
A Lot Like Birds Sep 21, 2018
Holy shit 🙌🏻 @johnthehaunting
A Lot Like Birds Aug 30, 2018
The final A Lot Like birds show May 6th, 2018 "As shallow as the water is, it swallows me And I can't stop looking at the world around me solemnly As we stand here in the fallen leaves Will you promise me, just promise me That no matter what the weather's like, you'll follow me, follow me? And no matter what I say, you'll take it honestly, honestly to heart? I've got a long way to go and if I do it alone I won't make it"
A Lot Like Birds Aug 21, 2018
@marcomazzoniart's work on @colemason4l 🙌🏻. Means the world to us to be tied to you for life ❤️
A Lot Like Birds Aug 19, 2018
Pretty cool 🙏🏻
A Lot Like Birds Aug 14, 2018
4 years ago today Michael set out on his 2 month stay alone. in a cabin to write Somewhere in the Sierras. There are still a couple copies of the 2nd vinyl pressing left here:
A Lot Like Birds Aug 03, 2018
Dryw Owens, the man who engineered DIVISI, Sianvar - Stay Lost, Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection, Hail The Sun - Secret Wars, & many more has a new band. Go give Nuoro a like and peep this hawt fire:
A Lot Like Birds Jun 27, 2018
Cory's writing a book.
A Lot Like Birds Jun 26, 2018
‪Selling off the last of this alone. vinyl variant! Unless this thing randomly acquires an overnight cult following, I don't see myself reprinting any time soon:‬ ‪- 2nd Pressing‬ ‪- Edition of 250‬ ‪- Milky Clear w/ Bone Splatter‬
A Lot Like Birds Jun 17, 2018
Happy Father's Day.
A Lot Like Birds Jun 06, 2018
A Lot Like Birds May 15, 2018
Attendees of our final show saw it first, now available online. A Lot Like Birds 2009-2018 Farewell Shirt:
A Lot Like Birds May 13, 2018
Cherish the mothers in your life
A Lot Like Birds May 07, 2018
‪There is no way to explain showing a group of people the absolute UGLIEST parts of yourself, having ZERO time away from them for days on end, involving money and ego and still.. when it comes to an end, loving those people more deeply than most lovers you've had. We endured more hell than would break most marriages (who even get to fuck each other!), and love was the only the that held us together in the end. If I could pick any years to freeze in time forever, it would be the ones I spent with these people. I want to thank all of you SO MUCH for supporting us, but personally i want to thank my bandmates for the best years of my life.‬ - Michael.
A Lot Like Birds May 05, 2018
Today, Cinco De Mayo, is the 1st birthday of DIVISI and the 27th birthday of Matt Coate. Let's wish them a good one 🙌🏻🎉🎊
A Lot Like Birds May 05, 2018
Final show this Sunday, who is gonna laugh / cry / dance with us? Tickets: