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Anthems for Doomed Youth
Anthems for Doomed Youth (Deluxe)
Live at O2 Academy Glasgow, 2015
Time for Heroes - The Best of The Libertines (Bonus Track Version)
The Libertines
Up the Bracket
The Libertines Feb 21, 2019
💥 Thanks to everybody who came out to Peter Doherty's shows this last week. Don't forget his new album with The Puta Madres is out 26th April too. Photo by GigJunkie, but head to Peter's page for more. x
The Libertines Feb 20, 2019
💥 Blinding shots as always by GigJunkie, taken during Peter's show in Northwich.
The Libertines Feb 17, 2019
💥 Happy birthday John. Have a bloody great one.
The Libertines Feb 15, 2019
💥 Our friends over at YONAKA have been plotting their album and UK tour at 💥 Catch a ticket, take a ride.
The Libertines Feb 13, 2019
💥 Peter's tour starts tonight, with a stop off tomorrow on our home turf in Margate. Have the goddam best time! 💥
The Libertines Feb 13, 2019
💥 Carl Barât heads off to Japan to kick off a whole Asian tour in April/May.
The Libertines Feb 11, 2019
Got plenty of things over on the store if you're looking to get something special for your Valentine. Take a look at 💥
The Libertines Feb 08, 2019
It's not right for young lungs to be coughing up blood 💥
The Libertines Feb 07, 2019
💥 The whole scene is obscene, time will strip it away 💥
The Libertines Jan 28, 2019
💥 Peter's been busy. See what he's been up to below.
The Libertines Jan 20, 2019
💥 Thank you if you contributed to the Time For Heroes board at Keep them coming so we can build this tapestry from day one, to now, to the next chapter.
The Libertines Jan 18, 2019
💥 Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres will be performing 6 shows around the UK next month! Tickets are on sale now, so be quick - 💥 Plus Steve Lamacq has a sneak preview of what Peter’s been working on with the band. Tune into BBC Radio 6 Music now to hear ‘Who’s Been Having You Over' or listen back later.
The Libertines Jan 17, 2019
📸 A big thank you to Sara for this one - and thanks again to everyone who's sent bits in already. You know who you are. Keep submitting your Time For Heroes stories, videos, and photos to our new page. Rarer the better:
The Libertines Jan 16, 2019
💥 Peter Doherty is flying solo for four intimate gigs later this month. Head to for any remaining tickets while they last.
The Libertines Jan 15, 2019
💥 Thanks to Camilla for sending this one in. Keep sending all your stories, videos, and photos from the early days in to Hit SUBMIT at the top of that link to drop off your memories and we'll share the best of them.
The Libertines Jan 15, 2019
💥 There's incredibly limited tickets available to join Carl Barât at This Feeling's show for The Cybersmile Foundation available NOW at 💥
The Libertines Jan 14, 2019
Some 16th birthday celebrations for this week.
The Libertines Jan 10, 2019
💥 This one has a birthday on Sunday, and to celebrate we want to start mopping up your photos, videos and stories from the time. Head to and hit SUBMIT. We'll flick through them and share the best into a little time capsule. Especially hunting for anything you don't think has seen the light of day for a while, so dig deep.
The Libertines Dec 27, 2018
💥 While you've a little time to ponder this week, catch the whole of There Are No Innocent Bystanders on our YouTube here.
The Libertines Dec 20, 2018
It's been ten years ago tonight since that final Dirty Pretty Things show at The Astoria. So fill your glass with something sharp and cheers this one.
The Libertines Dec 19, 2018
💥 Setting you up for a beastly hangover on January 1st, Carl Barât will be taking over The Underworld in Camden this NYE alongside RAT BOY. Tickets available from
The Libertines Dec 19, 2018
💥 Pleased to announce that our own Carl Barât is heading to Camden Rocks Festival next summer. 💥 Tickets and all the things are at
The Libertines Dec 16, 2018
Peter here playing Immersed in Cardiff on Thursday, raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust. If you'd like to donate a spare pound, head to x x x Photo by Shaun Jones
The Libertines Dec 15, 2018
💥 For the haters. Available now at
The Libertines Dec 15, 2018
💥 It’s still bloody freezing out there, but we got you covered though with this beaut’ from the Albion Rooms store at