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The Legendary Pink Dots Dec 04, 2018
Sometimes it gets a little boring in Heaven and The Angels gather together on a large grey cloud discussing new techniques in harp strumming and how to make their existence just a little more interesting. Today's theme was "Fun with Hapless Travellers" beginning in East London with The District Line (the subway to the Centre) being suspended at 6am and it finished in Arnhem with all trains cancelled to my destination in Nijmegen. In between was a Eurostar Express stuck in a tunnel and a broken train acting as a barricade to darkest Rotterdam. Yup, Tour time is here...and things seem a tad ominous, with my own personal Guardian Angel still seemingly stuck at Passport Control. All will be forgotten tomorrow as we play the first show in Cologne (Helios 37). Hope to see you there unless you perhaps live in The Central African Republic which could cause a few logistical problems. EK PS.A big thank you to Bandcamp who featured us in their daily special! The link's right here....
The Legendary Pink Dots Nov 14, 2018
's cover photo
The Legendary Pink Dots Oct 28, 2018
It's tough to miss the monsters these days. They don't lurk in the shadows any more, they jump up and down in front of TV cameras poking their hideous tongues out at us. They emit blood curdling shrieks and describe them as tweets. Damn, sometimes it feels like it's Hallowe'en EVERY DAY. In fact, All Hallows Eve still occurs on just one day a year and The Legendary Pink Dots are happy to maintain a time-honoured tradition. Ladies & Gentlemen , we present "THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS' HALLOWE'EN SPECIAL 2018". Sing While You May....
The Legendary Pink Dots Oct 09, 2018
The Pink Dots Winter Tour is expanding. Here is the latest update : 05.12.18 DE Köln Helios 06.12.18 DE Frankfurt Cave 07.12.18 DE München Backstage 08.12.18 CZ Prag Cafe V Lese 09.12.18 PL Wroclaw Stara Piwnica 10.12.18 DE Berlin Quasimodo 12.12.18 F Lyon Sonic 13.12.18 IT Milano Ligera 14.12.18 IT Bologna Freakout 15.12.18 CH Bern Dampfzentrale 16.12.18 NL Amsterdam Q-Factory Meanwhile, on the subject of updates, we just completed a dramatic sonic upheaval of an old anthology which first appeared as a cassette back in the early 90s but contains some of our finer but lesser known moments of the previous decade. Find the 2018 remaster of "Traumstadt 2" right here:
The Legendary Pink Dots Sep 17, 2018
As the long hot Summer recedes here in London, I can’t help thinking back to the glorious seasons at the beginning of the 90s when The Dots worked on “The Maria Dimension”. It's predecessor, “The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse” was a highly composed affair and there was a strong desire in the band to throw the dice, press record and see what happened. Exotic instruments were strewn around the studio ; Bob Pistoor reserved a permanent corner for his sitar , kettle drums were hoisted up the stepladder….hell, we even tried recoding the sound of the mosquitoes. After a few weeks of improvising, the band took a month-long break. A rendezvous in a remote little town in Northern Greece named Floriana was organised between myself, Elke, with Bob and his girlfriend ,Sabine. From there we wound our way in a small car to the coast where I wrote the lyrics to “Belladonna” paddling in the sea. Yes there is a photograph and no, we did not have a smartphone. When we resumed recording back in The Netherlands, we gave shape to the hours of sessions, tried some dedicated thematic experiments (“Disturbance” ,”The Fourth Secret” ) and ultimately mixed “Maria Dimension” together with four pairs of arms stretched across the mixing desk twisting pots, pushing sliders, trying to keep the levels out of the red but usually failing. All these memories flooded back when I was remastering the “Maria Sessions” last week. The source of the album was a cassette in a box which nearly came to a premature demise due to the amount of plastic that could have either been waded through or tossed away a few years ago. Happily, we opted for the former option. We’re down to the last handful of the gloriously packaged double vinyl edition now, and it felt timely to give it new life with an updated edition on cdr together with “The Maria Sessions Volume 2” which had previously only been available as a download. You can find this small corner of Legendary Pink history right here (EK):
The Legendary Pink Dots Aug 02, 2018
The Dots are leaving things late when it comes to Live shows this year with a tour planned for December, but further shows in Europe will no doubt be added early in 2019. This is what we have so far with more to be added in the coming weeks: December 5- COLOGNE / Helios; December 6-FRANKFURT / Cave; December 9- WROCLAW / Stara Piwnica ; December 10 - BERLIN / Quasimodo; December 13 - MILANO / Ligera; December 14 - BOLOGNA / Freakout; December 15 - BERN / Dampfzentrale Please spread the word!
The Legendary Pink Dots Jun 29, 2018
Almost a year to the day when the Rainbow Spinners Tour concluded with emotional farewells at Frankfurt Airport, it's with great pleasure that we can point you towards the finished video for the opening song on the album by Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel. "Pulp Fiction" has been remixed with a new bass line added and re-imagined by the superb video artist David Mack is the necessary link:
The Legendary Pink Dots Jun 17, 2018
It's been a while but that doesn't mean inactivity in the Pink Dots' wild and wonderful universe. In fact we have been preparing long awaited remastered and expanded reissues of our back catalogue and the first fruits of our endeavours will be dropping from the tree in around a fortnight. "Shadow Weaver" has been given a serious audio makeover and finally committed to double vinyl as originally intended, complete with a bonus (and exclusive) 4th side. Likewise "Any Day Now" from 1987 is also available in remastered and expanded form on double vinyl after being out of print for years, again with a bonus 4th side. The 2 remastered titles will be available on cd too and (via Metropolis Records only) as downloads. We have a few copies available in both formats from our Bandcamp site at while both titles can also be obtained from Meanwhile ,below is a taster for "Shadow Weaver":
The Legendary Pink Dots Jun 17, 2018
Untitled Album
The Legendary Pink Dots Apr 22, 2018
Record Store Day 2018 and The Pink Dots are delighted to announce the release of "The Tunnel", a mini-lp on the Noise Noise Noise label. Alas all 127 blue / magenta copies are now history in Europe but those on the other side of the Pond may be in luck by approaching the label directly (via their Discogs page at : ).Happily we still have some black vinyl copies in stock via our Bandcamp site : The song featured is the first of a 4 part journey. Also just released is the CD edition of "The Man Who Floated Away" on Bisou Records, with Edward Ka-Spel teaming up with old friend Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound) for one piece and Colin Potter combining with Quentin Rollet for another. This can be found here: OR at these addresses: :;
The Legendary Pink Dots Jan 18, 2018
We're happy to announce the first LPD related releases of 2018. First to land will be "The Man Who Floated Away "- a split vinyl release on Bisou Records featuring Edward Ka-Spel and Steven Stapleton collaborating on one side and close friends Colin Potter and Quentin Rollet combining on the other. Also slated for release early in February is Edward Ka-Spel's "An Abandoned Laboratory Volume 3" which features lots of previously unreleased material. See below!
The Legendary Pink Dots Dec 31, 2017
To all those Pink Dotted , lesser spotted good souls out there.....HAPPY NEW YEAR! We'll get things right this time....
The Legendary Pink Dots Dec 24, 2017
The Legendary Pink Dots Nov 12, 2017
It's been a while but we're delighted to see the return of "Alena's Song Of the Week" on the Pink Dots' Bandcamp site.More to come!
The Legendary Pink Dots Nov 08, 2017
We're thrilled to announce a rare appearance of Edward Ka-Spel & The Silverman at The St.Ghetto Festival in Bern , Switzerland on November 18.Also on a rather stunning bill for this special Saturday Night is Mick Harris (presenting Fret) and The Residents!
The Legendary Pink Dots Aug 11, 2017
We are delighted to announce that our close friend Dakis of Random Tunes will be handling the booking for future European tours by The Legendary Pink Dots. First show planned by him is in early December in Athens and we hope for a few more dates around this event. We are also set to Play in Barcelona in October while there will be an EK / The Silverman event in Berne , Switzerland in November. Stay tuned for exact details....Website address for Random Tunes is:
The Legendary Pink Dots Jun 13, 2017
Amanda Palmer Live-stream
The Legendary Pink Dots Jun 07, 2017
The Spinning Rainbows Tour featuring Amanda Palmer , Edward Ka-Spel and Patrick Q. Wright is about to enter it’s final stage , and what an exciting ,emotional ride it has been so far. Shows coming up are as follows: 9 June-Antwerp/ Trix Club (B) ;10 June-Amsterdam/Melkweg (NL);11 June-Paris/La Cigale (F);13 June-London/Heaven (GB);16 June:Vienna- Porgy & Bess (sold out) (A) ; 17 June-Duisburg Traumzeit Festival (D); 18 June-Mannheim Maifield Derby Festival (D). As if this were not enough, June 23 marks the release date of “The Brown Acid Caveat” by the Tear Garden together with the retrospective “Eye Spy Volume 2” collection.Both are presented on cd and glorious double vinyl. In the pipeline is a full on collaboration between EK and Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound on the piece “The Man Who Floated Away” which will form one side of a vinyl release on Bisou Records.A wonderful exploration by Quentin Rollet and Colin Potter is featured on the other side. Details of LPD live shows will follow in the next bulletin.
The Legendary Pink Dots May 05, 2017
May the 5th is Rainbow Day. The album is unleashed And it's finally downloadable in it's entirety in pristine quality. right here: Blessed Be!
The Legendary Pink Dots Apr 25, 2017
Delighted to announce the new solo album from Edward Ka-Spel , "High On Station Yellow Moon" on Soleilmoon records which also features contributions from Amanda Palmer. "I Can Spin A Rainbow" is also set for release on May 5 and look out for some delightful video clips to illustrate the songs.Finally, The Silverman is releasing a beautiful art edition of "Silver Mandalas" next's very limited so stay tuned for updates.
The Legendary Pink Dots Mar 09, 2017
The Legendary Pink Dots Mar 03, 2017
We regret we've had to follow suit with a number of contemporary bands and pull out of the forthcoming Festival in Athens for reasons too complicated to enter into here. We sincerely apologise to those who bought tickets in order to see the Dots but we do hope to return to Greece at sometime in the future
The Legendary Pink Dots Feb 20, 2017
A time of great intensity in the peculiar universe of The Legendary Pink Dots. So much happening that perhaps it is best to approach the scenario chronologically…. Even 1 occurs on March 17 in Athens at Etor’s tenebrae De Profundis II Festival which is being staged at the Gagarin 205 venue.A stunning event which also features long term Dots’ friends Nurse with Wound and Sol Invictus. Expect surprises. Event No 2 occurs on April 1 when the Dots travel to Lille for the"Musique au Musee" festival curated by Amikal Sonic at Les Gigottos Automates . Pierre Bastien is also playing at this festival! In May Edward Ka-Spel embarks on a tour with Amanda Palmer and Patrick Q.Wright in support of their collaborative album ,”I Can Spin A Rainbow” which will be released on cd and double vinyl by Cooking Vinyl in late Spring. It’s available for pre-order via Amanda’s Patreon page ( as of tomorrow and elsewhere (including our humble Bandcamp page) three days later. A unique 7” (The Hands EP) is also slated for release , while Amanda is also special guest on EK’s forthcoming solo album, “High On Station Yellow Moon” which is now under production by Soleilmoon Records. This will also be available on cd and limited vinyl.Dates for this tour are as follows: U.S. May 17 - Middle East - Boston May 20 - Bowery Ballroom - New York City May 21 - Rough Trade - Brooklyn, NY May 23 - DNA Lounge - San Francisco May 24 - Troubadour - Los Angeles EUROPE May 31 - Proxima - Warsaw June 1 - Muffathalle - Munich *June 2 - Wave & Gotik Treffen - Leipzig - TICKETS June 4 - Palác Akropolis - Prague June 5 - Fabrik - Hamburg June 9 - Trix Club - Antwerp June 10 - Melkweg - Amsterdam June 11 - Cigale - Paris June 13 - Heaven - London June 16 - Porgy & Bess - Vienna Finally the new Tear Garden album is close to completion.A beauty too. There will be no rest in this interesting year.