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Eat Me
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Bad Decisions
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the LAST VEGAS Mar 23, 2019
Kinda awesome to think that at the end scene of this movie Nikki would be in the studio with TLV less than three years later.
the LAST VEGAS Feb 27, 2019
Hello Chicago! Jerry Bryant of JBTV Music Television has been a big supporter of underground and emerging bands for many years. He's been a supporter of this proud Chicago band as well. Due to illness and monumental bills....Jerry needs the collective community's help, and some of our friends are supporting Jerry at this kick ass event at the legendary Metro Chicago on March 8th, 2019. If you are unable to attend, please feel free to still snag a ticket, donate, w/e you feel comfortable with to help support this Chicago icon. Much Love! -TLV
the LAST VEGAS Feb 02, 2019
What’s this?!? The boys are back in town!!! Danny Smash is trapped somewhere in the arctic but we got him online! Time to record some new TLV ROCK-N-ROLL!!! 🎶💥🎶
the LAST VEGAS Jan 01, 2019
Let’s see what kinda trouble we can get into this year.
the LAST VEGAS Jan 01, 2019
Happy New Year, Rock-N-Roll maniacs!!!
the LAST VEGAS Sep 30, 2018
Rock-N-Roll, swallow your soul! 💉
the LAST VEGAS Jun 02, 2018
"May the mission bell still ring Of the colourful dreams In the faith that everyone will be treated right." The Last Vegas version of a Terry Reid classic! This one is from our EAT ME album. Crank it!
the LAST VEGAS Jun 01, 2018
We know what you've been up to..
the LAST VEGAS Jun 02, 2018
For all those that have been asking. Yes, we are still very much alive. Don't think for a minute that we're done kicking your ass. When the stars align you will be the first to know. I promise. Until then feel free to tell us what your favorite TLV albums or songs are. Any stories that we've inspired would be sweet to hear about too. Cheers, TLV WARRIORS. Thank you for being you. -C.C.
the LAST VEGAS Apr 10, 2018
Hello World Miss You ✌🏻 -❤️TLV
the LAST VEGAS Feb 04, 2018
Working on a few new THE LAST VEGAS tunes this morning. I can be thousands of miles away and still make music with the boys. Gotta love modern technology. Sure, we might not tour like maniacs anymore but we are still creating great new music together. It will always be home. It will always be in our blood. -C.C.
the LAST VEGAS Jan 07, 2018
TLV sliding into 2018! Kickin' around a few new song ideas and doin' what we do best.. Generating some serious hardcore ROCK-N-ROLL!
the LAST VEGAS Aug 11, 2017
"COME ON, BABY!" It's TLV time! "Let's put it all down on that LUCKY 13!"
the LAST VEGAS Jul 20, 2017
Summertime R-N-R.
the LAST VEGAS Jul 07, 2017
SUMMERFEST 50th in Milwaukee, WI this Saturday!!!!!! #thelastvegas #summerfest50 #milwaukee #rocknrollmusic
the LAST VEGAS Jun 27, 2017
Hello Internet, From Cali with love -TLV #thelastvegas
the LAST VEGAS Jun 01, 2017
Excited to announce our first show of 2017 and we will be returning to the largest festival in the world Milwaukee Summerfest Sat July 8 Harley Davidson Stage with Chevelle and Highly Suspect! We hit the stage at 7PM...ROCK!
the LAST VEGAS May 26, 2017
Summer's in the air and BIG SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT coming soon and who's ready to ROCK in July?!?
the LAST VEGAS May 17, 2017
"I can't tell if you are just a dream." TLV's She's My Confusion.
the LAST VEGAS May 03, 2017
TLV! #waybackwednesday This was from a rockin' night in Valencia!
the LAST VEGAS Apr 24, 2017
Time for some Rock-N-Roll music! Sorry for the message gap, TLV WARRIORS! We haven't forgotten about you!
the LAST VEGAS Mar 16, 2017
TLV talks about dream tours!
the LAST VEGAS Mar 07, 2017
💥Let's ROCK!!!! "You & Me" by TLV!💥
the LAST VEGAS Mar 01, 2017
Hey, TLV WARRIORS!!! You gotta check out what Chad Cherry has been up to with Chad Cherry Clothing! Get some custom made TLV gear made just for you! Sh*t is crazy!!!
the LAST VEGAS Feb 15, 2017
💥 SOUND MATTERS w/ Chad Cherry 💥