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Mac the Knife Jun 24, 2019
THIS FRIDAY. BE THERE. @thelansdowne @okinosan
Mac the Knife Jun 21, 2019
Keeeeen as a bloody bean for @thelansdowne Next friday with @okin_osan
Mac the Knife Jun 08, 2019
We got a busy month ahead. Plenty of #COOL shows with some #HOT bands to keep you #WARM on those #COLD winter nights.
Mac the Knife Jun 07, 2019
Backyard Opera Chucked us on their june gig guide <3 Event: Graveyard Shift - Mac The Knife + Okin Osan
Mac the Knife Jan 21, 2019
Make sure you feast your eyes on these guy’s, they’ve tied together a masterpiece, it’ll leave you wanting more!
Mac the Knife Jan 09, 2019
Backyard Opera creatively summed up what was truly a merry night!
Mac the Knife Dec 14, 2018
TONIGHT WE PLAY OUR FINAL SHOW OF THE YEAR AT @bvhnewtown August Auzins - 9.00 @bruisepristineband - 10.00 @mactheknifeband - 11.00
Mac the Knife Dec 12, 2018
These limited edition bad boys are going to be available at the show on Friday thanks to @osowildlife Verrryyy limited so snatch em quick for ya stocking fillers.
Mac the Knife Dec 03, 2018
THURSDAY IS GONNA BLOW IT'S LID: Good Name Presents A Psyched As Takeover $10 ENTRY. CHEAP DRINX. GREATS BANDS. 📸 Tim Kelly
Mac the Knife Nov 22, 2018
Ya boys Murray Darling have made yet another Aussie banger!
Mac the Knife Sep 19, 2018
JACK AND JILL OFFICAL VIDEO Off our EP "Silvertongue" Check it out <3 spotify: Directed by Harrison Scott Shot Cameron McCormack Assistant Director Jarred Cross Colourist Jordan Benjamin
Mac the Knife Sep 17, 2018

Mac the Knife Sep 12, 2018
"With a shredding guitar to accompany him, lead singer Bryn paraded through the crowd, intensely starring into the hearts and souls of their Newtown audience. Standing on the bar, the passion in his singing translated to the audience, who went nothing short of mental." Cheers Backyard Opera for the lovely, lovely words, we're blushing
Mac the Knife Sep 03, 2018
Still on a high from King Street Crawl 2018 last night. Love to you all. Photo by Sam MacDonald @samphototv
Mac the Knife Jul 31, 2018
<3 <3 <3
Mac the Knife Jul 13, 2018
Heya, we're finally on band camp after all this time give it a geez lovelies. Also in no way is this post to distract you from recent events and what is such a common occurrence during shows and everyday life. To re-iterate sexual misconduct and harassment towards women is an absolute fucking disgrace all blokes need to re-acess their behaviour. Got to a sticky fingers show if your pro "boys will be boys" don't come to ours.
Mac the Knife Jul 10, 2018
Last saturday was a good time however, the behavior of certain people in the crowd was not on. How fucking dare you use a space which should be safe for all, to abuse and harass others. We are furious. We do not tolerate anti- social and abusive behaviour in the mosh and will call anyone out who does it. It's fucked up that it happened, but it's even more fucked up that it is a regular occurance. It doesn't take much to stop someone from being a fuckwit, and sometimes you can be the only person who witnesses it. If you see something, do something. Call out your mates if they are being gronks. We want our shows to be a good time, but if your idea of a good time is to the detriment others around you (in particular women) we do not want you there. Ever. Cheers, Mac the Knife ❤
Mac the Knife Apr 01, 2018
Curtis and jonny cuddling after this easter celebrations 🐰🐥hope evreyone is rising again and getting ready. Mac is coming back! See yall very soon so stay posted!
Mac the Knife Mar 23, 2018
lil blast from the past for y'all on this lovely friday morning.
Mac the Knife Mar 09, 2018
Mac the Knife Mar 04, 2018
Here it is guys! Just incase you missed it. Jack and jill offical music video out now on youtube! Check it outtt. Don't forget to like and share the video!!
Mac the Knife Feb 26, 2018
Youuu beautyyyyy!!! We're proud to present, our brand new video clip for "Jack and Jill" Thanks to the legends at Happy Mag for the interview and premier. Have a geez. Directed: Harrison Scott & Jarred Cross Shot: Cameron McCormack
Mac the Knife Feb 21, 2018
Got something big in the works for you guys!!! Stay tuned ;) #JackandJill
Mac the Knife Feb 08, 2018
Ya bois Murray darling just released a NEW SINGLE!!- “Leave Me This Way” check it out.