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The Jungle Giants Jun 20, 2019
ITS ALL GOIN DOWN THIS SAT BB. Tune in to triple j at 12pm to reward your ears and hear our set from splendour 2018. Gunna be chatting live right after about the show and (maybe)(possibly)(some upcoming ones as well) xx
The Jungle Giants Jun 17, 2019
Get someone who looks at u like the camera looks at Cesira 😍
The Jungle Giants Jun 11, 2019
Had such a good hoon at The Drop Festival!!! Thanks to everyone that came to a show. Every single one was NUTS. more shows comin, cya soon hun x. 📷 Daniel Craig
The Jungle Giants Jun 10, 2019
Our mini world tour is finally over and just a quick THANKYOU to everyone that came. It’s taken us YEARS to make it finally make it happen and we are just blown away that every show sold out. Met so many lovely amazing fans and had the time of our lives. Head over to insta for a photo dump. We’ll be back very very soon we promise. Yeah baby xx. 📷 @NeelamKhanVela
The Jungle Giants Jun 08, 2019
Happy 1 year EP anniversary to one of the certified best @willaris.k - love you forever baby xo. 📷 Rachel Ngaire
The Jungle Giants Jun 04, 2019
U gotta keep your styles up EVEN in winter okay x
The Jungle Giants Jun 03, 2019
's cover photo
The Jungle Giants Jun 02, 2019
Just played our last show for a tiny lil while. New music on the way Hehehehe x 📷 Daniel Craig
The Jungle Giants Jun 02, 2019
Hot tip for the fashion conscious/sun sensitive. I give you... The Brolly Jacket. x
The Jungle Giants May 30, 2019
V excited to reunite the yin yang boyz this Saturday at The Drop Festival W.A. w/ Hockey Dad xx
The Jungle Giants May 29, 2019
Hello LA. We’re glad you came to the meeting. Now please take a seat and listen up. 20 tickets left for tonight at The Echo. Get your coins out and grab em before fomo grabs you. Link below. On at 10:30 let’s get greasy x
The Jungle Giants May 28, 2019
LA tomorrow. Nearly sold out. Link below for last tickets.. it’s a new era and we fucking rule get with it hunni x
The Jungle Giants May 27, 2019
Hello San Francisco papi is here and he’s feeling greasy. The good news is there’s 5 tickets left for tonight. The bad news is NOTHING. everything is fucking great x
The Jungle Giants May 24, 2019
Some people think it’s tough being world class models but tbh for us it’s really easy xx NY tomorrow, Chicago day after, San Fran day after then, LA day after that and then we retire from modelling for a sec
The Jungle Giants May 22, 2019
USA shows selling fast! 🇺🇸 Tix:
The Jungle Giants May 21, 2019
New York just SOLD OUT BABY. BK knows what’s up. Chicago, San Fran and LA just about to sell out. We here and we feeling very saucy. Get ya coins out. Link below. x
The Jungle Giants May 17, 2019
Oh hey there USA, our tour starts soon and the party is comin. Tickets are sellin fast so ya better get on it hun:
The Jungle Giants May 16, 2019
USA shows selling fast! 🇺🇸 Tix:
The Jungle Giants May 14, 2019
First show in London ever tonight!!! She’s about to sell out and we’re about to pop off baby. Let’s see ya shimmy. Last tickets here get ya coins out. CANT WAIT X
The Jungle Giants May 14, 2019
Sad Dead Dooris
The Jungle Giants May 13, 2019
So excited for London TOMORROW NIGHT. Tickets are just about gone so make sure you don’t snooze, get em here: Gunna get so deep we enter the matrix. Let’s get spooky x
The Jungle Giants May 10, 2019
We are touring 🇬🇧🇫🇷🇺🇸 this MAY! Tix:
The Jungle Giants May 09, 2019
Cheers Amsterdam and Paris. Two nights, two sold out shows and a heap of new friends. Such a great time. See you next time. Off to Brighton now for The Great Escape Festival x
The Jungle Giants May 07, 2019
Amsterdam we are here and we are ready to burn. 20 tickets left for tonight at Paradiso. Get em below. The heat is hot let’s blaze it honey x
The Jungle Giants May 06, 2019
ding ding London. Lemme tell ya a secret. Less than 100 tickets left for Heaven on the 14th. CANT WAIT. Tix: