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Quiet Ferocity
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The Jungle Giants and Confidence Man at Flinders University (March 1, 2019)
Venue: Flinders University (Adelaide, SA, Australia) Find tickets
The Drop Manly The Drop Manly 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Manly, NSW, Australia) Find tickets
The Drop Coolangatta The Drop Coolangatta 2019
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Park (Coolangatta, QLD, Australia) Find tickets
The Drop Festival - Torquay The Drop Festival - Torquay 2019
Venue: Torquay Common (Torquay, VIC, Australia) Find tickets
Liverpool Sound City Festival Liverpool Sound City Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Liverpool, UK) Find tickets
Liverpool Sound City Festival Liverpool Sound City Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Liverpool, UK) Find tickets
The Drop Festival | Busselton WA The Drop Festival | Busselton WA 2019
Venue: Barnard Park (Busselton, WA, Australia) Find tickets
The Jungle Giants Feb 20, 2019
Not bad for a coupla nerds 📷 Charlie Hardy
The Jungle Giants Feb 18, 2019
Big old cheers as to everyone who made Party In The Paddock and UNSW Roundhouse so INSANE. We were blown away and we really enjoyed ourselves. Keep it fab see ya again hun x. 📷 @charliehardy
The Jungle Giants Feb 12, 2019
See you tomoz Sydney. Sold out show at UNSW Roundhouse w/ classic tour bud Alice Ivy. We’re on at 9:30pm for some pose strikin’. 📷 Charlie Hardy
The Jungle Giants Feb 11, 2019
Shout out and THANKYOU to the lords at Fender for sending us some new axes. New music is coming along nicely and this is just gunna put the cherry on top tell ya what x
The Jungle Giants Feb 07, 2019
Okay Tasmania listen here. I hope you’re ready because we’re ready and that would be such a waste of readiness if you ain’t. See you tomorrow Launceston - at Party In The Paddock. Paddock stage, 10pm. X
The Jungle Giants Jan 31, 2019
So excited to FINALLY BE making our UK debut this May at The Great Escape - We’re comin in thicc and quicc so get READY. More to announce soon can’t wait xxx
The Jungle Giants Jan 28, 2019
Having a good holiday!!!!!! w/ my grl Confidence Man
The Jungle Giants Jan 16, 2019
Headed back to Sydney for a hoon at Roundhouse on the 13th of FABruary. Keep it fab n nothin less x
The Jungle Giants Jan 15, 2019
Free ya mind/soul/body and ass at The Drop Festival - tickets on sale now hunni. SEE YA THERE xo
The Jungle Giants Jan 03, 2019
THANK U to everyone that helped make 2018 the best year of our lives so far!!!! So excited to lay it down even harder this year. SEE YOU SOON xoxoxoxo. 📷 Daniel Craig
The Jungle Giants Dec 29, 2018
Hot and ready to get extremely extreme TOMORROW NIGHT at Beyond The Valley. 10:30pm on the main stage. Let’s get dis bread papi 📷 Charlie Hardy
The Jungle Giants Dec 14, 2018
Scru u CYCLONE OWEN. Guys we’re sad to say our show tomorrow night at Beachclub Maroochydore has been cancelled due to weather. We’re in chats with the festival looking for another date - WE’LL SORT IT. In the meantime enjoy this photo. You can read a statement from the festival here: 📷 Daniel Craig
The Jungle Giants Dec 05, 2018
RLLY FEELING OURSELVES AFTER THAT WEEKEND - thank you to everyone who came out to Caves House in W.A. That was such a snack of a show we’ll see you again for the main course honey. XO. 📷 Daniel Craig
The Jungle Giants Nov 28, 2018
THANK YOU Grapevine Gathering - we had a very wonderful time with you sweety and you kept it loose yet classy. Cloosey. See you again. 📷 Charlie Hardy
The Jungle Giants Nov 21, 2018
WELL THANKYOU Spilt Milk !! - we had an absolutely succulent time and let me just say you were one tasty snack. See you again Canberra. x. 📷 Charlie and Beau Hardy
The Jungle Giants Nov 20, 2018
This is a photo of us and our manager Stu celebrating two things on Sunday: 1 - Sam flew us down to Melbourne to listen to a bunch of new music in the studio over a couple margaritas. We’re so excited to release new music after the amazing time we’ve had since Quiet Ferocity. TIME FOR MORE OKAY CHEERS. Now number 2. We just found out that Feel The Way I Do and Used To Be In Love have GONE GOLD and we are are SO stoked. Thanks so much to our fans old and new, for making all this possible. WE LOVE YOU. And also to this bad boy on the couch with us, love you too Stu you old stinker. X
The Jungle Giants Nov 07, 2018
Dear Wanneroo and The Lost Lands - thanks for a lovely weekend. Really popped off. See you again sweetie x. 📷 Matsu Photography
The Jungle Giants Nov 03, 2018
It’s okay to be low key stunned by how high key stunning we look right now
The Jungle Giants Nov 01, 2018
Extremely hot n ready for a double hoedown this weekend. SAT: W.A in Wanneroo and SUN: The Lost Lands in Vic. Yeehaw bitch. x 📷 Charlie Hardy
The Jungle Giants Oct 31, 2018
Thank you Cairns darling - we had a lovely time at The Grass Is Greener and the margaritas were great. Cya next time. x 📷 Charlie Hardy
The Jungle Giants Oct 27, 2018
we’re making margaritas
The Jungle Giants Oct 23, 2018
Ya better take a knee and pray to the party gods cairns cos we’re comin. See you Saturday at The Grass Is Greener x. 📷 Charlie Hardy
The Jungle Giants Oct 15, 2018
🇳🇿HOWDY NEW ZEALAND🇳🇿 Not many spots left for our show THIS FRIDAY 19th at The Studio Auckland. Gunna be extremely lovely. Get your tix and get it done hun. x 📷 Charlie Hardy
The Jungle Giants Oct 09, 2018
Free your mind, soul, body and butt in Tasmania via Party In The Paddock. CYA IN FEB x
The Jungle Giants Oct 05, 2018
Gday NSW, it’s 1 week till @fkafestival. Tickets are goin fast so jump on quick or the party bus will leave without ya. Tix here: x 📷 Jess Gleeson