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Goodbye Blues (Bonus Tracks Version)
Goodbye Blues
Like Vines
So Sudden
The Hush Sound Jan 21, 2019
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The Hush Sound Jan 14, 2019
24 hours left to pre-order Piano for Songwriting Vol. 1 to get the preorder price!!! This is Greta's online work-at-your-own pace video course to teach the language of piano to write your own songs or learn to arrange your favorite tunes on piano. Check out the preorder here and read more about the course:
The Hush Sound Jan 14, 2019
Last 24 hours to pre-order PIANO FOR SONGWRITING Vol. 1! This is Greta's work-at-your-own-pace course designed to teach the basic language of piano for songwriting or for arranging and playing your favorite tunes. Preorder for $99 (regular price will be $149) by clicking here:
The Hush Sound Jan 14, 2019
This is one of the many lessons available in Greta's Piano for Songwriting Vol. 1 course which you can preorder here for the next 24 hours for that sweet preorder price of $99 (final price will be $149)! More info here:
The Hush Sound Dec 18, 2018
Hey guys, Chris here, I will be playing three shows with my beautiful wife Genevieve, one this Thursday 12/20 in COLUMBUS OHIO at The Basement, one Friday 12/21 in INDIANAPOLIS at HI-FI Indy, and one Saturday 12/22 in CHICAGO at Beat Kitchen. We’d love to see you out and if you can’t come please spread the word! Http://
The Hush Sound Dec 17, 2018
DEAR SONGWRITERS + ASPIRING PIANO PLAYERS, Greta here. I built an online, work-at-your-own-pace course that'll teach you everything you need to write songs on piano. Even a total beginner will be playing and writing within the first hour. And if you’ve always had a fantasy of hamming it up at your boss’s Xmas party by playing Billy Joel, you’ll finally be able to make your dreams come true! This course is also excellent for producers or arrangers who want to be more fluent on keys for writing bass lines, string parts, vocal harmonies, etc. You’ll train your👂! You’ll trust your 👂! Then it’s up to you to speak from your ♥️. And, hey, ya might even have fun. This course will be available January 14th, 2019 for $149.00, so the pre-order option saves you $50.00. You can also GIFT it by just adding info into checkout w/ the email address of the recipient. . . . ♥️ Link to preorder + course syllabus is here:
The Hush Sound Dec 13, 2018
THIS IS NOT A HOAX . . . i caught a ghost on camera!!
The Hush Sound Nov 08, 2018
beach boys appreciation day <3
The Hush Sound Nov 05, 2018
it's been a really productive day
The Hush Sound Nov 02, 2018
if I was prez, tonight would be national Beatles appreciation night. - Greta
The Hush Sound Oct 31, 2018
Happy halloween, everybody! Love, Brian Wilson (Beach Boys!!!!)
The Hush Sound Aug 13, 2018
Bob and Chris wrote the best song ever written about Uber... ever.
The Hush Sound Aug 06, 2018
Bob and Chris have a new joint. Check it right here: #fuckboy
The Hush Sound Jul 26, 2018
Hey Hush Fans, Bob and Chris just released the greatest album ever. Put your hands together for Le Swish! Listen now on Spotify and tell your friends.
The Hush Sound Jun 29, 2018
Hello! Chris here, I will be playing a show with my beautiful wife Genevieve at Beat Kitchen in Chicago on Friday July 6th! We'd love to see you there! It will be an intimate night of wonder, goo, and laughter. Tickets:
The Hush Sound Jan 04, 2018
New Year's Resolution: FINISH MY SONGS! Sound familiar? Greta is accepting new music students in 2018 and can help you do just that. You can learn in person in Los Angeles or over Skype to anywhere in the world. Email [email protected] for details. Areas of focus include: - Uncovering your unique writer's voice and using it to effectively compose original songs - Music theory and composition shortcuts to make writing feel effortless - Deconstruct your favorite songs to explore what makes them work and apply these ideas to your material - Arranging your demos in Garage Band, ProTools, etc. - Beginner piano and guitar
The Hush Sound Jan 03, 2018
The next B-Sides variety show will be at the @bootlegtheater this Sunday, Jan 7th! start 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣ right with a celebration of laughter and song hosted by @clairemulaney and yours truly Featuring Whispertown, Langston Kerman (HBO’s Insecure), Will Fox, and surprise guests . . . Tickets here -
The Hush Sound Dec 28, 2017
Tonight = LOS ANGELES! Regent Theater! Come early for Le Swish (bob’s project - truly not to be missed!) and songbird Lola Kirke!
The Hush Sound Dec 28, 2017
Tonight = LOS ANGELES! Regent Theater! Come early for Le Swish (bob’s project - truly not to be missed!) and songbird Lola Kirke!
The Hush Sound Dec 26, 2017
Come continue the holiday celebration this Thursday, December 28th The Regent with Lola Kirke and Le Swish opening. Tickets here-
The Hush Sound Dec 23, 2017
Thanks to everyone for an amazing night at Thalia Hall! We LOVE YOU! Next up is Dec 28th at The Regent with Lola Kirke and Le Swish opening — See you soon, LaLaLand!
The Hush Sound Dec 22, 2017
TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT, CHICAGO!!!! See you all Thalia Hall with Le Swish and Family Of Geniuses. SOMEBODY BRING THE MISTLETOE we love you, sweet home Chicago (only a handful of tickets left so snag them now if you want to join us)
The Hush Sound Dec 22, 2017
Tonight !!! C💛H💛I💛C💛A💛G💛O!!!!! See you at Thalia Hall. Come early for Bob’s side project Le Swish and our friends Family Of Geniuses! Doors at 6:30 show at 7:30 Only a few tix left !
The Hush Sound Dec 21, 2017
T💛O💛M💛O💛R💛R💛O💛W Chicago ! ! !
The Hush Sound Dec 21, 2017
Peep our rehearsal for tomorrow’s show in 28 minutes !!! Not many tix left for Chicago, so snag one now if you wanna come - We’ll go live at 3pm CST Love you all