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100 (Deluxe)
George Ezra and Richard Ashcroft with Primal Scream, The Vaccines, and 7 more… at Victoria Park (May 25, 2019)
Venue: Victoria Park (Warrington, UK) Find tickets
THE HUNNA Nov 19, 2018
Tickets for Neighbourhood are now officially on sale. Insane lineup! Gunna be mad, H x Tickets • #NBHDWKND19
THE HUNNA Nov 13, 2018
Soooo stokes for this 🔥cannot wait for Neighbourhood Festival! It’s on ✊🏻
THE HUNNA Nov 12, 2018
Excited to announce that we'll be playing @apeacefulnoise on the 24th of November, alongside some amazing talent! Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9am.. hope to see you all there ❤️ x
THE HUNNA Oct 31, 2018
HUNNA TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT We understand there has been some confusion about our UK tour tickets due to a statement made by High Time. Below is all the info for the tour. High Time Customers who have received a refund and have booked new tickets – there is no need to take any action, your tickets will be sent to you in due course. If you’ve received a refund from High Time but haven’t booked new tickets – You’ll need to do so here: We’ve made sure that tickets are the same price as before. High Time Customers who haven’t received a refund, but still wish to attend a show – please forward your booking confirmation to [email protected] we will then verify your booking and be in touch with the next steps. High Time Customers who have not received a refund and cannot attend a rescheduled show – Please contact your point of purchase to request refund. Without saying too much due to our current legal situations, things have been made harder for us to sort this out but we have been working very hard to deal with all the hurdles thrown at us and with your continued support, we’re almost clear of it. As we’ve said before we have made this decision to distance ourselves from our previous label so that cancellations of tours will not happen again and so the treatment of our fans and ourselves are right. You’ve supported us so much through this, so thank you once again and get ready for HUGE shit coming soon. H x
THE HUNNA Oct 15, 2018
As a result of the statement we recently released, all of our UK & EU tours have been rescheduled to the above dates, tickets on sale here ( tomorrow at 10AM. If you already had tickets and cannot attend the new date, please contact your point of purchase for a refund. Otherwise, everyone will be sent new tickets for the appropriate replacement date in due course. Honestly... Can’t wait to tear it up with you guys again! We’ve worked hard to sort this out the best way we can and we apologise again for any problems this has caused. We know this isn’t ideal but this is something we had to do to make the future better for everyone involved. We hope you will come with us for the ride. Thanks again. All the love. H x
THE HUNNA Oct 04, 2018
For the past year or so many decisions have been made on our behalf which we were unhappy about and were not within our control. We believe these decisions have impacted negatively upon not only ourselves but also our fans. Having taken legal advice we have decided we need to take a stand. One of the consequences of making that decision is that we have had to re schedule all of our upcoming shows for the early part of next year. Please hold on to your tickets... More details to follow soon. We will be back in 2019 with new music and tours and things will finally be done right. We hope we will see you there and get back to what’s important... Connecting with all of you in a room and getting lost in something special. Thank you. H x
THE HUNNA Sep 17, 2018
THE HUNNA Sep 08, 2018
‪Blessed by Fender! Thanks for having BD be apart of your #PlayerSeries campaign. Your endless support means the world to us. Long live the Fender-Gang! H x
THE HUNNA Aug 31, 2018
So ready for our first show in South-East Asia this weekend at Hodgepodge Fest. Let’s get it Indonesia 🇮🇩 Hx
THE HUNNA Aug 28, 2018
Yo! Stock for our limited Hunna X Tabs collection is very low, make sure you order before they all go forever! 🤟🏼 Much love squad, H x Link:
THE HUNNA Aug 26, 2018
Bonfire and She’s Casual were the first tracks we released as a band and today they’ve both hit 20 million Spotify streams. Thanks so much for all the support. It’s also 2 years to the day that our debut album ‘100’ came out. Hx
THE HUNNA Aug 23, 2018
USA! Unfortunately we’re in a situation where we are going to have to cancel our US tour 😞 Honestly, there is nothing we hate more than having to do this but for reasons beyond our control we have to right now and we really hope you respect and understand that. We are incredibly sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, please contact your ticket sellers for refunds. We’ll be back soon. Much love, H x
THE HUNNA Jul 30, 2018
We’re playing an intimate show with Banquet Records on the Friday 3rd August, London. There’s only a few left so go get... H x • Remaining Tickets:
THE HUNNA Jul 27, 2018
Indonesia 🇮🇩 We are very excited to be playing at Hodgepodge festival this September! It’ll be our first time over ever, let’s see what you got! H x
THE HUNNA Jul 25, 2018
Standon Calling... we can’t wait to come back and headline the BBC Introducing stage this weekend. See you there. Hx
THE HUNNA Jul 23, 2018
'DARE’ is currently number 1 in the UK rock album charts and ‘One’ has been added to Spotify 's biggest alternative playlist ‘Rock This’! Thanks for all the love and support. Hx
THE HUNNA Jul 18, 2018
Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire! You lot were wild af 😱 Thanks for owning that shit. See you again soon, we love you! H x
THE HUNNA Jul 18, 2018
Yo! We recently dropped by Rak Studios for a @Spotify session and played our new single ‘NY to LA' & covered 'Give Yourself A Try' by the The 1975. We had a dope time.. check it out. H
THE HUNNA Jul 18, 2018
Yo! We recently dropped by Rak Studios for a Spotify session and played our new single ‘NY to LA' & covered 'Give Yourself A Try' by the The 1975. We had a dope time.. check it out. H
THE HUNNA Jul 17, 2018
You never ever disappoint us Manchester! That was a fucking show 💥 Thanks for celebrating #Dare with us. See you again soon! H x
THE HUNNA Jul 17, 2018
Yo! Go and listen to Tino and BD playing some tunes that we love and influence the band over on the bbc iplayer from when they were at BBC Radio 1 for a takeover!
THE HUNNA Jul 16, 2018
Well fuck me Glasgow, that was so insane. You know how to turn up... real! 😱 Thank you for always being there for us. We love you! H x Video Credit: Jake Haseldine
THE HUNNA Jul 15, 2018
Thank you so much for your support Liverpool. You’re always so amazing to us! Celebrating Dare with you was the one. H x
THE HUNNA Jul 14, 2018
Birmingham you were rowdy as always 💪🏻 Liverpool Olympia tonight! But before that we’ll be at hmv signing our new album DARE. We’ll see you there ✌🏻 H x 🎥 Video Credit: Jake Haseldine
THE HUNNA Jul 14, 2018
LONDON! Come and see us play a one off show for Banquet Records on August 3rd. Tickets are just £12 and include a CD copy of 'Dare'. Get tickets here: H x