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The Trick to Life (10th Anniversary Edition)
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The Trick to Life
The Trick to Life
The Hoosiers Aug 17, 2019
Ok ok. These Scooterboys must be doing something right. Maybe I will pop along at some point.
The Hoosiers Aug 14, 2019
“Hilarious AND important”, you say? Sounds like Felix’s #tinder / #grinder profile. Kind words from @NME ...
The Hoosiers Aug 13, 2019
Some shots from our Saturday night @feelgoodfest in #rochdale #hoosnews #guitar #guitarporn #gibson #lespaul #electricguitar #music #pedals #fx #gearporn #live #music #livemusic #festival #summerball #insta #instapic #band #thehoosiers #festival #mesa @ Rochdale Town Hall
The Hoosiers Aug 12, 2019
These jokers think they're a band now, releasing music, and not even knowing who Dennis Hopper is. SAD. Have a word Get Comedy, @edfringe and Underbelly!
The Hoosiers Aug 10, 2019
Just look at these total dip-sticks. Felix & The Scootermen : Moves like Jagger...’s grandmama. Can’t believe they’ve got the audacity to be playing Edinburgh Festival Fringe all month (apart from today) at 16.40 Underbelly and all brought to you by Brett Vincent who really should know better Has anyone actually seen how much these guys suck yet???
The Hoosiers Aug 09, 2019
Our Bristo Square acoustic show has now been postponed due to the rain. Super sorry, Scotland.
The Hoosiers Aug 08, 2019
Impromptu FREE gig alert. We’re gonna crash Felix and Lees gig at the underbelly Felix & The Scootermen and see if we can play some Hoosiers hits outside so that no one buys tickets for their ‘Self-help-yourself-C-lister’ nonsense. Join us tomorrow (Friday the 9th) at 2.30pm in Bristo Sq, Edinburgh Fringe Get Comedy Edinburgh Festival Fringe Underbelly #hijackscooterbitches
The Hoosiers Aug 07, 2019
What a joy to behold. Your voices are as beautiful as your faces, underbellians. Thanks for having us. Tag yourself...? Is that even possible on a video? Who knows. Well comment at least and share the love. Underbelly Fringe Get Comedy
The Hoosiers Aug 02, 2019
All the hit and more! Plus new versions of the biggies! Go get some:
The Hoosiers Jul 31, 2019
2 STARS!!! Hahahahaha - Felix you prat. Get your tickets - and ticket to fame! - at
The Hoosiers Jul 29, 2019
It is a long way to Edinburgh - it will be a ‘hard-drive’. Let’s hope that computer doesn’t... crash.
The Hoosiers Jul 27, 2019
Look at these chumps! They're not even funny. Hey, I've got an idea: we should all buy tickets and go along to watch them Edinburgh Fringe, Underbelly Bristo Square and then laugh and cheer really loudly. That'll totally throw them! Can't wait to see the look on their totally unfamiliar, idiotic faces!
The Hoosiers Jul 25, 2019
What's better than a new Hoosiers album? An album of songs we ALREADY KNOW are hits! Out next week, pre-order a CD copy at our very own
The Hoosiers Jul 24, 2019
This better not be coming out at the same time as our Greatest Hit album?!? I’m deadly serious. That would be typical of you two bellboys. Al.
The Hoosiers Jul 21, 2019
The Hoosiers Jul 19, 2019
This pair of old poppets... it’s like they’ve known each other for years.
The Hoosiers Jul 15, 2019
Last chance for free tickets for London preview shows - pick a show, and post 'Make me famous!' in the event to get yours. Next shows are Wednesday and Thursday THIS WEEK!!
The Hoosiers Jul 14, 2019
We had a ball Sultfeile. Thanks for having us xx
The Hoosiers Jul 10, 2019
Check out these jokers ...
The Hoosiers Jul 09, 2019
Free guest list places are available for our upcoming Felix & The Scootermen shows, just for you lovely people. Head to the Events page pick a show, and just post 'Make me famous!' to claim your spot! And, hey, it's a work in progress so each night is different. Come to 2...
The Hoosiers Jul 04, 2019
Do you know what's on sale now?! Tickets for our alter-egos Felix & The Scootermen's comedy debut at Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August!
The Hoosiers Jul 04, 2019
Off and away to chat about ourselves... it’s what we do best, with Radios finest listeners, Hawksbee and Jacobs. Join us for some ‘not very’ sporttalk on talksport. On air at about 2?!?ish. @tshandj @talksport @felixscootermen SANE Mental Health Charity#felixandthescootermen @edfringe @underbellyedinburgh @getcomedypromotions
The Hoosiers Jun 25, 2019
Right. We keep banging on about Felix & The Scootermen so thought we'd put our money where our mouths are. Head over to and check out the upcoming work-in-progress shows. The first 10 people on EACH London event page who post "Make me famous!" will get a pair of FREE tickets for that show! BAM!
The Hoosiers May 29, 2019
We're heading back to Al's birth town of EXETER to headline Festival in the Park. Guaranteed good times, great tunes and a big dose of beautiful British weather (hopefully!). Tickets here:
The Hoosiers May 24, 2019
Juuuust in case you're wondering what the devil we're up to at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year, the Edinburgh Evening News, will fill you in ...