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The Trick to Life (10th Anniversary Edition)
The Secret Service
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Jon Richardson & The Hoosiers: Rhod Gilbert's Bulging Barrel of Laughs
The Trick to Life
The Trick to Life
The Hoosiers Dec 02, 2018
#Repost @irwinsparkes with @get_repost ・・・ “Throw back Friday evening” to making out mountains through the smog ... #中国 #音乐 #西安 #虎啸乐队 #china #music #xian #thehoosiers #hoosnews
The Hoosiers Nov 29, 2018
Throw back to a show we loved and, dare I suggest, loved us @ekleticafest. Summer 2018: If you can remember it, you weren’t there
The Hoosiers Nov 26, 2018
There are exactly 100 billion and 7 people on this pavement. We know. We counted. #中国 #音乐 #西安 #虎啸乐队 #china #music #xian #thehoosiers #hoosnews
The Hoosiers Nov 21, 2018
This really doesn’t work, nor does it repay you for your time ... but the ten of you that remember last time we were here will explode from satisfaction at dot-connectionage #中国 #音乐 #西安 #china #music #xian
The Hoosiers Nov 20, 2018
Day one in Xi’an: did our best impression of some lanterns and pointed at a castle. Keep it locked here for more boundary-breaking reportage.
The Hoosiers Nov 19, 2018
Yes, we are in Xi’an again for more Xi’anighans. And yes, this is an airport sleeping pod not a microwave for humans #中国 #音乐 #西安 #china #music #xian
The Hoosiers Nov 03, 2018
It’s GearBitch but not as we know it. I’m going to be spending most of the winter fiddling with my Gamechanger Audio Plus. See you in 2019
The Hoosiers Oct 31, 2018
Stumbled upon this in The Hoosier Vault. It’s how we thought bands worked out the structure for their songs. #OneBornEveryMinute (before the tv show) was about something, maaaan, it was a song about being gullible not rapid reproduction. Geez, I just don’t get this crazy world no mores, daddio. I’d like to point out we don’t use this agonising and inaccurate method of structure no mores. Good riddance. #behindthecandelabra #hoosnews #songwriting
The Hoosiers Oct 29, 2018
Had a delicious chat with the delectable Dan Murphy of #HermitageGreen for something called a “pod” “cast”:
The Hoosiers Oct 28, 2018
Had an unusual night at #thehouseofcommons supporting @mah_gigs & @crisis_uk when we stumbled upon the progenitor of Alphonso’s #thetricktolife look from his great-great-great grandfather, Lord Ignatius Hercules-Crumb IV ... #hoosnews #endhomelessness
The Hoosiers Oct 26, 2018
Very happy to support Musicians Against Homelessness ...
The Hoosiers Oct 25, 2018
Dear Mr/Mrs M and M’s- How did you get this wrong? This was an open goal: Peanut M&M’s... with caramel. I had such high hopes. I’m genuinely gutted. Please can someone explain. Al #limitthoseeditions
The Hoosiers Oct 12, 2018
One of my favourite memories from the summer. Playing Eklectica on the This photo is dedicated to the memory of Bradders on keys who was immolated to achieve this righteous shot (You can just about see his yellow leg)
The Hoosiers Oct 10, 2018
‪Today is #WMHD! These are my footbally shoes... ‘bout to score a shedload of goals, hahaha. Let’s support each other today, one step at a time 👣 Not everyone is walking the same path in life; today is the day to be mindful of others’ struggles, without judgement 💕 SANE Mental Health Charity #InMyShoes ‬ Alfonshoes
The Hoosiers Oct 02, 2018
We all make jizztakes ...
The Hoosiers Oct 01, 2018
Good shooting Michelle. Our year of gigs is wrapping up along with the festival season. Just as well. We’ve got to busy in the studio. Next year is gonna be a big one. Seems like a good time to mention you can get that t-shirt I’m wearing from Not the actual one. I need that. And you wouldn’t want it. #hoosnews #merch #gigs #guitarporn #lespaul
The Hoosiers Sep 23, 2018
The greatest living guitarist has just released his first solo record. Hail to brooklyn-based Patrick Murdoch:
The Hoosiers Sep 16, 2018
Practising our over-cast look on an over-cast day on Xi’an’s city wall, casting a shadow over the city of Xi’an. ... and lastly, what appears to be @charlizeafrica, heavily pixelated and adorning an ice-cream wrapper at the aeroport. #中国 #音乐 #西安 #china #music #xian @eyerespect @chinahour
The Hoosiers Sep 15, 2018
You simply can’t script this kind of improvisational, tandem-based dialogue ... however hard you try, however much you should. We had a ball on our whirlwind trip to Xi’an with ChinaHour and look forward to returning soon. More on that as the plot thickens/unravels ... Watch out Anthony & Declan!
The Hoosiers Sep 12, 2018
On their 100th birthday, we're opening up the evening of music at Priory Park Festival this year with a special acoustic set on 22 September. Look at that loveliness! Come join us, get tickets (and details) at
The Hoosiers Sep 12, 2018
Day 2 in China. Xi’an to be specific. With @chinahour. Welcome to our new feature #tandemtalking #tandemcrew #tandemconandram #hoosnews #中国 #音乐 #西安
The Hoosiers Sep 11, 2018
Following on from our recent story ... we are in China. Xi’an to be specific. We’re as surprised as you are #china #firsttimers #xian
The Hoosiers Sep 09, 2018
Off to China... but first, Go-Organic food festival - our 8th food festival of the summer. Wow.
The Hoosiers Sep 08, 2018
Having a ball at Eklectica on the #isleofwight / delight. Big weekend for us as we pack in some serious travel. Stay tuned for more “in-front-of-the-scenes” footage ... What do you think of our new post-gig celebrations? Special thanks to #MerceCunningham for the inspiration #hoosnews