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Real Feel
Post Paradise (Bonus Track Version)
The Holidays Apr 05, 2016
Hellooooo, so the first Distant Lover track is now on iTunes: More to come soon so stay tuned.... ~ Simon
The Holidays Mar 03, 2016
Hi everyone, I've been living in London for the past year slowly, quietly making a record. It's called Distant Lover Here's the first taste ~ Simon
The Holidays Dec 26, 2014
Merry Christmas everyone! Hope Santa existed and gave you great gifts. And hope u go see some sweet shows over New Years! Xx
The Holidays Aug 18, 2014
CLEANING OUT DA CLOSET anyone want to buy my white USA Stratocaster with custom headstock? (I knocked the tip off on stage in 2008 ooops).... Send us a PM
The Holidays Aug 02, 2014
Our tune 'Voices Drifting' has cracked 200k plays on Soundcloud.... woooo, thank you all!
The Holidays Jul 04, 2014
Now this is how you cut oversized baggage fees.
The Holidays Jul 03, 2014
Melbourne, we're coming!! Don't miss out! Lock in your ticket before online Reserved Tickets close. Seeya tomorrow! xx
The Holidays Jul 03, 2014
Here's a short interview I did recently with Forte magazine about our Melbourne show tomorrow night. ~ Simon
The Holidays Jul 02, 2014
Gig of the week! Thanks Beat Magazine
The Holidays Jul 02, 2014
The Holidays Jul 01, 2014
A little plug in Time Out for Fridays gig at the Hi-Fi. Only a few days to go! Go to to lock down your tick! It's gunna be a fantastic evening.
The Holidays Jun 30, 2014
I can 100% confirm "The Holiday Band" WILL NOT be rocking The Hi-Fi in Melbs this friday. it's us! you can now confidently grab your tix here:
The Holidays Jun 29, 2014
The Holidays's cover photo
The Holidays Jun 29, 2014
Came across this old pic.. The Holidays vs Yves Klein Blue in 2008!
The Holidays Jun 26, 2014
Aren't we a bunch of happy campers. Well not right now, but we will be next Friday. We play The Hi-Fi in Melbz 🎉 GET YA TIX @ Selling Fast!
The Holidays Jun 25, 2014
FACE/OFF with Alf from @thecairos . Stay tuned for the winner
The Holidays Jun 25, 2014
well said!
The Holidays Jun 25, 2014
Some sweet pics of all of you beautiful peeps at Alhambra lounge! See if your in there 📷👫
The Holidays Jun 24, 2014
yoyo Melbourne friends! free next friday?? COME PARTY WITH US! Friday 4th, The Hi-Fi, Grab your crew and pre-order your tix. Selling fast!
The Holidays Jun 21, 2014
Thanks brissy! Just the rhythm section driving home. The backbone of the group
The Holidays Jun 20, 2014
On stage at 10:30 brissy! See ya soon woooo
The Holidays Jun 20, 2014
Big stretch #bored #curlywurlys
The Holidays Jun 20, 2014
Only 8 hrs to go! Geezus
The Holidays Jun 19, 2014
Now that's a night pack. Cya at Alhambra Lounge tomozzaaaa!!