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Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere (Remastered)
Relaxing With…
Tilburg (Live)
Dead In the Water
Under the Stress of a Headlong Dive
33 - Parts 1-20
Under the Stress of a Headlong Dive
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Talking Heads (official) Feb 20, 2019
David Byrne's ''Big Love: Hymnal'' contains the original instrumental score to the 2nd season of the popular HBO series ''Big Love'' along with other recent compositions. This collection contains the first new songs from David Byrne since his 2004 release ''Grown Backwards.'' ''I had an idea to base my scoring loosely on Mormon hymns. That would presumably hint at the unspoken spiritual underpinnings that motivate many of the characters' actions - or justify them, in some characters' cases. I got hymnals and Mormon Hymns CDs, read up on the Mormon Church and began to practice writing 'fake' hymns.'' -David Byrne
Talking Heads (official) Feb 19, 2019
Talking Heads (official) - Live in Rasa, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Full show, audio only
Talking Heads (official) Feb 17, 2019
The New Music featurette with Laurie Brown on the Talking Heads (official) album 'Naked'. Interview with Jerry Harrison about 'Naked' and his solo album 'Casual Gods'. Includes live footage from a Jerry Harrison concert in Diamond Club, Toronto featuring Bernie Worrell and Steve Scales.
Talking Heads (official) Feb 15, 2019
How would you describe the album Stop Making Sense to somebody who never listened to Talking Heads (official)?
Talking Heads (official) Feb 14, 2019
Talking Heads (official) People Like Us (unreleased early demo version)
Talking Heads (official) Feb 12, 2019
Talking Heads (official) was inducted in the Rock & Roll Hallf of Fame in 2002. The bands last performance as a band took place during the induction ceremony.
Talking Heads (official) Feb 10, 2019
Tom Tom Club's Downtown Rockers features Chris and Tina's effervescent, energetic and upbeat fusion of hip hop, reggae, afrobeat and funk.
Talking Heads (official) Feb 08, 2019
How would you describe the album Talking Heads: 77 to somebody who never listened to Talking Heads (official)?
Talking Heads (official) Feb 07, 2019
Jerry Harrison’s latest Spotify playlist.
Talking Heads (official) Feb 07, 2019
David Byrne & Brian Eno - Qu'Ran Track from the frist edition of My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. Later removed from all re-pressings and re-releases.
Talking Heads (official) Feb 06, 2019
In the early 80's, Talking Heads (official)'s 'Drugs' (1979) was used in a TV commercial for Sandeman's Famous for Pleasure campaign in the Netherlands.
Talking Heads (official) Feb 04, 2019
Talking Heads (official) Life During Wartime, taken from the concert movie Stop Making Sense Watch Stop Making Sense on-line:
Talking Heads (official) Feb 03, 2019
Talking Heads (official) Road to Nowhere (unreleased early demo version)
Talking Heads (official) Feb 03, 2019
Discogs' attempt at listing the top 10 best Talking Heads (official) songs.
Talking Heads (official) Jan 30, 2019
Talking Heads (official) - Mind (live in Milan, 1982) Taken from the bootleg Chicken Chack (audio only)
Talking Heads (official) Jan 29, 2019
'Love This Giant' is a collaboration in the truest sense of the word, with David Byrne and St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) co-writing ten of the album's twelve tracks, and each artist penning one song individually. The album centers around an explosive brass band and is propelled by John Congleton's drum programming.
Talking Heads (official) Jan 27, 2019
Talking Heads (official) demo track 'David's Bass' (early version of 'Gangster of Love')
Talking Heads (official) Jan 25, 2019
How would you describe the album Speaking in Tongues to somebody who never listened to Talking Heads (official)?
Talking Heads (official) Jan 23, 2019
Jerry Harrison released his second solo album 'Casual Gods' a few months before the last Talking Heads (official) album 'Naked'. The albums first single 'Rev it Up' was a hit in Australia and New Zealand.
Talking Heads (official) Jan 22, 2019
Talking Heads (official) - Once in a Lifetime (Official music video) Taken from the album Remain in Light:
Talking Heads (official) Jan 21, 2019
Watch Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth's Tom Tom Club perform 'You Sexy Thing' live at Letterman.
Talking Heads (official) Jan 19, 2019
The soundtrack for the Jonathan Demme film 'Something Wild' features solo tracks by both David Byrne ('Loco de Amor') and Jerry Harrison ('Man with a Gun').
Talking Heads (official) Jan 18, 2019
Talking Heads (official) - So Much in Love (unreleased track, recorded live in 1976). Original version by The Tymes.
Talking Heads (official) Jan 16, 2019
Talking Heads (official) - Crosseyed and Painless (original music video)
Talking Heads (official) Jan 14, 2019
"I was incredibly nervous, and I remember having flubbed on a chord or two (some of those remain on this recording, I'm afraid)...but of course it was Caetano, and Carnegie Hall, so I was also incredibly thrilled and flattered." - David Byrne on playing with Caetano Veloso.